Tulsi Gabbard Is Leaving The Democratic Party

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

The Democrats are anti-White warmongers who are constructing a police state to criminalize their opposition while accusing us of “fascism” and “authoritarianism.” Liberals are bloodthirsty Russia-obsessed fanatics who want to plunge us into World War III. Every single Democrat in Congress including Bernie Sanders has voted to escalate us all the way to the precipice of nuclear war.

There is no opposition to the war in Ukraine on the Left. The opposition is coming entirely from MAGA and the populist Right. Trump is calling for a negotiated settlement and an end to the war. Anyone who opposes the war with Russia on the Left is branded a tool of Putin by neocons and neoliberals like David Frum, Max Boot and Anne Applebaum who are essentially running our foreign policy again.


  1. Were I in her position, I’d probably be an Independent. But, for the most part she would fit in just fine in MAGA. That isn’t saying much but…

  2. Tulsi Gabbard was/is that rare rare almost extinct species:

    An intelligent, honest (and very beautiful) Liberal. She served near the front lines of one of those God awful Neo Conservative Je* wars in Iraq.

    I wish she could have stayed in the Democrat party, kept her Congressional seat. I don’t think she is going to go far in the Christian Zionist or just squabbling Christian theocracy that is 100% pro life no exceptions. She’s in Hawaii – that’s not the Bible Belt.


  3. I loathe both party’s, but thing’s are what, they are, that being said, Miss Gabbard would be a good VP selection for mr.Trump or mr.Desantis, if those two couldn’t make some arrangements themselves, she is head and shoulders above Mike pence, for sure, if their real, denounce the donor class….

    • The fact that she endorsed Bernie, and then Bidet four years later, might be something that would come back to burn her. She would have to give a good refutation of those endorsements. She was the only sane Democrat in 2020, I will give her that. Plus, she demolished Harris in that debate.

  4. For a guy who seems to want to do away with the 19th Amendment (link), you’re getting pretty excited about this.

    OT (or maybe not, you decide)

    A sneak preview of Christian Nationalist/Eloi America:

    Georgia high school football star, 18, is shot dead in mall parking lot while on a date with his girlfriend: Two teenagers, aged 18 and 19, are arrested as cops investigate motive

    White HS kid shot dead (allegedly; innocent until proven guilty blah blah) by two Blacks (aka ‘teenagers’) — his body ain’t even cold yet, and ‘Elijah’s parents insist they forgive the two suspects despite his death on October 5 being the worst day of their life’.

    • This is why White libtards deserve to die. That kid was probably lucky he was put out of his misery young before his parents’ defective gay and retarded genes were able to fully manifest and turn him gay and retarded, too. It would have been all downhill for him as adulthood caused his personality to crystalize into its genetically determined libtard final form. Instead of degenerating into the living hell of libtardedness, henpecked by his high testosterone masculine-jawed girlfriend until his libtard soul was crushed and he chose to end his own life, he got to die as a Chad.

      To paraphrase Mussolini, it is better to live one day as a Chad than one hundred years as a libtard.

    • The eloi practice of forgiving their children’s killers has been present in whites for some time now. Back in the days when Kersey’s SBPDL blog was independent, he would highlight a number of similar cases. Particularly irksome is the cheap forgiveness proffered automatically by parents, wives, etc. claiming to be Christians – who are making the pretense of being God by doing so. This is really a type of virtue-signaling, like the Pharisees who proudly wore phylacteries on their foreheads and prayed loudly in the street back in Christ’s day.

      The parents of Amy Biehl are the worst examples of all, setting up an NGO in South Africa which actually employed at least one of the killers. They’ve become very famous for all this virtue-signaling of course and their foundation is very well funded by all the right people. We simply cannot share a country with people like these. Note they are both white and ostensibly Christian. As I’ve mentioned before neither WN (based solely on race) or official Christianity (based solely on religion) has an adequate answer for separating from toxic people like these.

  5. I always liked Tulsi, some stuff I agree with her on and some stuff I don’t, but she’s openminded, sincere and thinks for herself, a rarity in politics, especially on the left.

