Tucker Carlson: The Disappearance of the Populist Left

The populist Right has always been antiwar.

Stretching back to the days of Pat Buchanan’s presidential campaigns, the populist Right has been consistently antiwar and anti-globalist. Foreign policy has always been a top tier issue for us. It is one of the hallmarks of the populist Right that once set us apart from the conservative Right.

I voted against George W. Bush twice. I remember opposing the Iraq War. I refused to vote for John McCain because he was a neocon. I backed Ron Paul twice in 2008 and 2012. I opposed the interventions in Syria and Libya. I backed Trump in 2016. I got angry and broke with Trump over his Syria strikes and refused to vote for him in 2020 because he had failed to deliver on his campaign promises. Throughout it all, I have approached foreign policy from a populist, nationalist, small-r republican, isolationist, anti-globalist perspective which is a tradition that stretches back to William Jennings Bryan.

In my youth, I associated neocons and support for disastrous foreign wars with the Republican Party. I remember Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert ridiculing George W. Bush on The Daily Show. I remember when progressives claimed to be antiwar and there was something to this because most people who were on the Left were against the Iraq War. This seemed to fade, however, under Obama. The antiwar movement has completely disappeared on the Left under Joe Biden. Bernie Sanders, AOC and The Squad are fully on board with spending $60 billion dollars to support a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine.

Tucker Carlson called attention to this shift last night on his show. All the people on the progressive Left or the “populist Left” who claim to be antiwar seem to have vanished. Jon Stewart, for example, isn’t focusing on the threat of a nuclear with Russia or the war in Ukraine boiling over into World War III. He is making videos about “the problem with the gender binary” and “the problem with White people.”

Where is Bernie Sanders?

Where is Kyle Kulinski?

Where is AOC and The Squad on a nuclear war with Russia?

Every single Democrat in Congress has voted unanimously in support of funding this endless war in Ukraine for “as long as it takes” which poses a far greater threat to both our security and prosperity than anything that ever happened in Syria or Yemen or Iraq. The Bernie wing of the Democratic Party has quietly merged with Liz Cheney, David Frum and the Russiagaters in support of this.

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Rand Paul have done far more in Congress to avert this impending disaster than, say, Jon Stewart or Bernie Sanders. There are principled progressives who are antiwar like Tulsi Gabbard or Jimmy Dore who have loudly opposed this Biden administration’s push to war with Russia, but they are completely isolated on the Left and have all but drifted over into our camp now.

Jon Stewart has gotten the memo. Being on the Left these days is now much more about supporting “gender-affirming care” or hating White people and Russia than opposing endless war in distant parts of the world. Once again, it is no surprise that we are opposed to this war with Russia, especially with the neocons largely gone from the Republican Party. The surprise is how much these people have influenced the Left and how quiet they have become on war and how much their brand has changed.

Note: Tulsi called attention to this in her announcement that she was leaving the Democratic Party. Being on the Left is now more about woke politics on race and trannies than opposing nuclear armageddon.


  1. It’s ironic that the US is under-writing a proxy government in the Ukraine as envisioned and founded by none other than Leon Trotsky. Makes sense since so many of the neo-cons are/were Trotskyites, and Trotsky was a Ukrainian Jew.

  2. Sigh.

    I have been calling Congressional staff members in any state I’ve ever lived to lobby them GOP/Dem agains this insane $40 billion (is it now $60 billion war spending in Ukraine?) the young, still not cynical Congressional staff members are happy to talk with me as I’m polite, intelligent, respectful – I don’t rant, but engage in a back and forth dialogue.

    I stress this same point that Hunter and Tucker make: Lib Democrats used to be against insane wasteful military spending, just against pointless wars for the sake of, what? just making profits for the Military Industrial war corporations like Raytheon?

    I make the point that for $40 billion we could pretty much give every homeless person in San Francisco, LA, Chicago a safe clean place to live with good medical care.

    The staff members agree.

    I close by wishing them a nice, fun life in Washington DC – hey you’re only young once. I ask them to get some young gentleman to take them out on a date, taking them dancing or something fun like that. It’s reality that regular Americans now hate Washington DC, but that should effect them.

    I think that all our hard work is paying off at least turning GOP Conservatives against these endless Neo Conservatives Zionist wars, regime changes wasteful spending for $40 billion we could have an air tight Southern border wall from the Pacific Ocean to Corpus Christie TX.

