Trevor Noah: These Conservatives Sound Like The KKK

Good one.

Let’s take stock of where we are though in 2022:

  • Trevor Noah is out at The Daily Show.
  • The Daily Show lost two-thirds of its audience when he was at the helm
  • Late night comedy has utterly collapsed as a cultural force over the last decade.
  • Greg Gutfeld has a larger audience than any late night comedy host.
  • Accusations of “racism” no longer sting or have anywhere close to the impact that they used to a decade or two ago on the Right.
  • The fact that conservatives like Marjorie Taylor Greene “sound like the KKK” shows how far the old taboos have eroded over the past decade and how much of our message and talking points has been absorbed and normalized and is now mainstream politics
  • As Mehdi Hasan pointed out on his show earlier this week, no one cares anymore about accusations of “racism.”
  • Two years ago, Marjorie Taylor Greene was considered an embarrassment inside the GOP caucus. Next year, Marjorie Taylor Greene is going to have her committee assignments restored in a Republican Congress and will be shaping the House agenda. Meanwhile, people like Liz Cheney and Ben Sasse are leaving Congress.
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene hasn’t changed except in the sense that she has become much more radical and has pushed the edge of conservative politics further and further into our territory over the past two years on everything from the National Divorce to the Great Replacement.
  • A bunch of people are about to get elected at the state, local and federal level who are more radical than Marjorie Taylor Greene.

The taboo around the Jewish Question was breached over the weekend. All of this adds up over time and creeps into the way that normies understand politics.


    • Hey, even the tacos know the score.

      The “judios” , “are going to screw everybody else”.
      Nury Martinez, LA city council

      • That incident is very interesting. I suspect that there is an attempt to reign in hispanics to maintain a balance of power among racial groups in LA. The meeting where the recorded remarks were made was discussing redistricting with respect to making sure the hispanics had more economically attractive districts. The result of the scandal is to knock the hispanics down a peg and tip the scales towards the blacks, a declining political and demographic force in LA who can be bought off much more easily. It’s consistent with the LA Times shift towards extensive and fawning coverage of blacks while scaling back coverage of hispanic issues which is strange given the local demographics. This shift happened even before the George Floyd show premiered.

        Hispanics were getting to wobbly while the blacks remain a steady and overwhelming loyalty to the democrats. I wonder which (((property developer))) was threatened by the proposed redistricting plan. Further, who bugged the room or was wired and why? Why wasn’t the recording released immediately instead of a year later?

        • All good questions. I’ve asked myself a few of those, I suspect it’s taco vs. Taco.

          ” knock the hispanics down a peg and tip the scales towards the blacks, a declining political and demographic force”
          That’s a lost cause, Mexicans will displace all blacks, eventually.
          Mexicans are more numerous, organized, tougher fighters and don’t suffer WHITE guilt.

      • Yeah, I saw that after the fact — your comment had not been published when I made mine (in fact, no comments had been published) — if your comment had been there, I would not have commented as I did.

        One of the many benefits (ahem) of comment moderation.

        Simple as.

  1. 1945-1991 was the best time in history to be a Jew.
    They had the left, right and center in the 1st world under social liberalism, neoconservatism and neoliberalism respectively, the 2nd world under communism and much of the 3rd world indirectly.
    After 1991 they lost the 2nd world but still had the 1st.
    But since 2016 they’ve been losing the 1st.
    ‘Woke’/NeoMarxism/Marxism Inc. is their reaction to this loss.

    • Unless you count the 3 major existential wars Israel had to fight during that period! Plus all the smaller ones.

  2. I remember reading how the 2nd era KKK did have control over entire states during the ’20s from judges to governors with anywhere from 3 to 6 million members at it’s height. I wish they had that much power again.

  3. So whatever happened to Kanye’s Defcon-3 on the Kosher-Nosetra? Yes they’re cutting him off and sending their flying monkeys at him but they always do that to anyone who walks off the plantation. How’s life been for Kanye in Pedowood?

  4. >Noah indicated he looked forward to producing programming across a wide array of venues

    Bs, that’s a thin veil for, ‘my career is sunk’.

  5. Now do liberals.

    I’ll start:


    At the link above is a short but interesting video (ignore the fact it is for some reason rotated 90 deg counterclockwise); I encourage everyone to watch it — two things: 1) behavior-wise, the person is a complete NPC, someone whose worldview seems to be downloaded directly from MSNBC, and updated regularly; 2) apparently a student at an institution of higher learning, he (I assume it’s a white male) looks to be brain dead, unable to give anything resembling a coherent justification for his actions.

    In the video you see anecdotal confirmation of declining IQ, as well as falling testosterone levels in males — while admittedly a sample size of one, right now the consequences of these phenomena are playing out in societies throughout the West.

  6. “These Conservatives Sound Like The KKK”

    And thank The Good Lord for that.

    It ought to have been this way in 1962, but, alas, it was not.

    The notion that Whites ought act like those around the emperor, in The Emperor and His New Clothes, is ridiculous.

    Still, better late than never.

  7. Wasn’t Congressman Steve King of Iowa run out of Jew England Yankeeville for this, just a few short years ago?

    My, my – things sure are a changing!

    I guess that means I am no longer something special in the Far-Right, but, joining Mr. Griffin, as an average man in the Mainstream!

    In this case, I’m happy to be one of many millions.

  8. It always looks so strange to me, the contrast when a Black or Mulatto like Trevor Noah with their natural Kinky hair grown out is dressed in a suit.

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