Al Jazeera: Is Christian Nationalism On The Rise?

Here is what is really happening:

  • “Journalists” and academics have become so secular, progressive and radicalized that the gap between them and ordinary White people in the Heartland has dramatically widened in recent years. In particular, sociologists have begun to pathologize Christianity.
  • Twitter has become a toxic leftwing echo chamber and all of these “journalists” and academics are on Twitter tweeting about “Christian nationalism.”
  • PMCs have become far more brazen and aggressive in the culture war and the “trans” issue and particularly with how it intersects with children has ignited a major backlash.
  • As we have noted, the True Cons and their brand of conservative liberalism which has dominated the GOP since World War II have rapidly faded under Joe Biden.
  • Over 80% of Trump voters are Christians. Something like 90% of Trump voters see Christianity as essential to American greatness and believe Christianity is under attack. The Right is so overwhelmingly Christian that Christianity is a unifying political force. Over half of Democrat voters are Christians and attacks on Christianity split the Democrats.

More than anything, this is what has changed over the past decade: White evangelicals became much more interested in winning under Donald Trump. Winning is now seen as virtuous.

Fewer Christians are chumps now.

They haven’t changed their religious beliefs so much as their tactics. Someone is inevitably going to rule and have their values reflected in the government. Evangelicals think “it should be us.” Either we will rule, or, we will have PRIDE Month, fag marriage and “trans youth.”

More people understand now that secular progressives will use the government to aggressively impose their own values on society while hypocritically condemning Christians for wanting to see their values reflected in law. Christians are much more likely to take their own side in a fight these days.

Herschel Walker is a great example of this. In the past, secular progressives could have succeeded in duping Christian conservatives into a self destructive purity spiral. They could have used their own values against them. Evangelicals would rather win elections and wield power against the libs these days than feel good about themselves. They have become more practical since the demise of the True Cons.

Note: Strangely enough, it is White Nationalists who would rather engage in purity spiraling and feel good about themselves and lose in politics these days. See, for example, the collapse of the Apollo cult this past week. The “beautiful losers” are now people like Mark Brahmin.


  1. The threat of a mushroom cloud over the local reverend good thing megachurch will do that.
    The reverend has insurance on his Cadillac so don’t be alarmed.
    Pass the collection plate around and love thy new replacement neighbor, comrade.

  2. How’s “Christian Nationalism” doing in Jerusalem the City where the real Jesus Christ made his mark?

    If we can’t make Christian nationalism work there, how are we going to make it work in Londonstan, some Algerian slum outside of Paris, Dearbornstan MI, Hollywood, Harvard and Yale – where the powers that be are pretty similar to Jerusalem and Hollywood/CNN now?

    What’s the quote about a “Drowning man reaching for straws”?

    I think Richard Spencer trying to revive Greek Paganism sort of falls in to that category.


  3. Honestly, I think this is in general all very good. When someone believes only in himself, like Spencer, Fuentes or BAP: how is it supposed to end in anything other than a personality cult? On the other hand: the combination of implicit, or even explicit ethno-nationalism and an idealism of a virtues person that truly believes in something greater than himself and is willing to self-sacrifice is an enormously potent combination! Great men were and are made of this stuff, the right stuff. And for what it’s worth, yes, some of the big shot National Socialists as well: Hans-Ulrich Rudel for example, son of a Lutheran pastor, devout Hitlerist, anti-Communist, completely in opposition to “Westbindung” and Natofication of Germany and the greatest fighter pilot in human history.

    And this combination is dangerous for the current system in so far, as it should be capable of opposing those who want to use the state to force all people to bend the knee to their totalitarian ideology. We don’t just want to be left alone anymore when our, let’s face it, apathy leads to us losing all our rights, our homelands and our money, too. Life on earth itself is threatened thanks to their lust for war. We are all living in this “soft” totalitarian system already, it just looks a little different in Britain, Germany or America, but it is by and large the same system, owned, run and manged by the same people.

    I also think that this is an awakening that is happening all over the West now: many normies, I used to be one myself only a few years ago and certainly won’t accept the label “extremist” by the actual extremists of the far left, many normies KNOW now that those who hate their very existence are willing and ready to use the power of the state to, basically, enslave them. And this will have a reaction. Even Sweden went to the right, Italy elected Meloni – people on the right are moving further right there – all the energy in France is on the (far) right, Britain voted Brexit, the USA Blormpf. Yes, they haven’t delivered. Yet. It will come, give it time.

    Race realism, IQ stat posting, frog twitter and all that is nice, but it lacked a spiritual dimension. The appetite is there for something that Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene cannot offer. Life need to be animating; the future needs to be different from the present. If you capture the imagination and the passions of the people, their hearts will be yours and they will follow you. And I think you can offer it to them.

    • “Italy elected Meloni”

      That’s like saying America elected Trump ……. Meloni in bed with the enemy already

      October 16, 1943 is a tragic, dark and incurable day for Rome and Italy. That morning, a few minutes after 5, the vile and inhuman deportation of Roman Jews at the hands of the Nazi-Fascist fury: women, men and children were snatched from life, house by house. More than a thousand people were deported and of them only fifteen men and one woman returned. None of the children. A horror that must be a warning so that certain tragedies never happen again. A memory that can belong to all Italians, a memory that serves to build antibodies against indifference and hatred. A memory to continue to fight anti-Semitism in all its forms “. Thus the president of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni.

  4. The Supreme Court decision over turning Roe has launched Chig Nats into the stratosphere. A small taste iof victory has Christians wanting the whole smorgasbord of Full Dominionism.

    We have gone from Rush Limbaugh to Rushdoony!

  5. Off topic, but got my DNA results today:-
    *54% Scotland (Highland and Islands area)
    *25% Welsh
    *13% England/ Northwestern Europe
    *5% Ireland
    *3% Norway.
    Seems I’m a human version of a vanilla milkshake!
    Don’t tell Robert Browning about the Irish part. Keep it our little secret! 😉

  6. I have no clue what Herschel Walker is about, who supports him, or where he is as far as being elected or not. I’ve paid no attention to individual candidates for office have said. But I do know he is black. To vote for him is like Republicans bragging about MLK. When have blacks ever done anything for the greater good of Americans? Never! It’s not in them. It’s not who they are. Racially aware Whites instinctively know what these people are, and those pathetic Whites who don’t will find out the hard way.

    • A vote for Herschel Walker is a vote to 1.) preserve the filibuster and 2.) turn Joe Biden into a lame duck president and limit the damage that he can do over the next two years. If the filibuster goes in the Senate, then Democrats can pass their entire agenda including gun control and amnesty for illegal aliens. It passed the House and they tried three or four times to use budget reconciliation to pass it in the Senate. They couldn’t get it past the filibuster which Fetterman and Warnock are committed to nuking in the next session of Congress. So, there is a practical case for voting for Walker. Everything hinges on the filibuster.

      It is not ideal, but those are the stakes. Tim Scott represents South Carolina. If a Democrat like Warnock held that seat, the filibuster would already be gone and everything that passed the House which died in the Senate over the past two years would have cleared that hurdle. BTW, I oscillate between being pragmatic and voting and sitting out. This is just what I have seen. I think the stakes are higher now because the filibuster could easily be nuked.

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