Axios: Democrats’ Blue State Headaches

We shall see.

If the polling is to be believed, Democrats are in danger of losing D+10 districts in Oregon, California, New York and Connecticut, but it is a dead heat election with Fetterman, Warnock and Kelly up on Oz, Walker and Masters with Democrats having an edge in holding the Senate.


“House Republicans are increasingly confident they can make unexpected inroads into some solidly Democratic congressional districts, including in some of the bluest states in the country: California, Connecticut, New York, Oregon and Rhode Island. …”

2018 was a Democratic wave election. Republicans held the Senate though.


  1. Let’s say the house Republicans get in those blue states, will anything really change for the better or will it just be business as usual?

  2. Blue States should join up with their CPUSA/CCP comrades for the Long March to burn it all down.
    No shirking and no complaining about the glorious workers utopia.
    Rickshaw cart duty will be mandatory at the Sino-American Friendship Center and shirkers will be shot.

  3. It’s OK the shitlibs have an October surprise for us. Just saw the advertisement for the new Emmitt Till movie. That’ll show all the bigots!

  4. For what it’s worth, the liberal Democratic blob Michael Moore, who correctly called Blumpf’s win, is now predicting a big win for the Democrats in the mid terms.

  5. @ Meme,

    A local museum has a month long display and now I know why.
    Tip of the hat.
    Look for massive race division tactics as narratives unravel and the fear of Kanye getting some to leave the CPUSA plantation.

  6. I got redistricted back into a D+10 district here at the northern end of the Black Belt. We’ve got a rematch of the same two black men who ran last time. I’m wondering whether we’re actually in play this election, what with the national mood and the D voters in this district not being that sort that turn out in high numbers in off-year elections (you know what I mean). I’m not optimistic, but for what it’s worth, I’ve only seen signs for the Republican.

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