PayPal Reverses Course, Won’t Fine Users $2,500 For “Misinformation”

PayPal has been like this for years.

Occidental Dissent was banned from there in May 2017. Last year, PayPal announced that they were allowing the ADL to spy on their users.

Yahoo News:

“PayPal has backtracked on a published policy that would have fined users $2,500 for spreading “misinformation,” claiming the update had gone out “in error.”

“An AUP notice recently went out in error that included incorrect information. PayPal is not fining people for misinformation and this language was never intended to be inserted in our policy. Our teams are working to correct our policy pages. We’re sorry for the confusion this has caused,” a spokesperson told National Review in a written statement. …”


  1. I’m glad I never used that jew owned usury company. They’re sorry about losing money, not fining the goyim.

    • Me either!!!!!..
      What i thought was entertaining was how they insinuated that it was some “error” on the company’s behalf and that they aren’t a bunch of typically dishonest ,greedy and outright disgusting jews.

  2. If the “misinformation” in question consisted of actual falsehood, that one policy alone could probably bankrupt the entire church of wokeness.

  3. Well that’s straight out theft. It seems with the left that if they can’t ban the constitution outright they simply ignore it. That’s what liberal judges do, make up their own rules and completely ignore existing law. That’s pretty much the definition of corruption as it exists in the non-western world. When you can’t trust the rules, the economy falls to shit. Wonder how many of these foreign carpetbaggers who showed up for our high living standards understand that the democratic party and left they think are “modern” are killing the goose that laid the golden egg?

  4. They’re now claiming the initial statement was in error.

    Yeah, I bet.

    They just got too much heat, and needed to cook up an off ramp excuse.

    But it’ll be back.

  5. Here’s some major black-pilling re the Elon Musk Twitter foray

    As I suggested in an earlier comment –

    EU forcing Twitter into censorship under threat of huge fines, even more than Biden government, Soros’ EU machine effectively censor-pozzing the whole world

    video – Watch the body language as Elon Musk hunches his shoulders in submission, also nodding his agreement in servile fashion, to EU Commissioner Thierry Breton (French associate of Macron), Breton explaining to Musk the EU ‘rules for Twitter’ which Musk must obey

    • These big tech companies could easily call the EU’s bluff by saying that in response to any such policies, demands, or measures by the EU, rather than yield to censorship demands they would simply geoblock all users with IP addresses in the EU — imagine if no one in Europe could use Google search or ad services, YouTube, Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, etc etc — I absolutely guarantee you the EU would blink and back down.

      Andrew Torba of Gab consistently ignores demands from Germany to remove or block (for IP addresses in Germany) content deemed unlawful (e.g. anti-Semitic) by German authorities; he occasionally posts about this, and includes the letter he received from German authorities — so far I’m unaware that Gab has suffered any consequences.

      On the other hand, other major US-based platforms routinely censor at the behest of European governments (most of these requests come from Germany and France); Bitchute is UK-based, and they censor too — at the link is an example of what a Twitter timeline looks like when content has been withheld at the request of the German government — link — sometimes it’s individual tweets, sometimes it’s entire accounts.

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