1. Apart from her stance on energy and guns, I largely side with her.
    She should moderate her position on those two things and run as a populist independent.
    And apologize for endorsing Biden and renounce the WEF.

    Mark Dice is too much of a neolib materialist on economics, like most of the Maga crowd, they should moderate their position on economics.
    Look to Sweden democrats, Viktor Orban and Putin, you can be a nationalist and social conservative and do more to help the working class at the same time.

    • She’s from the WES, just like Trudeau and Ardern. Don’t be naive. These people are not on your side.
      She says she is a Samoan, when both her parents are primarily White.
      She’s quite liberal, and if you fall for that, because of religion, it’s what they want.
      It’s not even about conservative or liberal or parties. The group she comes from is dangerous and they are destroying nations.

  2. I like Mark Dice OK enough, but it REALLY grinds at me that he is roundabout taking credit for the term “antiwhite” becoming a mainstream talking point, while chiding others for their fear of using those terms. I know it was only a couple of years ago that people in our sphere were chiding Mark Dice for not bringing up antiwhite racism. He doesn’t get to act like he’s been shouting this one from the rooftops.

    • @Memebro—–His real name is Mark Shouldice. He is of jewish decent. He is controlled opposition. He is still on Youtube, for crying out loud.

      • Mark Dice is Italian. Some of you are embracing people like Gabbard, who are in bed with Trudeau, Ardern, and other corrupt leaders.
        Look what they do, not what they say.

    • No serious membro cares about credit. They only care their memes are understood, and are used correctly. In this case Mark is using it correctly, which is more than I can say for Tulsi. Anti-white goes back much further than a couple of years. White activists have been trying to get other whites to use it for almost 100 years. Its frustrating when whites don’t get it, and we keep losing.

      • To Jay, yes, Dice is correct on this, but he is not the only one seeing what she is up to.
        I don’t trust her any more than any of the other WES people. Klaus Schwab has a real agenda here.

  3. Mark Dice was part of the “Alt Lite” and Conspiracy scene, which didn’t bring up racial issues until the last few years, and hasn’t addressed the JQ. I agree with him here, but it’s ironic that he’s attacking people for doing the same thing he did for a long time.

    • Just wow. He never did the things Gabbard did. Just because she aims at your religion, doesn’t mean she’s on your side. BTW she’s a practicing Hindu.

  4. The cuckservatives need someone to speak for them because they have been be-balled to do it for themselves. Getting behind blacks and browns makes them feel less racist if they agree with them over Whites that same the same thing.

  5. I’m just happy these words, phrases, and ideas are getting injected into the mainstream. I appreciate it. Beyond that I don’t care much about these people. To what ends they’re doing this – personal enrichment, shoring up support for shitty GOP, or whatever cynical reason – I frankly don’t care. Just get the ideas out there.

      • Yeah I guess that even if a trannie Jew or uncle Tom is saying it……. it’s still getting said. Just don’t let them be the public face of the cause.

      • It’s thanks to ppl like david duke, don black, HW and others persistent resolve to keep this issue alive that is making a difference.

      • To Hunter Wallace: It matters who says what. Just like with when Trump ran. Words are cheap. Just because she signals your religion, doesn’t mean she is on your side. You really need to read about the WES and know what their agenda is. They will say anything to get into power.

        • Tulsi is all over television attacking the war in Ukraine and anti-White racism. I’m not sure why this is a problem. She is elevating issues that I care about.

          • It’s a problem because she is part of Klaus Schwab’s group. She’s for open borders, anti-Second amendment, and more.
            I bet you can find leftists who would agree with you on some issues, too. It doesn’t mean they are on your side.

      • Her father is part Samoan and she makes a big deal about “being a Samoan”. Probably some plastic surgery as well.
        I don’t care about that as much as her involvement with the World Economic Summit and her past political history.
        They know exactly what to target to get elected and get people to like them. They’re not stupid.

  6. >Christian faith

    I prefer to speak of, and adhere to, Christian principles, rather than ‘Christian faith’ — I think Christian principles will be more appealing to a larger number of Americans than faith and religiousness.

  7. I never believed Tulsi was a proper fit for the Dems. She says too many logical things. This was always going to be the only conclusion.

  8. Trusting a politician is more than a little like thinking that the stripper really likes you. Pay no attention to what they say, only watch for what the do.

  9. Oh please. This gets so tiresome. And Hunter you should know better. It’s just another part of the “movement curse”. Everything is either an all powerful “Conspiracy” that none of us can do anything about, can’t name enemies or traitors, it’s all a super 1,000 secret conspiracy.

    Or else everyone is a Jew.

    Or anyone that speaks up for our people, and speaks against real enemies, bad things siren’t really White or else he/she is a homo.


    Tulsi Gabbard is very very White and her non White heritage is also good Pacific Island Samoan – real bad ass rugby players. I think she’s also married to a White guy.

    Give us a break.

    She did things, had to do things to climb up the ladder of political success – I don’t think it entailed sleeping with Je* Hollywood pervs.

    Give her and us a break. Please.

    • Nope…she’s been married to two brown guys. Of course, if you think she is White, then you might classify them that way as well.

      • To Tikkun, the boomers on here just don’t understand when they are being played. They don’t see how someone can just say what they want to hear and pander to them. They talk a good talk, and yet, they will do what Schwab wants them to do. These posters on here should talk to some New Zealanders or Canadians, to learn how this works out.

  10. Gator McClusky writes:

    “Gabbard is mixed Indian and Anglo, as well as being a devout Hindu.”

    I respond:

    Sounds like she’s like Savitri Devi a varna conscious, Swastica Sun worshipping devotee of Hitler.

    Anybody want to find fault with that?

    I’m heavily leaning in that direction myself.

    • Enjoy the World Economic Summit people. You really need to learn all about that. Too many on here are just embracing the wrong people. She’s not “OK”.

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