Joe Biden Addresses Putin’s Nuclear Threats In Ukraine

Putin is the irrational one.

We’re completely rational for being willing to stoke the fires of World War III and the possibility of nuclear war and paying the highest energy prices ever over the status of Donbas.


  1. Jake “the Jew” Tapper doesn’t think Putin is rational and quotes Coondelizza Rice and Manny “the Roman Catholic” Macron to prove it. Oy vey, Jake.

  2. Jake the Jewboy and Shitpants Joe…….two sleazy, dishonest characters whom I strongly detest. Sounds like daughter-molesting, first wife-killing Joe has absolutely no interest in stopping or de-escalating the Ukrainian military conflict. I wonder how many steroid cocktail injections Dementia Joe needed to keep him temporarily and partially lucid for this poorly conducted, ass-kissing interview?

  3. Saudi Arabia has always been a strong ally of the US, so for them to make Mumbling Joe look bad weeks before the midterm elections shows just how much contempt the international community has for that dirty Irish nigger. China, India, Iran and just about every other country is on Russia’s side. Germans must be extremely upset about having their energy pipeline with Russia destroyed by the US, especially with the approach of winter.

    Biden turning 80 means that now his age and his IQ are the same number. That 15 minute interview with Bagel Boy must have wiped him out. He probably had to spend the rest of the day resting to recuperate.

    • Upset is not the right word. More like enlightened and clarified that this really is as much a war against Germany as it is against Russia, while creating the perfect Neocon-Davos state in Ukraine. And that we are indeed ruled by actual proud traitors, from Merkel to Habeck and Baerbock, who are implementing gradual versions of the Hooton and Morgenthau plans.

      I am very upset, that I have to live in a literal slave state however. Dominated by the big gay disco whose own senile president is himself an empty puppet. NATO’s motto rings more true than ever: keep the Americans in, the Russians out (even from their Kievan Rus) and the Germans down (all the better if we can great-replace them). And if you point out the obvious, they put you in jail for “hate”!

  4. It is the Irish who have chosen to take the reins of government and lead and rule without Christ ,and it is the Irish who must take full responsibility for the actions of own, from the old down to the young.

  5. It’s obvious Biden is just a puppet of the jews and it’s them who want a nuclear war with Russia. These people are evil.

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