  6. Apparently the Chinese don’t think white lives matter either (not too surprising really).

    linkTik tok has banned searches for white live matter because it’s ‘hateful behaviour’

    It’s true — try it yourself here: tiktok.com — ‘No results found This phrase may be associated with hateful behavior. TikTok is committed to keeping our community safe …’

    However (and this is important, so pay attention) just like you shouldn’t let the behavior of Jews lead you to become an anti-Semite, you musn’t allow the hostility and lack of good will shown by non-whites toward Whites to turn you into a White Nationalist — because the Alt-Right — or something.

  7. Tulsi is another agent of the WEF, globalist, and about as “anti-war” as Barack Obama. I’m sure the parasites in Davos are trying to find ways to infiltrate and tame populist movements worldwide.

    • Glad to see someone who knows this. Some on here are so blinded by whatever any pol says. She’s anti-gun, too. The people on here are ignorant about the World Economic Summit. They should talk to Canadians and New Zealanders, as their nations are run by their spawn. For some on here, all they have to do is talk about religion, and that works, especially if it’s a woman. Too many “conservatives” are very very naive.

  8. To see how totally insane this is just think about it: we’re risking a nuclear war over…the Donbas region. A border dispute between two tribes of Eastern Slavs has somehow become the world’s business. And once again it’s the Jews who are driving us to this crazy point. They just can’t help themselves and always, always, always start the most terrible wars. Their innate Russophobia has reached a death crescendo.

      • “We have been at the bottom not merely of the latest great war but of nearly all your wars, not only of the Russian but of every other major revolution in your history.” – Marcus Eli Ravage, 1928

    • “risking a nuclear war over…the Donbas region”

      Not really, that is only the pretense.
      The real motive is to wreck Russia so it can’t help Syria or Iran.
      Now, who would want that ?

    • Last year, Matt Parrott predicted that Tulsi would run for president as a Republican and that Jen Psaki would run as a Democrat. Tulsi seems to be moving in that direction. If she runs some kind of MAGA-ish campaign, then there is a good chance she could win. She has Tucker on her side, so that’s the most important conservative media support. And Republican voters still want brown females to represent them, so they can prove that they follow MLK’s dream and they don’t care about race or sex.

      We will have to see what Psaki does. She has been distancing herself from the extremely unpopular Brandon regime. She recently threw the POTUS under the bus by saying that democrats will probably lose midterms because people don’t like Brandon’s pro-crime government. There’s not really any other reason she would publicly break democrat solidarity in such a manner before midterms than if she were planning to use it in a future “I tried to warn you” campaign against Brandon.

    • The two big ones of the last century were also regional conflicts that were unnecessarily turned into mass slaughters by foolish, arrogant, greedy, power-hungry madmen.

  9. > Anyone who opposes the war with Russia on the Left is branded a tool of Putin by neocons and neoliberals like David Frum, Max Boot and Anne Applebaum who are essentially running our foreign policy again.

    Again?? When have they not been running foreign policy? It’s not as if Zion-Don didn’t follow their orders. The neo-klowns’ self-licking ice-cream cone wasn’t cutoff by Cheetohead, but received continual increased funding despite the antics of folks like Vindman, et al against the hapless grifter. Hell he even appointed their raving lunatic step-n-fetchit John Bolton – who only yesterday called for Putin’s assassination – to security advisor. The piano dick-tater of Kiev owes some of his considerably increased fortune to Zion-Don, who never saw a Kosher sausage he didn’t want to fellate.

    Maybe Gabbard should start a new party or just run as an independent. The MIGAtards wouldn’t like her since she’s apparently developed a distaste for the Kosher agenda for endless war. I was pleasantly surprised to see her use the accurate term ‘anti-white racism’. I believe St. Paul noted in one of his letters that the Kosher-Nostra were ‘enemies of all men’. With the recent statements by Kanye West and now this move by Gabbard, we’re starting to see a few non-whites who could be catching on to this fact. As countenance remarked above: The D-jerseys left her more than she changed her own positions.

  10. Frum, Boot, Applebaum. I’m sure these war mongers have something in common, it’s at the tip of my tongue. Give me 5 minutes, it’ll come to me.

