Tucker Carlson: Tulsi Explains Why She Left The Democratic Party

I’m not surprised by this move.

I have similar “semi-fascist” and “authoritarian” politics.

My top two issues are Dark Brandon’s weaponization of law enforcement against his political opposition and the war that Western liberals have started and continue to fuel with Russia. It is not surprising that these issues have finally pushed Tulsi out of the Democratic Party.


  1. What was Tulsi Gabbard’s voting record when she was in Congress? — asking for a curious friend.

    It would be interesting to know how she voted on key issues.

    • It’s a very good question but what we are witnessing is the development of Tulsi’s “character arc” , like in a Julia Roberts movie.

    • It’s not hard to find. As you would expect from a White/Samoan new age cultist Hindu globalist agent she is, she definitely voted for build back feudalism, the police reform for St. Fentanyl Floyd, and amnesty for illegal aliens. Her and Obama both being mixed “Hawaiians” allowed for some bonding and she definitely supported Obama’s war on terror escalation. I admit I was supportive of her for a long time but I didn’t do much digging. I really believe if she aligns with the MAGA movement, whatever you want to call it, she’ll just be a trojan horse to bring more globalist progressivism into MAGA and nothing will change, if she became president I believe nothing will change.

      • I forgot to add, Obama’s family and Gabbard’s have ties to the “intelligence community”. The “intelligence community” have many other candidates in office. I’d vote for anyone who ran on abolishing the intelligence community or at least replacing all of it with a pro-American, liberty defending, accountable, intelligence service. That’s probably too utopian to hope for.

  2. Tulsi is too smart and principled to be a politician, especially from a state full of dumb pineapple niggers like Hawaii.

  3. She is a subversive, an independent Tulsi running for president hurts Trump. I had this kind of diseased filth don’t you?

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