Leon Panetta: If Putin Uses Nukes in Ukraine, the U.S. Must Respond With Military Force

Ukraine is worth a nuclear war with Russia.

This is about the future of liberalism and globalism.


“While the United States and our NATO allies should continue to warn publicly of “catastrophic” consequences of Putin’s reckless nuclear saber rattling, we should be brutally clear to Putin in private: If he makes a reckless decision to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, the U.S. will respond with direct military force against Russian troops waging the war in Ukraine, ensuring Putin’s defeat there. We must be prepared to use U.S. military assets, including combat aircraft and cruise missile strikes, to ensure that Putin cannot threaten Ukraine with nuclear weapons. While the administration will need to be vague about what particular forces it will deploy, it should communicate that it could include the full range of conventional capabilities we have in our arsenal, which Putin knows would devastate his military. In the Indo-Pacific, President Joe Biden has made clear that U.S. forces will be used to defend Taiwan from an attack from China. The same pledge should apply to Ukraine if Putin makes the decision to use nuclear weapons. …

This is both a dangerous and pivotal moment in Ukraine — dangerous because Putin could well resort to nuclear weapons, but pivotal because success in Ukraine can send a strong message to all democracies that brave fighters and nations can stand up to bullies around the world. This is one of those special moments in history: The U.S. and our allies have a chance to show the importance of global leadership in the 21st century.”

Leon Panetta and David Petraeus are both former directors of the CIA. Both are also publicly calling for getting into World War III with Russia.


  1. Easy for him to say: he’s 84 y/o and has lived a full life, allerdings as a parasite leeching off taxpayers.

    And how does one get discharged from the Army in 1966 after only 2 years, i.e. right in the middle of the escalation in Vietnam? — link

    These people are such scum.

  2. So when will Team Brandon nuke America and blame Russia?
    The Vegas betting line should have decent odds.

    • Tell Brandon that completely obliterating the White House with him in it will convince us Americans that the Russians are attacking the country.

      (I give it 50/50 that he buys it.)

  3. I’ve never heard such recklessly arrogant, dangerously stupid talk from any former high-ranking Washington figure before. Panetta mentioned nothing about peace and diplomacy. I guess if there is a nuclear conflict Panetta, Petraeus and all those other extremely valuable and irreplaceable pedophiles have underground luxury fallout shelters or secluded private estates in South America they can fly off to, while the rest of us get stricken with radiation sickness.

    • They’re priming us to accept (what they believe will be limited) nuclear strikes. Just like the pre-programmed “Trump won’t accept the election results” chanting in the years leading up to November 2020.

  4. Russia should make it clear that if nuclear war breaks out, all Israeli cities will be targeted.

    That will make the warmongers think twice.

  5. Besides being a Warmonger 1st Class, Panetta is one of the most fanatical radical egalitarians ever to serve at the highest levels of government. As Secretary of Defense under Obama, he crushed whatever resistance the armed forces put up (mostly by the Marines) to women in ground combat units, including infantry & special operations. Many years previously, as assistant secretary of Health, Education & Welfare under Nixon, he was known for pushing racial integration (i.e., blacks) into every institution & activity in society, successfully defying Nixon’s efforts to slow him down, & – after finally being forced out – went to work for the ultra-liberal New York mayor, John Lindsay, probably the worst mayor in the city’s history before Bill de Blasio. I had once thought that Italian ethnics, even liberal ones, had a certain race realism about them, but Panetta would give the most crazed 19th century Yankee WASP abolitionists, like William Lloyd Garrison, a run for their money.

    In the words of our current Lord & Master, this “is one bad dude.”

  6. They always project. It’s team Brandon and their various mouthpieces who have been rattling the nuke sabre, not Putler who merely said if the empire uses such a device against Russia – keeping in mind that this now includes Dombass, Lugansk, Kherson, Zaparozhia and Crimea – that he will respond in kind.

    • They are looking to engineer a “Pearl Harbor” event so that “we” (the public cattle) will accept (what they believe will be limited) nuclear strikes on Russia.

    • As Putin rhetorically asked in his recent speech: Are Western nations planning to print and burn currency to stay warm this winter?

      These sanctions have accelerated development of alternative payment infrastructures — China is the largest single nation buyer of Russian oil, and I recently saw that Russia and China are cooperating so that all future transactions can be in rubles or renminbi — I think once Russia starts selling oil and gas to Europe again (if/when that happens), Russia will probably insists that payment be in rubles, or in gold tied to rubles at some rate — earlier this year Lavrov said Russia now had no more illusions about the West, so Russia will leverage its resource wealth to push development of a ‘multipolar’ world.

  7. I have the perfect job for the old man, nuke missle spotter, give the old man a pair of binoculars, fly him over too the ukraine, he can have his grand kids serving along beside him, as human shields…….

  8. ” that he will respond in kind.”

    That is only equitable.
    If the territorial integrity of his homeland is threatened, he is justified in ANY action, to save his nation.

  9. These frauds are so concerned about global warming but will start a nuclear war that will destroy the “precious” planet they’re trying to save from CO2 by replacing it with radiation.

  10. FWIW

    linkWho blew up the pipeline? … Gazprom just released these photos of a NATO Seafox drone that was found right next to Nord Stream 1 in 2015. The drone failed to detonate. NATO was caught red-handed and claimed the drone was lost during exercises. They tried it before. Go figure

    There are fotos — it is not clear the drone was designed/supposed to detonate in 2015.

    Per a story on Yahoo News, Reuters also reported this (w/o the fotos) — link

    Another theory about how the pipeline sabotage happened — link

    • Now eah, why would the US sabotage nord stream ?

      Just to keep Europe in thrall to US hegemony, just to monopolize the European LNG market, just to extort 100s of billions from Europe in high priced LNG ? USZOG would never do that.

      American nat gas customers are going to get kicked in the ass this winter. Prices will be far above what they are expecting.

  11. Greasy guinea Cultural Marxist scum.

    I’m way beyond sick of this sort of dark kinky-haired, heavy-lidded, turd-snooted genetic trash; these Generic Urbanite shitlib vermin having power over the descendants of the pioneers who conquered & created this country with their sweat & blood.

    God damn the money-grubbing Yank robber barons who let them in post-Civil War.

    Back to Palermo, goombahs. And take your kike cousins with you.

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