  11. DeSantis & Gabbard 2024 may be about as good as one can realistically get

    Interesting point some make, is that there’s huge psychological appeal in slighly older but still attractive female candidates, like Giorgia Meloni in Italy, a ‘mommy’ image … which in particular quite over-powers the right-wing-inclined voter, if that woman can talk a good ‘trad’ game, like Meloni or Gabbard do.

    Plus being a Hindu, Tulsi is ‘not a christcuck’ lol

  12. NIGGER: This is Klanspeak. Tulsi Gabbard finally came out of the closet and publicly embraced white supremacy.

    Will normie Whites see that statements like this represent nigger hatred for Whites? Will they understand that niggers refuse to act like what Whites would consider normal, responsible, human beings? White supremacy just means White-majority society and not absolute power, but White political power. When White supremacy flourished, meaningful ideals like honor, loyalty, self-sacrifice, responsibility, courage, discipline and wisdom were desirable virtues that White men and women were expected to possess. Those ideals have been cast aside by the jews and their useful idiots on the Left and replaced with egoism and greed. All that is beautiful and healthy has been distorted into the ugly and noxious — the Communist Manifesto: make everything ugly. Decadence an

    The concept of White supremacy is evident in the entire world we live in. Civilization itself! Every physical object in it, the culture we operate within, everything we do every day, is owed wholly to the legacy of millennia of White men who had no moral problem, no guilt about exercising their superiority. The truth is that blacks have contributed practically nothing of worth to this world, except in cases of minor decorative elements, and at the lowest end of maintenance. So should we as Whites, just give over what we have created to these ungrateful people who have contributed nothing? I don’t think so.

    Centuries of White achievement and invention has made the world in our image. Plainly, without Whites, blacks would still be wandering in the jungle, hunting and gathering, subsistence farming, living in thatched huts, scattered in stateless, mutually hostile tribes, living in societies with only the most rudimentary infrastructure and technical development. Whites have foolishly tried to get along with these people. Transferred literally Trillions of dollars of our wealth to them, wasted in a futile attempt to lift them up, and all we receive in return is their hatred and contempt. They continue to clamour incessantly, and arrogantly for endless handouts and privileged treatment, but all they do is sabotage our society, as evidenced by our destroyed cities, and actively aid every force of decay and crime, I’ve had ENOUGH!

    • She’s just saying stuff to get Republicans on her side. When are people going to wake up? In Arizona, she embraced Kari Lake, who was a Democrat, helped and supported Obama, and was pro-amnesty. Really? They just change their whole political views? I don’t buy it.

  13. When a swarthy Hawaiian woman is a ‘White Supremacist” the term has essentially lost all meaning

    I am just going to continue the radicalization process begun with the Mar A Largo raid and just go ahead and embrace White Supremacy.

    P.S. ‘Elitist Cabal of Warmongers’ sounds an awful.lot like ke the people Mel Gibson & Kanye West talk about. I wonder if Ole Nosferatu at the he ADL will condemn this dang canard?

  14. Talbert Swan’s type of reaction is what disgusts so many moderate people like Gabbard. It still amazes me that Swan and people like him have so little self-awareness that they can’t realize that.

    Also what makes negroes like Swan think that the KKK is relevant anymore than to be some Boogeyman for negroes and leftists?

    Swan’s Twitter feed is horridly Anti-White.

  15. The democratic party has gone crazy, and the republican party has gone democrat, adopting black babies and kissing black ass

  16. “Bishop” Swan is one of the worst, most dangerous types of coon scum: the hustler revvun who stirs up the gun-totin’ hood niggers to hate & kill Whitey.as he hides safely behind his collar.

    • These people on here are swayed so easily. Look what Ardern did to New Zealand.
      She wants the Maoris to run the government, and she cost so many NZ’s their jobs.
      Why do people just believe anything they say?
      She’s anti-Second Amendment too, but on here, you see all of these posters endorsing her.

  17. Where do Max Boot, David Frum, Ann Applebaum live? Why do they get to go around care free with no one calling them out?

    I’m pretty sure most of us could take Max Boot in a fist fight, wrestling match.

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