1. Duly noted and more jabbering candidates and AOC’s will be brought out of central casting just to mock the goy.

  2. My take all year is that if the red wave didn’t wind up being as tall as dispassionate polling and prognostication predicts, that the main reason is that a lot of people who would have otherwise voted red team realized that they were investing all this new pop-nat-alt energy into Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell, the two people who would be most undeserving of the newfound power that would come as a result of said energy, and then proceed to run that energy into the ground.

    If the red wave does wind up being that tall, then it will mean those kind of voters realize that, but don’t care, because Brandon and how flipping wild, insane and extreme the blue team has become.

  3. HW. This warrants a look.


    Taken in conjunction with Xi Jinping reiterating their intent to take Taiwan by force if necessary this would seem to create the impetus for invasion, as Taiwan already has a turnkey microprocessor industry they could steal.

    I don’t at all disagree with the need to cut China off from all cooptation of our industrial technology, and the need to reshore the manufacture of all critical goods home where the supply can be secured.

    This could be a good continuation of that policy direction already begun under Trump.

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