Axios: Soaring Food Prices Push Americans To Buy Less Groceries

If we can’t get people to vote for us on our unwavering support for open borders or sex change operations for children or weaponizing law enforcement or censoring the internet or our homeless camps, we can get them to vote for us on bread and butter economic issues like soaring prices.


“Americans are buying fewer items at the grocery store, as food prices surge, a new survey finds. …

State of play: Nearly a quarter of those surveyed by Morning Consult in September said they’re often buying fewer items at the grocery store, in order to save money, up from 15% in October 2021. …

Context: The cost of food at home is up 13% from last year, according to the latest Consumer Price Index. …”

You know what?

Doubling the price of gas is good for the climate, Chuck.

Paying 13% more on groceries because of Ukraine is great, Chuck.

As for the rent, it is xenophobic not to vote for our policies, Chuck.

The Guardian:

“There are some extreme rightwing voters who are racists, who are sexists, who are homophobes – xenophobes,” Sanders said. “No, I don’t think you’re ever going to get them.” …

“Some of those people – I’m not saying all – will say, ‘You know what, I’m going to stand with the Democratic party because on these economic issues, they’re far preferable to right-wing Republicans,” Sanders told Todd. …”

The only positive spin that I could put on this is that our people shouldn’t be so reliant on the grocery store and much of it is garbage which shouldn’t be consumed anyway.

Note: I noticed the other day on Twitter that Mike Cernovich has also been eating a lot of soups and stews lately. I’ve been on a soup binge for a month now. It is unrelated to inflation, but it has renewed my interest in gardening. I’m going to grow some carrots and other things like that.


  1. The thing I can’t stand about White Americans is how practically everyone outside of the coastal metros is obese. One doesn’t need to be a fitness model, but such flabby, bloated physical forms are viscerally repulsive and a huge collective moral failing.

  2. EBT cards don’t go as far anymore and the open border will be used for the Amero currency after the merger with Canada and Mexico.
    The BRICS+ are lining up for the dollar killshot and that is a feature and not a bug to internal quislings.
    The real hunger games will be grocery store shootouts and local stores have installed subway gates at the entrances that sound an alarm if you try to go around.

    • Aren’t we the North American Union now, that the border is gone? The US is a giant welfare nation to support the indigenous tribes.

  3. If you’re going hungry, get mugged, are freezing or your daughter gets raped by an illegal alien, remember to thank a Democrat.

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