JD Vance Debates Tim Ryan

Skip to 20:39.

The war in Ukraine comes up.


  1. We got to distance ourselves from the belligerent warmongering Irish, they are not like us. And I hope Mr Putin understands it is not us who want war, it is the Irish, and take appropriate measurements.

  2. According to Ryan and the rest of the so called leaders on both sides, protecting Ukraine’s borders and country comes before the lives of American citizens and America. Where have we seen that before?

    • Rupert, I would like too think so too, I researched the name vance, olde english, norman roots, founding stock, appalachian descent roots, ramrod Marine Corp straight, suit from him perfectly, ivy league educated, made himself a mint, silicon valley wealthy, there is much too like about him, if his heart is in the right place and he isn’t owned by anyone, a candidate with much too offer, if he shares our views, he could work well with us, we should keep an eye on him…..

  3. Note that Ryan carefully avoided getting specific about what (((Washington’s))) response should be if Putin actually does use battlefield nukes. That’s because he has no answer.

    Vance might have responded that this whole war is due entirely to the DC golem forcing bases right up to Russia’s borders, breaking the solemn vow given that it would never happen. But that explanation might cause certain fence-sitting boomer patriotards to say to themselves “Why, he’s blamin’ ‘Murca!”

    • Tim Ryan, looked sloppy, slouchy, bad posture, shitty looking suit, soon as the camera came on, so did that fake smile, just another lazy ass political hack, he would serve his constituents, better, working behind the counter at McDonald’s, or stocking shelves at the dollar store….

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