    So please make those calls, I can assist with getting contact phone numbers and suggest talking points.

    Even if we don’t change the course of history, prevent a nuclear war. It’s good practice in public speaking, one to one communication – another area where our side has been well….

    rather poor.

  3. Because there never was one in the Long March to burn down the world.
    Deception is part of any means necessary and the mask is off now because the march is complete.
    My everlasting curses will burn down the world was in a poem by hardcore Satanist Karl Marx.

    • Last year, I was on a small, non-political forum and someone started a “Black Metal Marx” thread about some of the “satanic” poetry he was supposed to have written. I wasn’t sure if the claims were legit or not. Do you have any links?

  4. >Foreign policy has always been a top tier issue for us.

    Why is that though? — could you name a specific reason?

    I’ll name a likely reason: federalism — generally, an interventionist foreign policy means a larger, more powerful and active federal government — with such a government in place, arrogating more and more power unto itself, intervention will not be limited to foreign policy.

    Note the graphic at the link from a 2020 Pew survey — link

    It clearly shows that non-whites are bigger federalists (albeit they are too dumb to phrase it that way; they want the gibs) than Whites — and that is not likely to change.

    You say you are not/no longer a White Nationalist — while no one can predict the future, this kind of data, which you like to post and reference, certainly suggests that as America becomes more non-white, the power of the federal government will grow — and we are all very familiar with the forces that usually end up in control, as well as their agenda.

    • Yes.

      Iraq was a formative experience for lots of people my age.

      As for White Nationalism, it runs into the reality that defines our politics which is that there are two large groups of Whites with opposite views on nearly everything. Whites are so bitterly divided that there is no White position on really anything

      • >Whites are so bitterly divided that there is no White position on really anything

        Yeah, OK, you say the same thing all the time — but is there an ‘Asian position’? — a ‘black position’ — a ‘Hispanic position’? — and as I’ve said before: without anti-racism, there would be far less division among Whites today — it was the original/gateway issue that helped divide Whites, right?

        Maybe you can agree with the following two rather straightforward statements: 1) none of your concerns about the US will necessarily be addressed by America becoming majority non-white; 2) Whites becoming a minority is prima facie (very) bad for Whites.

        If you agree with these two statements, then it is senseless to renounce White Nationalism — you gain nothing by doing so, and ignore concrete harm to the interests of white people.

        • Blacks vote as a racial bloc. Whites do not.

          Hispanics and Asians vote like previous waves of immigrants. Millions of Hispanics think of themselves as White Christians. In the case of Asians, Hindu Indians are often fanatical shitlibs while South Koreans are Protestants. Asians are more educated and irreligious than average. There are a number of factors – education, religion, wealth, national background – that are splintering the way these groups vote. Hispanics and Asians aren’t going to vote like blacks in the long term.

          As for White Nationalism, I just don’t think it maps onto the reality of American politics, which is polarized between two groups of Whites who can’t stand each other with every other group that lives here playing supporting roles in the conflict. White leftists and shitlibs are passionate advocates of open borders and antiracism. They are more opposed to White interests than non-Whites. Everything you would say is a White interest is something that they would say is evil and a reason why you should be marginalized and persecuted by the government. I don’t want to live in a White ethnostate with those people simply because we had common ancestors in the last Ice Age. They might be White, but it doesn’t matter when someone perceives you as their enemy and they are willing to destroy you and engage in violence against you.

          Conflating race and nation is a major error. It blinds you to the fact that people who share the same race, especially White people, do not at all see themselves as being the same people or on the same side. White leftists have made it their mission in life to tear down their own race.

        • Unfortunately, White people refuse to work together, even those who are not leftists. They’re nuts and the jews’ useful idiots. No sense including them. They’re lost. They are our enemy.

          Normie Whites will vote for niggers, jews, and women, and don’t give it a thought. That’s why Whites are being eliminated. White people are so busy competing with each other, killing each other in wars, entertaining themselves, and fucking over each other, they cannot comprehend the singular, solitary, alien, parasites who have worked together to enslave and dominate us and the entire world for 3000 years. It’s just beyond most Whites understanding.

