Jake Tapper Joined Gab

Jews, of course, hate free speech.

As Kanye pointed out, they are the ones who created cancel culture and who are behind social media censorship. They are furious about the shifting social media landscape.


    • I saw what you did there.

      U.S. academic test scores from standardized testing are falling, falling, falling. This is caused by Covid, Republicans, Trump, not enough money for schools, global warming, guns, Confederate monuments, White people, Christianity, Tik Tok videos, hate speech, MTG, Vladimir Putin and maybe our host, Hunter Wallace, too.

      Never ever because of diversity and multi-culturalism. Think of the enrichment from 72 IQ Somalis like Ilhan Omar or the 80 IQ, south-of-the-border types. Future rocket scientists and brain surgeons, one and all.

      No doubt they will all soon be libertarians reading the WSJ, following David French’s tweets, watching Tucker, flying the Ukraine flag, wearing White Lives Matter shirts like lunatic Kanye West, voting Republican and worrying about the “free market” and the deficit. Say ‘Hello’ to our newest “Americans”, just like the generous people of Martha’s Vineyard.

      Demography is Destiny and our destiny is Third World shithole without drastic, immediate, turn-over-the-table change.

      • While you were looking, I’m sure you saw my quick take on a very similar story here. The most “hated” federal state, that being Saxony, has the best education results when it comes to basic competency. Meanwhile, Berlin and Bremen, whose under 18 demographics are way more restaurant-y, have the worst.

  1. Looking beyond the current Kanye episode, the reality is that the political correctness and cancel cultures are growing unpopular and, thus, are on borrowed time.

    The notion that people ought constantly walk on eggshells is anathema to what is American, and, that so, it cannot stand.

    • Yes, Ivan — the left is so ridiculous in it’s lunatic, destructive, demands it has to totally collapse on itself, and soon.

  2. Jake “the Jew” Tapper should join Occidental Dissent, I’m sure Occidental Dissent could use the free advertising. LOL.

    Anyway, the really sad thing is Jake “the Jew” Tapper wouldn’t debate on any forum he or other Jews didn’t control and censor.

  3. There is no bar. Death treats are protected speech. As long as nobody touches you, they get to say whatever they want. It is the American way Jake.

  4. The jew went on to say GAB is beacon of hate while ignoring Twitter where blacks can openly call for the death of Whites without any repercussions.

  5. People have had a bellyful of kikes like Jakie Tappah deciding what can & cannot be said on the internet, or anywhere else. We already have a free speech standard in this country: Brandenburg v. Ohio. It makes it absolutely clear that only ‘CREDIBLE, IMMANENT threats” are proscribed by law.

    That should be enforced everywhere, especially in giant media with their huge reach & consequent power to control the (((Narrative))).

    The jew scum who shriek whenever they’re criticized and can’t stand the sight of a Hitler meme should be told to go piss up a rope.

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