Washington Post: Biden Scrambles To Avert Cracks In Pro-Ukraine Coalition

The “central mission” of the Biden presidency is sending billions of dollars to Ukraine which is being used as a proxy by Western liberals to fight Russia and to foment regime change in Russia.

Washington Post:

“As these discussions show, Biden is now pushing hard to hold together what has become a central mission of his presidency: maintaining the global and domestic coalition supporting Ukraine. As the war heads into its first winter, probably a bitter and brutal one, some U.S. allies face economic headwinds fueled by the war, while at home some Republicans voice skepticism about the billions in aid going to Ukraine. …”

The momentum is on our side.

After flushing over $60 billion down the drain on this, the public is growing tired of sending shipment after shipment of weapons to Ukraine.

“Even as Biden scrambles to hold together his global coalition, cracks are showing in political support at home for the billions in aid the United States is sending Ukraine. Those fissures are likely to widen significantly if Republicans recapture the House on Nov. 8.

Pew Research poll shows that the share of Americans who are extremely or very concerned about a Ukrainian defeat fell from 55 percent in May to 38 percent in September. Among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, 32 percent say the United States is providing too much support for the war — up from 9 percent in March. …”

If Democrats hold Congress in the midterms, spending tens of billions of dollars fueling the war in Ukraine for “as long as it takes” will remain our official policy for the next two years.

So far, the White House has been able to maintain bipartisan support for several multibillion-dollar aid and weapons packages to Ukraine, but some Republicans aligned with former president Donald Trump have begun raising questions about why the United States is spending so much money on a distant war overseas. And a decision last week by a Saudi- and Russian-led coalition to slash oil production is likely to send gas prices climbing again, which could sour the public even further. …

Still, when asked how long the United States can be expected to pour billions into the war effort, Biden and his top aides frequently say: “As long as it takes.” …

Zelensky won’t agree to negotiate an end to the war until Putin is removed from power in Russia. The goal is regime change in Russia. Joe Biden is backing his puppet Zelensky on regime change.

“That’s a decision for the Ukrainians to make,” a senior State Department official said. “Our job now is to help them be in absolutely the best position militarily on the battlefield … for that day when they do choose to go to the diplomatic table.”

The Ukrainian president now says that only if Putin is removed from power would Ukraine consider coming back to the table. “We will negotiate with the new president,” Zelensky said in a video address. …”

Removing Joe Biden and the Democrats from power is the only thing that will end the war in Ukraine. It is the only thing that will force Ukraine to negotiate a ceasefire. Otherwise, this is going to continue until David Frum and Anne Applebaum get their way and Russia is destabilized to the point where Putin is toppled from power, which isn’t going to happen until nukes are literally flying.


    • Yes – don’t expect the war party to get put back in its box if the GOP takes congress. Wishful thinking.

  1. I know what you mean.
    For a long time politics didn’t really matter.
    Bush vs Kerry, Obama vs McCain or Romney.
    But now there’s a difference, perhaps a bigger difference than there’s ever been.
    One side seems to want to prevent WW3, the other precipitate WW3, as well as the destruction of the other side or rather all sides that opposite it.

  2. Meanwhile, Zelensky continues to stuff 100s of millions into foreign bank accounts.
    Yep, he’s got real confidence in Ukraine.

  3. In the Oval Office Joe Biden has been in turn inept, vulgar, ridiculous, pathetic and destructive. But now he has become dangerous not simply to the well-being of the United States but to humanity at large. Failing to remove him from office, (including by the members of his own party), might be politically expedient, but it’s now not only irresponsible it’s immoral.

  4. “Biden Scrambles To Avert Cracks In Pro-Ukraine Coalition ”

    He won’t succeed.

    The situation he seeks is falling apart now.

    The 2 ultimate results loom even larger on the horizon : #1. Either accept that Ukraine is, as it always has been, a part of Russia … OR … #2. Render the whole world into an orb filled full of atomic brimstone.

    Whether or not those in charge of The West still have the capacity to see the vast chasm that exists between these two alternatives is not clear to me.

    Human survival comes down to just that : whether or not those in charge of The West can accept coming home with their tails between their legs – but not destroying hundreds of millions of lives and making the planet unliveable for the rest.

    Can they do it?

    That’s the trillion dollar question.

    One thing is not a question : whether or not The Ukraine shall continue on as it has since 2014, or, perhaps more essentially, 1991?

    No, it will not.

  5. It was OK when the US was bombing countries around the world to spread “democracy.”

    Do as we say Putin, not as we do. The usual hypocrisy is being exposed.

    • Europe will freeze and go bankrupt paying for expensive US LNG.
      The German energy ministry is now talking this point.

    • Also, None of those countries were on our frontier, as Ukraine is to Russia.

      All a policy to wreck Russia for supporting Syria.

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