1. We have reached maximum insanity when a Muslim commentator can take us to task over alleged racism while Muslim societies beat women and throw homosexuals off buildings.

    • But those actions by Muslim societies are gross sanity. Look at what has happened since the US gov and the jews made these practices illegal.

    • He arrived here like two years ago and has a television show where he lectures people whose ancestors arrived centuries ago and built this country.

      • So he’s another foreign interloper who thinks he has the right to lecture us? How many of these types of people infest the USA?

    • aren’t all blacks , browns and kikes fags?
      i have never met one who has any sexual control or standards.
      They’d all fuck animals if they got desperate enough.
      We are NOT all the same.

  2. Let me set the record straight. Tommy Tuberville is not a “racist” nor actually good for our people in anyway. This guy was a failed football coach failing on many fronts so he went where every failure ends up… national politics which is the only place where if you constantly mess up, you get higher in that field.

    Tommy Tuberville is the same scallywag who lobbied to get rid of the Confederate Flag and anything related to the Old South at Ole Miss. He defeated Jeff Sessions in the Alabama Senate Primary and caused Alabama to lose a very good senator who was truly Dixie first!

    Bottom line, Trump ruined Alabama politics by appointing Sessions to attorney general, then causing a weak incumbent Luther strange to lose the primary, and then do nothing when the controlled media unfairly attacked Roy Moore. Anti-Klan crusader Doug Jones won the election and even though he was soundly defeated, now Alabama doesn’t have any solid senators.

    Not a very good turn of events.

    • Cheeetohead wasn’t exactly doin’ nothin’. After all, he carefully monitored the situation on twatter while Jared & Co. set the agenda. Tuberville is everything you say: a football cuck. As a first term senator who wants to be re-elected, he’s been pretty good about opposing the agenda of the third Obama adminstration named after the retarded ventriloquist dummy (veggie in chief) – and even voted against the Jewkraine self-licking ice-cream cone. Hassan likely has some handy skeleton (perhaps a rainbow unicorn) in his closet so he serves as an example of the comprador media – like a “court jew” which used to be present in Muslim countries back in the day. Schlomo must get a chuckle every time they show Hassan’s ugly face on the jujubox.

    • None of Trump’s decisions make any sense. Jarvanka. Surely Netanyahu could have planted another Likud agent in Trump’s WH to babysit Trump.

      Mike Pence as Veep and Reince Preibus as Chief of Staff. No and no again. Jeff Sessions should have been left where he was. Too bad Trump went out of his way to own Ted Cruz. The only candidate the Left hated as much if not more than Trump was Ted Cruz.

      So MY choice for Veep would be Ted Cruz and Newt Gingrich for Chief of Staff.

      Brett Cavanaugh was a horrible mistake. Trump should have nominated Black female conservative, Janice Brown and let the misogynist racists in the Democratic Party come out to play.

      Amy Comey Barrett – UGH. This is where Trump should have started slowly but surley rebuilding the WASP male founding stock back into SCOTUS.

      Maybe replace “Wise Latina” (who I understand is in poor health with the most conservative Hispanic male he could find. Make a point to replace all the other outgoing conservatives with WASP males. The main thing is to fill the lower courts with the youngest most right wing judges imaginable.

      Again, the idea is to always locate, vet, and install candidates at lower but up and coming offices to the right of the people above them. If the Left understood that for every conservative they remove for blurting out an inconvenient truth, he would be replaced by somewhat to the right of him, we wouldn’t be having that problem. The more True Cons “evolve” to a Leftist position, the quicker the party must be ready to purge them.

      Phase in a composition of candidates that truly reflect America’s demographics, so half of that court should be WASP and Kagan should be all that is left to represent the Jewish population which would still be greater than the numbers they admit to.

      Here, I’m with Mark Twain, I think there are more of them alive and well on this earth than they will admit to. His conservative guesstimate over a hundred years ago was 25 million in the USA alone. They say there are six million living in the USA right now. I’d take Twain’s rule of thumb and multiply that number by ten.

  3. Calls someone a racist an alternative method of dealing with sin. Instead of admitting a wrong asking for forgiveness and apologizing as Christ would have us do, the sinner hides his wrong through accusations of unfair treatment. Nothing ever get settled though, there is no cleansing of the spirit and the resentments just grow and grow. This is bad.

  4. “Racist” is a hate slur used to silence and intimidate Whites. When enough of us realize Anti-Whitism isn’t fashionable opinion but pure hatred Anti-Whites are through.

  5. Obsession over this make believe crime/sin of “racism” is just insane radicalism on the Left trying to act as if their sexually perverted lifestyles, non-Christian theologies, atheism, Yankee-ism, Communism, Fascism, etc (all of the things HW has been charging them with over the years) is the norm and the rest of us are all condemned “racist” sinners. The two core/main pillars of their secular religion they have created is abolition (slavery is sanctioned in the Holy Bible) and “racism”. If anyone does not bow down to their false religion they are to be destroyed — if not physically then politically or economically. This is really a holy war we are fighting and we need to go on the offense and drive them out of power, out into the wilderness — Black Flag it! We need our own country to operate out of to wage a successful war!

    Secede now!

    May God Save the South!

  6. Who is this sand monkey and why should any white person care what he says?
    Doesn’t he have little boys to sodomize like they traditionally do in poopistan?

    How does their ugly cultures saying go …something like “woman are for procreating and boys are for sex”, something like that….

    ‘Bacha Bazi’: The rampant sexual exploitation of minor boys in Afghanistan and Pakistan

    Disgusting subhuman animals

  7. Please understand the Anti White ugly Islamists or just “Pakistani Asians” are on the same side as the ugly anti White Js. Muslims and Js vote the same way in USA and UK – anti White leftist Demorat in USA, anti White Labor party in UK.

    This is nothing new. White Christian Catholics in Spain expelled the Js or put them under the Spanish Inquisition in 1492 for taking the Muslim side against Spanish Whites, for being the Muslim Moor Tax Collectors, for enslaving Whites with J usury predatory lending and for selling White girls in to sexual slavery to Turk, Arab Muslim buyers. Js run the hard core porn industry in the USA – it’s the same nasty business – White slavery.

    Thus, David Duke’s attempt to form alliances with Muslims against Zionists, Hollywood J perverts – it hasn’t worked, it won’t work.

    J Political king makers, Machers in Chicago David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel made Barack Obama a US Senator from Illinois and later a 2 term USA President.

    Clinton’s ugly, murderous Serb Christian slaughterer Secretary of State Madeline Albright (born Je*ish, converted to Catholicism to escape NS persecution in World War II, converted to American Christian Anglicanism then out of no where this creature gets appointed Clinton’s Secretary of State. Then she goes back to being Je*ish, then she announces she’s converting to Islam to protest then President Trumps Muslim immigration ban).

    Look at the ugly match made in Hell between NYC Je* pervert Anthony Weiner and Hillary Clinton’s Muslim chief of Staff Huma Abedin.

    The alliance between international Js of all political, economic persuasions and international Muslims of all POC uniting to replace our White European peoples in all remaining White countries – it seems impossible – but its true.

    It very similar to the alliance between International J*wish finance (Jacob Schiff, Adam Schiff, the Warbugs, George Soros) and international Je*ish Communists – Trotsky, Bela Kuhn, Rosa Luxumberg, Kar Marx etc.

  8. That arrogant Allah nigger needs to learn some manners. It can be accomplished using some rope and a blowtorch.

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