Jim Acosta To Be Pushed Out At CNN


Adam Kinzinger

Liz Cheney

Little Brian

Don Lemon (lost his prime time show)

Ben Sasse

Twitter (?)

Trevor Noah

Jim Acosta

Does anyone believe in Liberal Democracy?


    • @12AX7…

      I think it’s very unfair of you to suggest sending Acosta to Cuba, for they have done nothing to deserve such a thing.

      No, how about sending him to Boston or Seattle, where he people would appreciate the miserable state of mind he brought in?

  1. FOX will probably pick him up or he will join his buddy Fredo over at news nation where his ratings will be as bad as Fredo’s.

  2. He should learn to code.

    @12AX7. What? He’s Cuban? There’s a reason Cuban Americans are conservatives. What a sellout.

  3. OT

    Folx Health pulls in $30M to scale enterprise offering, virtual care for LGBTQ+ communities

    Folx Health, a virtual LGBTQ+ care provider, has clinched $30 million in a funding round. … The round was led by 7wireVentures alongside participation from Foresite Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners, Define Ventures and Polaris Partners. … The company also announced that Lee Shapiro, managing partner of 7wireVentures and former chief financial officer of Livongo Health, will join Folx Health’s board of directors.

    Folx — sounds folksy, even Norman Rockwell-ish.

    So a Jew is the leading new investor in this ‘virtual LGBTQ+ care provider’, which will no doubt end up pumping out not virtual at all HRT prescriptions to untold thousands of troubled juveniles across the country — it’s so much more convenient to do all that ‘virtually’ rather than having to sit down face to face.

    Here that is made clear (link):

    “Prior to finding FOLX, 78% of our members did not have access to affirming healthcare and 71% actively avoided seeking care for fear of discrimination. It is our responsibility to provide offerings that enable folks to receive the care they need and deserve,” said Liana Douillet Guzmán, CEO of FOLX Health, in a statement.

    Fear of ‘discrimination’, or fear of skepticism?

    Liana Douillet Guzmán, CEO of Folx, has pronouns in her LinkedIn profile — (she/her)


    At the link above are the ‘investors’, i.e. the people who decide how to invest money, at Bessemer Venture Partners, one of the other new funders of Folx — the list is replete with Jews.

    This country has big problems that firing media faggots like Acosta won’t solve.

    • There you go again! No, it’s not true that every surname with the last letter a vowel, is not Italian. Panetta is not Italian, and neither is Jim Acosta, but he is a quarter Irish, so there’s that. LOL! And Tapper is a fucking tribalist, dumbo. I’m surprised you realized correctly that Wolf is a jew, though. What gave it away?

  4. “they’re getting an incredible amount of internal push back from people who want to stay a resistance network”

    It’s cute how these people who control all the institutions of power think of themselves as the “resistance”. As if they’re the French underground during WW2.

    The only thing they’re resisting is the will of the people whose country they have been driving into ruin after seizing control through devious and nefarious means. “Our democracy”, ha!

  5. CNN is still around?
    I didn’t think airports and doctor’s office waiting rooms were that busy due to the COV-LARP.
    The Always Bolshevik Communism enemedia agitprop for Friday was prattling on about the huddling government officials at J6 and I said to a family member…they huddled together in Dresden as well.

  6. I hadn’t heard that Don Lemon was gone. Sounds like CNN has a White supremacy problem. They are cancelling all of their BIPOC shows: Don Lemon (Black) and Chris Cuomo (Italiax). Textbook institutional racism. Has CNN ever even heard of racial equity? Privileged fragile White Anderson Cooper ought to do his part to end White supremacy by giving up his show to Don Lemon. It’s not enough to just claim to not be racist. You have to put in the work, Anderson.

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