Washington Post: Leaders of Democracies Increasingly Echo Putin In Authoritarian Tilt

This clip from Vladimir Putin’s speech resonates more with me than anything that I have ever heard from Joe Biden or the Democracy Defenders who are losing the midterms.

Should we be defending this? Is this worth fighting and dying for our Satanic elites in World War III over the status of Donbas? Should we be exporting this disease around the world?

Washington Post:

“In a flurry of elections, some of the world’s major democracies have been leaning toward or outright embracing far-right authoritarian leaders, who have echoed one another by promising to crack down on loose morals, open borders and power-hungry elites.

Voters in Italy last month elected a nationalist leader whose party proposes a U-turn from the effects of globalization. In Brazil, right-wing president Jair Bolsonaro injected doubt into the results of his reelection bid by speculating that the vote would be rigged against him in a conspiracy driven by the country’s elites. In the Philippines this year, voters chose the son of their former dictator Ferdinand Marcos as president, electing to stick with strongman politics.

Though hardly a champion of democracy, Russian President Vladimir Putin late last month delivered an address that would sound familiar — and, to many people, attractive — in democracies from the United States to much of Europe. Putin railed against expansive definitions of gender, calling the idea a “perversion,” part of a “complete denial of man [and an] overthrow of faith and traditional values” by “Western elites.

“The world has entered a period of revolutionary transformations,” which Russia aims to resist, Putin said in a speech that echoed the rhetoric of Russia-friendly right-wing politicians in many democracies. …”

After Real America takes back Congress in the midterms, ending this stupid war in Ukraine and cutting off Zelensky needs to be one of our top priorities.


  1. I didn’t know there were any White Christians left at Yale University.

    Maybe one or two on the Yale hockey team.

    New Haven CT is a real bad slum – worse than anything I experienced back when I lived in a University Community on the SS of Chicago.

  2. Yep. Entire world fighting off Jews and communists and this is the reason why we shall not pick up fight with other nations, races and religions but concentrate our efforts only on Jews and communists.

  3. How can Ukrainian Christians of all our people fight for homo, trainee sexual grooming of our/their children and against sensible Russian kinsmen? Do they still think it’s 1935?

    Leningrad is once against St. Petersburg Russia and somehow the J homo elites made a vulgar Je*ish comedian their Ukrainian President and the war was on?

    I though White Ukrainian Christians were some of THE most J aware people on earth, but apparently not. They seemed to have fallen hook line and sinker for the latest J, Neo Conservative Soros, Max Boot lies, another White brother war.

    Go figure.

    • I would suggest to you that all rank and file Ukranian men from 15 to 75 are being given AK47s and forced into the battle by the jew authoritarian gov of the Ukraine. They have no choice but to fight or be shot dead by the jewish commisars calling themselves nazis.

      • There’s a considerable amount of evidence that the Judeo-Nazis are indeed forcing men from 15 to 75 – also women – into the ranks at gunpoint. By now the “Ukrainian” army consists of anywhere from 40% to 80% foreigners (mostly Polish and western mercs in Ukro uniform), depending on locale. The 350,000 Russians called up are about ready to deploy so things should get more interesting soon. The Empire of Lies will indeed fight down to the last Ukrainian.

    • Ukrainians are basically pressganged into service right now, UAF are using the same draft methods as the British navy in the 1710s! (And most likely still today)

  4. I knew WWII vets who fought in Italy, over Germany and in the Pacific. And I seriously doubt most of them would have identified with the commie-pinko Lincoln Project. A lot of those vets didn’t like Roosevelt, his lesbian wife or the jews and Negroes they encountered while in the service.

    • The defeat over Germany in WW2 set the stage for jew communists to take took over key positions in the US govt, media, etc. and we are seeing the results of that today.

  5. And what would all those heroes who liberated Europe think about the present socioeconomic conditions in the West, especially the woke insanity?

    The mud who wrote the article mistakes the Jewish values which predominate in the West for actual democracy.

    Notice how voting, which is the sine qua non of democracy, is suddenly not democracy when the vote goes to someone who might actually care about the people s/he is elected to represent.

    Death to ZOG.

  6. It´s because Putin are Two things

    1. Sane
    2.A leader

    These Two qualities have yet to materialize in the “West”

    • Putin is doing what any sensible Russian leader would do. It’s an error to think he’s the savior of the west or any such fantasies. Not his job. Not Xi’s either. Putin did not invade but intervened in Jewkraine’s genocidal campaign against Russians in the east and south of the fake-country called Ukraine. He waited eight long years to finally do so. Hardly a Genghis Khan.

  7. I don’t need Putin to affirm or give me permission to pursue White interests, of which traditional Christian values are broadly aligned.

    Invading and stealing land from a neighbor then essentially declaring it a crusade to justify it is fucking dumb and I don’t have any intention of trying to justify any association with it because I’d rather not get hucked in a gulag.

    Its not in our interests to apologize for him against our government even if they are satanic. If thats what he was really concerned about he wouldn’t have hitched his wagon to China.

    He isn’t my problem.

    • The Chinese aren’t introducing bills in Virginia to arrest parents and strip them of custody of their own children for refusing to affirming their “trans” identity. There are no Russians or Chinese tearing down Confederate monuments in Virginia. The Chinese haven’t made California a “sanctuary state” for “trans kids.”

  8. Putin is a commonsense national conservative, like Jair Bolsonaro, Giorgia Meloni, Sweden Democrats and Viktor Orban, that’s why the left hate him, because they’re insane, sociopathic nihilists.

    • As much as I like what she says, Meloni is from the same Schwab school as Trudeau and Ardern, the World Economic Forum. I wonder about the rest of ’em too.

      • Yep I wonder about all of them, all I can say is there appears to be a significant difference between the populist right and the woke neocon left, unlike the previous political alignment where there was blatantly little-no difference between the left and right.

      • Electing women …..

        Georgia Meloni:

        October 16, 1943 is a tragic, dark and incurable day for Rome and Italy. That morning, a few minutes after 5, the vile and inhuman deportation of Roman Jews at the hands of the Nazi-Fascist fury: women, men and children were snatched from life, house by house. More than a thousand people were deported and of them only fifteen men and one woman returned. None of the children. A horror that must be a warning so that certain tragedies never happen again. A memory that can belong to all Italians, a memory that serves to build antibodies against indifference and hatred. A memory to continue to fight anti-Semitism in all its forms “. Thus the president of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni.

  9. Ironic Sock Account- Jews-you’re either for them or against them- you’re apparently for them-too bad- see what happened to the Russians and Ukrainians who tried to coexist with them during the last century

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