          These aliens appear to be White, but they are not. We see blacks work together in their interest against the White Race, but yet, murder each other in the thousands and most of them with not enough intelligence to get out of their own way. There is no such duality, stupidity, or disunity among jews — no matter where they are in the world. No matter which side of the aisle they appear to be on, no matter what they say, they will not cross their own kind. It’s obvious for anyone to see if they look, but rank and file Whites, don’t.

  5. Good grief is that congresswoman from Connecticut, Rosa DeLauro, one foul looking goblin! Visually, she’s a cross between a drowned rat and Witchypoo. That she’d place blue streaks through her hair shows she’s a special kind of stupid.

    This rat-faced woman is Chair of the House Appropriations Committee which means she plays a major role in taking American taxpayer funds and giving it to Ukraine’s Zelensky.

    • She’s probably a jew. Simple as that. You don’t have to be a horowitz, a spielberg, or a lipschitz to be a jew.

  6. Let me do my best to explain this.

    Nobody is ever, truly, completely antiwar. I don’t think even you, HW, are purely a pacifist. If, for instance, the American in Name Only war machine decided to descend on Alabama and other southern states in order to root out “white supremacy” by militarily attacking normal, rural, red state white people who only wish to be left alone, I’d suspect that HW and the rest of us would band together in opposition. We might even be pushed to the point of an actual boots on the ground “civil war”.

    Jon Leibowitz was never actually “antiwar”. Neither is AOC. They are “anti-right-wing-war”. Full stop. If they perceive that a war is being engaged by white, “conservative” men in order to inflict some kind of negative consequence on non-white people, then they are opposed to that war. If they perceive that liberals are waging a war to fight an opposing entity who seems to be aligned in any way with the interests of “conservative” people, then they will support that war.

    Obama bombing Muslim “extremists” was good because those “extremists” were thwarting the gay agenda in their countries. Bush bombing Iraq was bad because muh oil and muh Halliburton (true as those things might be).

    Putin is an evil white man who isn’t thrilled about liberating people’s anuses. This is why the left is beating the way drums.

  7. Hey Hunter, can you feature my/Farstar’s comic about Neo Conservative/Neo Liberal Zionist war monger hate Russia, hate White Americans J*w Max Boot repackaging his wars in to something “progressive”, “pro Democracy” etc.

    It does fit this case here.

  8. The Left was against the Vietnam War not because that conflict was a stupid and pointless slaughter but because North Vietnam and the VC were ideologically Marxist and posed no threat to jewish world domination. But Iran, Russia and Syria do. At least the paranoid, bloodthirsty jews and their gentile mercenaries believe that.

  9. Hunter,

    I have a post in draft mode about Tulsi Gabbard, AOC and the Lib Demorats all voting for $40 billion for WAR in Ukraine.

    Can you look it over?

    I have a problem with the featured image being posted twice, can you fix it?



      • Thanks so much B.

        I’m still alive, left behind outside of Chicago.

        Life is very weird, extreme civilization destroying violence always near by. But it’s been that way pretty much every day of my life since I was 7 years old.

        Ha ha.

  10. Most of the anti-war leftists are still around, they’re just quiet because it’s a war they support. They’re only vocal when it’s the opposing side beating the war drums.

  11. Wow even Bernie is for this war in Ukraine??

    I guess the Jews really do not like Russia.

    Seems that Mel Gibson & Kanye West were right about them!

  12. I’d love to see a restoration of the Romanov dynasty, even if only ceremonial. THE YIDS WOULD FLIP THEIR LIDS.

    • @SPAHN…

      That’s why they so object to Vladmir Putin, because he has reestablished a czarist Russia – a wide and complex land governed by corrupt capitalism, autocracy, and a resurgent Orthodox Church.

      They’re particularly upset that the Orthodox Church has risen from the dead – is back to pre-communist levels – tens of thousands of churches restored, rebuilt, while many others have been commissioned during Czar Vlad’s reign, and now often attended by many Russians.

      That’s what really hurts them; that they thought they had the Russian
      Orthodox Church dead, and this idealogical component of what is going on is missed by many in The West.

      As Alex Christoforou, of the Duran, said earlier this year, when the EU was sanctioning the arch-patriarch of The Russian Orthodox Church, ‘The EU is now taking on the Orthodox Church – and we know who will win that fight.’

      • As I have already said a few times, centuries from now Russia will still be around but NATO, the EU and the United Snakes will be long gone and forgotten. Amen!

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