Cuckageddon: Ben Sasse To Resign From Congress

Good riddance.

Ben Sasse was one of the last surviving True Cons in Congress.


“Ben Sasse is likely to accept the presidency of the University of Florida and resign his Senate seat in the near future, according to two people familiar with the Nebraska Republican’s plans.

The Nebraska governor would then appoint a replacement for Sasse under state law. The second-term Sasse made a name for himself as a consistent Trump critic in Congress as well as a reliable conservative vote. …”

We’re witnessing the total collapse of the old establishment faction due to a combination of retirements and humiliating primary defeats. The day is coming soon when they will all be history. Mitt Romney is the last of his breed.


Sasse won’t be in the next Congress.

National Review:

“During his first term, Sasse often expressed disillusionment with politics and sometimes his own party, leaving many to wonder why he was even pursuing a second term in 2020. Sasse told me in 2019 one reason he was seeking another term was that he had a “calling” as “a Tocquevillian or a principled pluralist or a constitutionalist” to fight on behalf of that faction within the conservative coalition, which he had come to realize was smaller than he once thought. Asked how he squares that 2019 comment with his early departure from the Senate, Sasse said on Thursday that “Tocquevillian society is about building things. The center of America really isn’t political power. . . . I think the University of Florida is better positioned to build than any university in America right now.”


  1. “Good riddance.” Brad Griffin…

    I could not agree more.

    I wish Senator Sasse well on the golf course and I hope I will never see Oligarch Paul Singer’s whipping boy ever again!!!

  2. “We’re witnessing the total collapse of this faction due to a combination of retirements and humiliating primary defeats. The day is coming soon when they will all be history.”

    Yes, and to what do we owe this happy change of events?


    Let that be in your mind next time someone recommends you be ‘tolerant’.

  3. We now have to get rid of Cuck Real money.

    LDS Mormon cuckservatives and those they always re elect like John McCain are very tough to vote out .

    They like being wealthy and sucking up to the powers that be.

  4. While getting rid of Sasse may help (exactly how I’m not sure), it is pretty much guaranteed to raise the average age of the US Senate.

    But the problem in America is institutional:


    Another astonishing clip from the Cato Institute event today, this one from the influential Adam Posen, head of the Peterson Institute. He says a focus on domestic manufacturing is simply a “fetish for keeping white males with low education in the powerful positions they are in.”

    There’s a short video at the link.

    From the Twitter account of Posen: Globalist, full stop.

    This reminds me of an analysis I saw not too long ago: Putin and Xi see the West as a declining power bloc — ‘weak, stupid, infantile, hopelessly decadent and thoroughly parasitized by a mercenary virtual elite that seems more than willing to wage an internal war on their own physical classes’ — link

    It fits.

    So Sasse might be a symptom of the problem, but he’s not the problem.

    • >Adam Posen

      There is some talk on Twitter that Posen is a Jew e.g. here:


      There are some deep seated Ethno-Religious issues seeping through from Mr. Posen.

      I couldn’t really find any hard evidence (I did find this) that he’s Jewish, so I didn’t mention it — of course it would not be surprising; many prominent, rabid libertarians are Jews.

    • link

      America, more than any country on earth, is awash with lurid political sophistry. But if you’re put on the spot, there’s no nice way to say you have the right and duty to immiserate, dispossess, and politically crush someone. So strip away all the BS and /make them say it/.

      Posen said it, as William Kristol (definitely a Jew) once did (link) — but the Establishment has been acting this out for decades, even if it is rarely stated openly.

  5. He looks like those soyboys who had that fad of baring their entire teeth when they open their mouths a few years ago. That or a harelip.

  6. While it’s good that Sass is leaving the senate, we don’t want him in Florida. There are far too many carpetbaggers here as things stand.

    • @Sertorius…

      As a Tarheel I feel much the same as do y’all down there.

      That said, you’re lucky the Gators will have Sasse, who, though a RINO, is not a rabid woke lunatic.

      The Senator is far from what y’all might have gotten.

  7. I notice how only Lincoln and Omaha are blue counties. There is a ghetto in Omaha so that explains that but notice how having a college brings all this degeneracy into your community. I walk around the Champaign area and see these huge brand new McMansions owned by University Staff with “Biden Harris” signs on their front lawn. Amazing how anyone with so much money could be so stupid, what till the angry sisters the democrats foist up force a bunch of section 8 welfare queens to be boarders in their nice, quite, white 5 bedroom, 3 car garage McMansions like when Doctor Zhivago came home and found all the drunken peasants who had taken up in his house.

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