Tucker Carlson: Who Sabotaged the Nord Stream Pipelines?

Liberals are warmongers.

Every single Democrat in Congress including Bernie Sanders has voted to support and fund this war against Russia. Over $60 billion has already been spent to bring us to the brink of World War III. There is no opposition whatsoever to this war against Russia on the Left.

Looking ahead, the biggest threat over the next two years is how far the Biden administration is willing to go and able to push ahead in their war against Russia. How much resistance will they face in Congress? How much economic damage are they willing to cause to bring about their goal of regime change in Russia? Are they willing to risk a nuclear war with Russia over Donbas?

Note: David Petraeus is ready to go straight to a hot war with Russia.


  1. Who Sabotaged the Nord Stream Pipelines?

    If Americans are still grappling with this question, Europeans are not.

    No, Europeans feel strongly that the US sabotaged it, and nowhere it this feeling stronger than in Germany.

    I know : I watch the news from Germany every day – in their language, and the consensus about who sabotaged Nordstream cuts across all age, party, idealogical, and political lines.

      • @Kolya…

        Yes, Dear Kolya, as someone who has had longterm Polish friendships and who has a decent familiarity with Poland and it’s history, I have to say that I had been shuddering at watching the Duda government handle this whole affair.

        It seems like they are committed to misplaying every single aspect of it.

        That said, I am holding out hope that they have fooled me and that I really do not understand what they are really doing.

        To me Poland has only one route, one so obvious it may elude them – follow a path like that of Orban’s Hungary and get along with both the US and Russia.

        I think Poland is suffering a longterm-PTSD from having lost their empire in the 18th century, and all the ensuing problems they experienced in being annexed by Russia and being bludgeoned by the Germans in WWII.

        As thing seem to stand, they seem to be moving towards becoming a nuclear hosting ground for both bombs to be and bombs let off.

        I know they want to annex Galicia/Lviv, and keep East Prussia, but, I sincerely doubt this kind of leadership will achieve it, unless it just falls into their hands.

        I knew something was wrong with their leadership when they not only joined NATO, they then cozied up to Trump and asked him to occupy their country just like Germany has been since 1945.

    • I really doubt you do, because if you did, you would know that all of our national media from Welt and Bild, over Spiegel and TAZ, to Süddeutsche Zeitung and Zeit, which was originally all OSS funded and has been practically CIA run ever since, is blurting out the NATO/US line that the Russians bombed their own pipeline… And Compact is not THE German media.

      There’s very little doubt in me and others who did it, but we have almost no voice. Except for the occasional samisdat comment in (former) freedom land. Am getting really tired of the NAFO botnet on Twitter, too. And equally tired of my country being the primary battlefield of hybrid proxy wars.

      • @Arminius…

        Thank you for commenting.

        Yes, I am aware of the media situation in your country being the same as ours.

        I watch Independent Germans news sites that I have seen over the years tell the truth, or, at least, try to find it.

        I recognize German toadies for the Jew England Yankee World Order just as quickly as I do those in my country, because they say the exact same asinine ridiculous things.

        Nothing typifies this better than a debate I recently saw Alice Weidel have with Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann – the latter doing a perfect imitation of Dick Cheney..

        I am sorry your country lost it’s sovereignty in 1945, but then again I know exactly what that is, as my country has been occupied even longer than that by the same spirit and people who occupy yours.

        And, yes, my people, White Southerners, have become every bit as shamefully cowardly and sheepish as yours.

        We really are owned – lock, stock, and barrel, by those who have constructed the greatest mind control system in history.

        I, however, am optimstic that this winter will see Germany begin to dig our from the disasters of 1944-45.

        Be well!

  2. IMO the odds are extremely high this is a Russian psyop designed to achieve exactly the outcome described. All the more so now it’s emerged that there is apparently at least one completely (and conveniently) undamaged section of NS2. Is the US military really so incompetent as to undertake an insanely risky act of war against both Russia and its own allies, but leave part of the pipeline untouched?

    Just stating the above as factual observations, not taking any position as to whether USA/NATO ought to be involved in Ukraine or to what extent.

    • The shill line was that the Russians themselves did that to Daria Dugina, too. When it was obvious from the beginning it was the Ukrainian ic. I am not even a fan of either Dugin or Putin, quite the opposite right now to be frank, but the lies are getting “incubator babies” and “Iraqi WMDs” tier.

      It’s been my conviction that the GAE (inb4 deradicalizing shill) is trying to punish best Goymany for its opposition to the Iraq War, neutrality on China and “appeasement” of Russia. One way or another the Empire will find ways to punish my country for all of it. The Empires of the Anglosphere, before and after their alignment with Zionism, have been at war with Germany for over a century now and won’t stop any time soon.

      Right now it seems to be a form of Hooton and Morgenthau Plan light enacted by our de facto occupational, neo-colonialist government of literal anti-Germans and conscious, communist traitors like Baerbock, Habeck, or earlier Hans-Magnus Enzensberger. On top of the Stasi-Fankfurt School state and German Guilt Industrial Complex. “Century of humiliation” coming right up.

  3. The German’s have Zelensky coming out of Uncle Sam’s ass waving an LGBTQ swastika in one hand, and an American flag in the other hand. LOL. Did you see that one Brad?

  4. Next up on the Alt-MSNBC: “The Alt-Right case for Victoria Nuland. Why nationalism is actually petty and based on resentment while the Project for a New American Century brought the USA back into a bold and powerful vision of Nietzschean-Straussian will to power for global dominance out of its pit of post Cold War nihilism, which had not been seen since the conquest of America. That’s real hot stuff!”

    I really, really hope the alternative to this won’t end again with a man in a dress sucking off a black horse-penis dildo in front of pedophilia themed hentai and another episode of Cum Detectives.

    • What do you think Alt-MSNBC will do when everyone who has been banned is allowed to get back on Twitter?

  5. Democrats sure have changed, as have republicans.
    All the liberals and populists either left the democratic party, or became authoritarians and elitists, even Bernie Sanders.
    As republicans got better, dems got worse.
    If only both parties went populist at the same time.
    Then the ruling class would be politically homeless.

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