Secular Talk: Tulsi Leaves The Democratic Party

No, Trump was not as bad as Joe Biden on foreign policy.

We weren’t on the verge of a nuclear war with Russia when Trump was president. We weren’t spending tens of billions of dollars on a war with Russia. We weren’t trying to foment regime change in Russia. Trump himself was impeached for hesitating to arm Zelensky. Trump also wants a negotiated settlement to end the war and MAGA is opposed to continuing to fund the war. Every single Democrat in Congress including Bernie Sanders has voted to fund this war against Russia. There are no antiwar Democrats.

Yes, Joe Biden pulled troops out of Afghanistan. Yes, there were drone strikes under Trump. Yes, Trump tried to overthrow the government of Venezuela. Yes, Trump assassinated Soleimani and tore up the Iran deal and fired missiles into Syria. Yes, Trump was an Israel cuck. Still, none of those things were anywhere close to as bad as insane Russiagaters, shitlibs and neocons starting a war with Russia and stoking the fires of World War III. Trump did some bad things on foreign policy, but starting a war that could end our civilization wasn’t one of them.

Note: Tulsi’s full statement is nearly 30 minutes long.


  1. Dump many not have been looking for a nuclear war but if he was still president, I believe he would be OK with sending billions to Ukraine and ramping up the rhetoric against Russia which he does when it’s feasible. Dump talks out of both sides of his mouth, especially when it’s Kushner doing the talking.

  2. The democrat party has gone insane, and the republican party has gone democrat, adopting black babies and kissing black ass

  3. >We weren’t on the verge of a nuclear war with Russia when Trump was president.

    Russia didn’t launch the SMO when Trump was president either (no, I don’t believe Trump deterred them).

    I don’t think Trump, as president, would have done much, if anything, differently on Ukraine — look at his record as president, and at what he is: a dumb, blustering narcissist — like a high school dork who just wants people to like him, his entire presidency was one big ‘Please like me’ plea aimed at the political and media establishments (culminating in the Platinum Plan™), both of which openly despised him no matter what he did (he was too stupid to see that) — the media would have labeled him Neville Chamberlain 2.0, and Trump would have folded.

  4. The Republican Neo-Cons want war with the Arabs more because they are all 100% loyal to the foreign apartheid state of Jew bigotry in Zionist-occupied Palestine.

    The Democrat Neo-Cons want war with the Russians more because they have more interest in the Eastern European Jewish Diaspora north of Palestine. Zelensky wants to make Ukraine the “New Israel.” You can’t make it up.

    None of this helps America, nor Americans, including especially Dixie, who spills more blood and treasure for this God-forsaken Empire than anyone else in North America. It isn’t good for the Canadians either, our friendly neighbors in the Great White North.

    In Alaska we can see Russia from our house. Why would any American want to go to war with Russia? That is insane, now they are going to trigger nukes and even drag China into it?

    Joe Biden is worse than George W. Bush, and even dumber. Who ever thought it was even possible, but Democrats will surprise you every time. It takes a lot of effort to suck worse than Republicans, but give the Democrats their due.

    • Well, Leftist Jews are tired of being wrist-slapped over the apartheid state of Israel. To their chagrin the Palestinians used all of Tikkun Olam’s talking points against them about how evil Southern Americans were for imposing Jim Crow, how evil urban Yankees were for engaging in White Flight once block busters moved Black people into their neighborhoods. And finally how evil South African and White Rhodesians were for apartheid.

      It’s a matter of time before Iran gets nukes. Before you know it all their Sunni Arab neighbors will get their own because they fear being aggressed by a Shia nuclear power or so they say.

      The upshot is that, with all their neighbors having nukes, Israel can kiss its Greater Israel expansion plans to rest. I don’t think the residents will want to live in a neighborhood where the neighbors can blow them to kingdom come if they engage in their usual antics against them.

      They already have the Jewish Autonomous Republic of Birozhiban – the size of Switzerland. It is located closer to China and India. My guess is that the issue is that it remains loosely under Russian control.

      Another factor is that it seems more like an exile from their regular, more comfortable bases in Europe. For all their whining about the Anti-Semitic persecution from White Christian Europe, they got thrown out of the same places more than once. Many times, bribing officials to let them back in.

      In any case, Ukraine, with its proximity to a bunch of former Soviet satellites with populations who share their hostility to Russia, just be very attractive to them.

  5. I don’t like Crystal and Kyle anymore.
    They’ve gone from being somewhat populist, to being woke.
    There’s hardly any good dems and lefties these days, all the good ones either sold out or are ditching them like Tulsi.
    Strange times, growing up I liked the left on most things and disliked the mainline right because they were all bunch of neocons, and neolibs at that time.
    Quite a realignment we went through, now I hate the left and don’t mind the right.
    What could be worse than trying to start WW3, and over Ukraine’s appendix, of all places.

  6. Despite his flaws, Trump still had the best foreign policy of any president in recent history. I’ll take a missile strike on an empty Syrian airfield or an attempted coup in Latin America over a war with Russia. Any commentator that suggests that Dems are the more anti-war party at this point is either delusional or dishonest.

  7. I know I would disagree with Tulsi on a good number of things, but bless her soul for standing up against the woke mob and antiwhite bigotry.

    When do the complaints that she’s a “gatekeeper” and that she doesn’t talk about Jewish power start? 5-4-3-2———

  8. Both parties are the problem. When Trump won in 2016, Republicans won both houses and the press cried about the fall of the Democratic party. Now Democrats control the presidency and both houses of Congress. We keep going around in circles and it is time to stop. Hold your nose in November and vote for the worthless Republican, totally kill the Communist Democrats. Crush that party into the ground. Then resurrect the old Southern Democrat party and destroy the worthless Republican party. Send both parties to the dust bin of history. One party rule from then on: Southern Democrat. It is no accident that the Communists chose to subvert the Democratic party. We must subvert it back, and that means running as a Democrat in local races, for those politically inclined.

    Deo Vindice

  9. I can’t endure these two. After Roe was reversed earlier this year, Chrystal Ball (ugh, that name) went on a rant about the next thing the Supreme Court would reverse was the case guaranteeing a right to sodomy.

    Sodomy? Really? That’s what her priorities are. Screwed in the a** by some pervert. That’s what’s important to her. LIke most liberals, she’s scum.

  10. So Tulsi is an independent NOT a Republican now. And an independent Tulsi running for president would hurt Trump not help him. You know she is connected to the WEF which is the foremost proponent of one world Jewish rule by the anti-Christ. You do know that right?

    • I bet there’s Irish in Tulsi’s woodpile somewhere, Bob.

      BTW, she has since denounce Schwab and his BS.

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