1. linkIn Odessa, Elon Musk’s photo is being removed from billboards, which were created in gratitude to the businessman for supporting Ukraine. … “The Advertising Department removes the photo of Elon Musk from billboards, with which we thanked for the support of Ukraine,” the city council said in a statement.

    Speaking of Musk/Twitter, a member of the AfD had an amusing Twitter exchange with the current ambassador of Ukraine — use right click/translate to English to get the gist of it:

    Ukraine-Botschafter beleidigt AfD-Politiker – doch der schlägt zurück

    • @eah——–The Russian have the capabilities to take Mr. Musk’s satellites down and Mr. Musk has been made aware. The first law of nature is self preservation.

  2. I doubt that you will see any Democrats knocking on your front door, and asking for your vote. Chances are they will be in hiding.

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