Secular Talk: AOC Confronted By “Anti-War” Protesters

Kyle is embarrassing himself.

Every single Democrat in Congress including Bernie Sanders is ALL IN on war with Russia. They have voted unanimously in favor of all the aid packages. There is no difference between insane Russiagaters, shitlibs and neocons like Liz Cheney on our foreign policy with Ukraine which has pushed us to the brink of nuclear war.

How is AOC an “antiwar” candidate? AOC supports the policies that have brought us to this point. Bernie supports the policies. Drone strikes in places like Syria or Somalia aren’t anywhere near as bad as the threat of nuclear war!

Note: Ordinary leftists are wondering whether Donbas is worth getting nuked.


  1. The kabuki theater of the Chiquitastan world shopping bazaar is so stale and predictable.
    AOC is right out of central casting and peforms for the Potemkin fading banana republic.
    I think we’re going to need a bigger yarmulke.

  2. All Kyle does now is embarrass himself. Idk what happened to him, at one point I liked listening to him and rising/breaking points. Now they sound no different than msnbc

    • I’m finding that a lot of the interesting anti-establishment leftists ended up shifting into lame neoliberalism. My old lefty mutual who I thought I could trust & count on ended up degenerating into a libtard. I don’t get it.

  3. “all the aid packages. ”

    ‘Aid packages’ ???
    Actually weapons and hired mercenaries.
    Talk about linguistic manipulation/deceit.

    Words are to confuse and befuddle the gullible goy.

  4. They all read a script and tell the voters what they want to hear and when in office raking in millions, the voters be dammed and it becomes about them. We have all seen this before.

    AOC is no different once she sees how the corrupt system works and pays off. The rest is just lip service.

  5. How deep of a hole will these leftists dig themselves?
    I suspect they won’t stop until reality hits them badly.

  6. Fact: The Ukraine was created by the Communists after WWI, because Leon Trotsky who was a Ukrainian Jew like Zelensky, was for it.

    • Well no, they’ve always been a bit different from the Russians in the North and East. Same as Appalachia and the South is different from Yankeedom. The problem is the place was completely taken over by NYC-DC in 2014. Same as if during the depression things had collapsed so badly that California became independent, and then in the late 30s had a government taken over by Hirohito and Tojo and was arming to the brim with weapons from Tokyo ready to wage war against us on in our own back yard. These globalists are always trying to overthrow governments, the came close in Myanmar with that woman stooge working for NYC the globalists are so keen on putting in power. Heck, they don’t even like Netanyahu and were working against him, if this is how they treat their own people imagine what they have in store for everyone else?

      • There was no Ukraine prior to the end of WWI. Trotsky, who was a Ukrainian Jew, wanted an independent Ukraine, because the Ukraine was his power base. This was part of the struggle between Trotsky and Stalin.

  7. Let’s bring Pat Buchanan & Ron Paul out of retirement to restart an Old Right anti-war movement!

  8. The guy bringing up Tulsi is so cringe, it’s almost like she paid him to do that. Tulsi is a war on terror hawk and fully supported Obama’s WoT escalation, She might not be down with the “regime change” talking point but she’s still down for droning, delta squading, and proxy fightering the shit out of “terrorists”.

  9. I see those Ukrainian flags on the exact same houses I see those rainbow flags. How much of this is also motivated by all these gays in the deep state and their resentment of Russia for it’s very mild prohibitions on the sodomy agenda? It seems our chosen elite have a lot of trust in queers because they know they have the same chip on their shoulders against Normal American Civilization. It seems the whole plan to degenerate the Islamic World has been put on hold by the globalists when it became apparent over the last decade that Russia and China were not on board with their agenda. In 1998 they thought they were in Francis Fukayama’s “end of history” and all they had to deal with were a few poor, recalcitrant muslims here or there and it would be feminism, sodomite marriage, Big Macs, and Hollywood reruns world wide till the end of time. Suddenly they realized the world wasn’t on board with their goals, especially after they saw what Bush Jr. did to Iraq. The Globalists are just another bunch of Imperialists so full of spin they can’t even admit it. But for once the Globalists are really in a pickle, they cheered on outsourcing the entire American industrial base to China. Unlike Iraq which was a non entity, China holds the Trump card of denying production of modern goods should they be attacked although they do not want war because it would harm their economy horribly as well. They key goal is the tax on all the real work and commerce done worldwide by NYC using their dollar as the reserve currency. If NYC-DC so pisses off enough countries that the dollar is no longer the reserve currency it’s game up. These little girls and nebbish jew boys pulling Biden’s strings just might accomplish that.

  10. How is it surprising that Ocrazio would support Gobohomo? Of course she will support the ZOG/Globohomo war in Ukraine.

    I see no current contradictions on the left. All the contradictions are on the right, as they continue to support the police and military and the Red Bolshevik political Party, the very institutions that are destroying us.

    Secession is the only option.

  11. It started here on this continent. That the most left wing parties, that used to be the most anti-war, anti defense spending, switched on a dime after February 24 to become the biggest war hawks and military spending hawks. This is not lost on those parties’ base voters, members and loyalists. For instance, the Green Party is going to hold its national party conference this weekend just down the road from me in Bonn, (I’ll be able to smell the BO and weed stench from all the way up here), and there’s a lot of gossip about how it’s going to turn into a big fiasco precisely because of this kind of thing.

    So it was only a matter of time until it jumped the Atlantic. And now the left’s love affair with AOC is over.

  12. Miss Alessandra is from the lower end of the upper class, and, given that she is accustomed to comfort and privilege, it is only natural that she would fall back on those instincts and let herself be bought out.

  13. Best thing to hope for is that the nukes take out the blue city centers. I don’t want it to happen, but if it must, let it be that way.

  14. The most noteworthy thing about the video is the low quality human capital on display (NYC is barely 30% white today), including AOC herself, a dumb liberal arts grad and former bartender now LARPing as a ‘lawmaker’ — it’s fucking disgusting, but you’re expected to take it all seriously — ‘muh democracy’.

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