1. Kanye is an entertainer, he will say anything for the spotlight but unfortunately he pissed off the jews that control most of social media and now they’re going to make him pay.

  2. This was obviously going to happen. The Jews are just getting started on destroying and silencing the shine.

  3. I still don’t like this nigger idc if they name the children of satan
    The nigger is satans foot soldier on the earth realm and I hate them all idc how magical they appear

    • black folks are often very honest and speak the unvarnished truth, when free of the jwz influence.
      Without the jwz sinister influence, WHITES and blacks could have come to an agreeable separation , long ago.

    • “The nigger is satans foot soldier on the earth realm and I hate them all idc how magical they appear”

      Profound truth! they were made black so they could be seperated as not of God our Lord
      satan can not create man and he can only mimic the work of God so in the immage of man satan created the negro race to mock God!

      Our first misstake was thinking these creatures are human

  4. There’s no such thing as Anti-Semitism, because Jews have most of the power.
    Criticism of Jews = emancipation of both whites, and blacks.
    Not criticizing Jews = continued subjugation of gentiles/goy by Jews.

  5. Let’s hope criticism of Jews, not just Israel, but Jews is the next ‘alt-right’ thing to go mainstream.
    Kanye may be a pioneer/trailblazer in this regard.
    He’s helping to make pro-whiteism, and now critical Jew theory popular.
    I don’t like rap, but I’m considering buying one of his albums.

  6. “Incoherent rants laden with racist and antisemitic undertones”

    I thought anti-racist dogma has it that black people can’t be racist. Funny how the rule books gets tossed out when Jewish interests are affected.

    • “They’ve chosen their side — and it’s not the side of liberty and freedom.”

      “Hey goy, rules don’t apply to God’s chosen pets.”

  7. Wait until you hear all the anti-Semitic stuff the Chinese have been saying. It is everyone who has any contact at all with these people. Except the Irish. They love the Jews. When is Hannity going to let Big Time AJ back on his program to spew and ooze all that anti-Semitic stuff ? Ain’t going to happen. We miss you Big Time.

  8. ITZ like this: you are not allowed to talk about the most powerful people in the world, because they’re jewish, and it’s anti-Semitic to talk about how Jews are the most powerful people in the world. Even if you don’t say “jew,” you aren’t allowed to criticize the most powerful people in the world, because they’re jewish, and therefore by pointing out that they are the most powerful people in the world, you are oppressing the most powerful people in the world.

  9. Hey Mike Flynn you need to get Kanye on the reAwakening tour. You need Kanye like the Jews need Moshiach. Get Kanye all over redstate America dropping truth bombs on the Jews. Do it Mike do it.

  10. The anti-Semite, the player, Ye tweeted out he is going DEFcon-8 on Jews and in his very next tweet, he tweets Iran is bad. This is the low cailber of anti-Semites this country is creating, Ye is a pathetic pitiful anti-Semite.

  11. I am quite sure that Kayne expected all this. He’ll have to buy him a set of boots so he can shake in them. He’s been dealing with these people all his career, and like Trump probably has great disdain for them. Yea, I’m sure he’s chewing his fingernails about it. He’s so rich, he could buy these people

  12. Well, guess what, Jewish Mafia does run this country. Whether 99% of the jews on the street have any power within it is irrelevant, the movers and makers are largely jewish and the gentiles running in those circles dare not challenge them as jews in any way should they feel so inclined. I wonder how many people are now receptive to this understanding of the world? Nobody would listen to this kind of stuff in 2004, but now with what we’ve seen over the past few years? Really needs a better explanation that, liberals are just misguided… How many people out there are starting to think that rant they were exposed to 15 years back and dismissed may in fact have been on to something? Things are really, really bad and people want an explanation.

  13. Isn’t it funny how blacks that rape ,rob ,assault and murder white people are literally placed on a pedestal- but the minute one of them says that white people matter they are to be destroyed?

    Even when the black is a hand-picked token schwarze of these christ killing animals they are still not allowed to say anything about white people besides whatever the racist complaint du jour is ..
    It’s like at this point if you don’t notice how everything is anti-white in politics and the entertainment industry it’s by choice and you’re choosing to not see it at this point

    • NOT FUNNY, but your point is taken, it’s the irony of blatant hypocrisy.

      It’s a sad comment on the spineless tolerance of WHITE folks.

  14. The fact that these anti-social WN 1.0 types in the comments don’t like Kanye is a good sign. The Normie Right is going J-Woke and these people had nothing to do with it. Kanye West has done more to raise awareness about the JQ than White Nationalism Inc has for 75 years.

    • In a few years, it will be normal to discuss the Jewish Question and the same people will insist that nothing has changed

      • Well, just being able to talk about something isn’t fixing all the giant wrongs in this country, you know?

        • Being able to talk about something and oppose it through the normal political process is the first step to doing something about it. It is clear to me though that some people don’t even want to get that far and would prefer to remain stigmatized and marginalized.

        • Fox Snooze said: Well, just being able to talk about something isn’t fixing all the giant wrongs in this country, you know?

          Exactly! Certainly White Nationalists have been working to wake up their White counterparts for decades and we are finally getting some traction. The comment that this stupid nigger obliquely blaming some jews for what, I’m not sure, has done more to wake up stupid, self-centered, deracinated, White people than White Nationalists, is not only absurd, it’s a fucking extreme insult to all Whites who work to expose the jews. What could you expect? The Catholic church condemns anti-Semitism while endorsing, supporting, and preaching the concept that jews remain the “beloved of God”. That Christ’s Gospel to the world, sprang from the jewish people, and that their God holds the jews most dear for the sake of their common ancestors. Give me a break!

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