1. You don’t have to be a CN to be against all the sick crap being pushed down our throats. You just have to have a sense of morality and not a degenerate lowlife.

    There’s nothing wrong with being religious but even if you’re not you can still be against this crap.

  2. In twenty or thirty years all these mutilated kids, unable reproduce, are going to be some of the biggest anti-Semites this world has ever seen. It is in the stars.

    • They will most likely be libtards like their parents were, since political sensibilities are rooted in genetics. The silver lining of these tranny kids is that subhuman White libtards are sterilizing their future generations out of existence.

      It used to be that high quality boys were rounded up and castrated by the papist cult so they could sing soprano in the Pope’s choir. But these aren’t high quality pro-white kids that are being castrated today. It’s gay, retarded genetically defective lib children. Good riddance.

    • Twitter, one of the Deep State’s gatekeepers is chumming the waters for conscription. The first step is to get before the public the idea of conscription, which this story does. The old saying in Hollywood is that there is no such thing as bad publicity and even a ridiculous story like this is free publicity for the draft.

      Next, the MSM i.e. NYT, WSJ, CNN, MSNBC, Fox and the rest of the Lügenpresse will run stories (after the elections) over “controversies” regarding who has to register/not register for the draft and is it “fair”? The question of abolishing registration will not be allowed to enter public discourse. This primes the public to accept conscription, which is only a few inches removed from draft registration.

      Once draft registration is affirmed the Lügenpresse will move on to conscription, extolling its supposed benefits for both the draftee and the nation. Mandatory military service will be sold as valuable training for civilian life and a quasi-reform school for “troubled” yoots. Military service in the diversity rainbow coalition of freaks will also be a unifying force for the nation as it continues to unravel.

      Whites will get the wonderful benefits of diversity, up close and personal too which will paradoxically result in hard core White nationalists coming out of the military. It’s really the smart, White guys the military is after to make their military work for the GloboHomo Pedo Shopping Mall Empire’s wars. The draft propaganda won’t advertise guys getting their arms and legs blown off for Our Greatest Ally though. I wonder why not?

  3. The woke left is confusing figurative language with literal in an attempt to make their fantasy, that some men are or can become the opposite sex and vice versa, a reality.
    If I say that dude is an animal, a beast, monster, inhuman or superhuman, I don’t mean he’s literally any of those things, just that he possesses traits that can be likened to those things.
    If I say he has the heart of a lion, I don’t mean literally.
    In same way if I say that man is girly I don’t mean he’s literally a girl or person with a vagina, xx chromosomes and so on, just that he possesses some feminine characteristics or rather, male characteristics that can be likened to feminine ones.

  4. Progressivism, like conservatism, libertarianism, populism and so on, are ideologies.
    And you can find countless examples of progressives disregarding ‘ the science’ when ideologically convenient, like on biological differences between men and women, the races and so on, just as conservatives, libertarians and so forth sometimes do.

    But unlike conservatives, progressives don’t have a religion to flock to.
    Yes there are left leaning churches, but the vast majority of churches are either conservative or centrist, as Christianity is a conservative, or populist religion, Christianity can’t be a progressive religion because progressivism has only been around for a century or two, whereas conservatism and populism have been around since time immemorial, so for progressives, academia, media and the state is the equivalent of their church.

    And we see what happens when conservatives try to debate them in their places of worship, they get shut down.
    And so over decades, conservatives have gradually been driven out of academia.

    And so we should be suspicious that the vast majority of academics, especially in the humanities, are progressives, and that the vast majority of funding for LGBT and other social stuff comes from progressive activist groups as well as medical industries that stand to profit from trans surgeries, just as we’d be suspicious if the vast majority of funding came from say Muslim organizations, or libertarian organizations and so on.
    The vast majority of rich people who have the time and money to form such activist organizations and fund studies are progressive (or at least they feign to be, until it’s time for them to pay taxes, they’re generous with other people’s money, not their own, they’re hypocrites and pharisees).

    The rich tend to be far more progressive than the middle and working class.
    And so we shouldn’t be surprised to find the science bending towards progressivism, because science needs money, it’s a business.
    Just as there was Nazi science during the 3rd Reich, we may speak of progressive or woke science during this progressive Reich we’re living under.

    If a conservative organization funds a study or scientific organization ran by people who happen to be ran by people known to be right leaning does a study on LBGT and comes to very different, politically incorrect conclusions, will progressives accept it?
    Of course not, time after time I’ve seen them reject science whenever it’s remotely connected with anything conservative or Christian.
    Likewise conservatives and Christians should reject or at least hold science by progressives in the highest suspicion.

  5. Conservatism is much broader than progressivism.
    If conservatives don’t have the state in their control, they can fall back on God, their churches, communities, families and themselves as individuals.
    Most of the time conservatives get involved with the state, it’s to get it out of their lives.
    But progressives don’t have these things to fall back on, the state, along with academia and media, is their God, family and so on, and so they’ve gotten better at dominating these things than conservatives for many decades, but conservatives are sick of it, and rightfully so.
    Yea it’s high time they take back the state and academia, progressives are far to batshit to be entrusted with these things, there needs to at least be a balance between progressivism and conservatism in the state and academia, or progressives will get carried away and conduct all their wacky and dangerous social experiments on the public without any restraint.

  6. Lisping John Leibovitz. What a wretch. Anyone promoting the lifelong disfigurement and mutilation of children should be executed.

    Death to ZOG.

    • The tranny agenda has nothing to do with “Marxists.” It’s entirely funded by neoliberal capitalists (almost all Jewish) like the Pritzker family.

      Blaming everything that happens on non-existent “Marxists” is the reason conservatism is a joke that has gotten nowhere. Their misguided hunt for “Marxists” only ends up further empowering the capitalist class that has been the main driver of everything conservatives hate.

  7. Fortunately it’s not a choice between Christian nationalism and outright Satanism, because if it was the latter would easily win.

  8. What makes Jon Liebowitz think anyone is interested in listening to his predictably liberal “takes” on current issues? He isn’t funny or insightful, he’s just a grubby-looking little yid.

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