Chris Hayes: The Mainstreaming Of Antisemitism On The American Right

I’m feeling bullish.

I’m a middle aged dad now.

Everyone who is younger than me grew up in a time in which the internet has been completely saturated in anti-Semitic remarks. Boomers can also rapidly change their minds about issues as the growth of QAnon shows. Millions of people already believe that Satanic pedophiles control the media.


  1. Making fun of Jews because they were born Jewish, and are so, is anti-semitic.

    Despising Jews because they are Jewish is anti-semitic.

    Acting violently against Jews, or thinking about such, because they are Jewish is anti-semitic.

    However, it is NOT anti-semitic to refer to Jews as a group; NOT anti-semitic to acknowledge that Jews, as a group, despite differences, pursue interests, NOR is it anti-semitic to call into question and or criticize things which Jews and or Jewry are doing or have done.

    To suggest otherwise is anti-American, anti-democratic, anti-Constitutional, manipulative and, thus, on all counts – immoral.

    • Anti-Semitism ………only exists where Jews exist. It does not exist anywhere other than where jews are, much like small-pox only exists where the small-pox bacteria exists. It is not a disease that people have; it is a disease that jews carry with them wherever they go. One example is the race for the Spice Islands after the Portugese found the way to India around Africa. The first ships to the Spice Islands were the ships of the jews of Amsterdam, the Dutch East India Company. They were trading there a year before the English East India Company arrived. The natives had never seen a Westerner in their lives. When the English arrived a year later, the natives paddled out in their canoes begging the English to save them from the jews. The jews were stealing the spices, robbing, cheating, and beating the natives and then, enslaving them. So, can these natives of the Spice Islands be accused of anti-Semitism because they came to hate jews? They had never seen a jew in their lives until the day the jews sailed in. Did they have some “irrational hatred” for the Jews or were they merely reacting to the way the jews behaved?

    • Should we care one way or the other if something is “anti-semitic”? The Jews will continue to expand and broaden the meaning of term to rope us all into the “Nazi” camp at on point or another.

  2. Chrissy Hayes?
    Any society that gives this genetic misfire a platform is already destroyed.
    Move on from the corpse of FUSA as that happy horseshit has been over for decades.

  3. The place to go for honest “Observations” about the JQ from a just ‘noticing that bad stuff this J ethnic group does is:

    William Grimstad’s Anti Zion at the Colchester Collection.

    Some of my favorites.

    Mark Twain
    HG Wells
    Martin Luther (A J**** ethno state in Palestine won’t solve the JQ – see the Franklin Prophesy)

  4. It is God who cursed the Jews, not Kanye West or Donald Trump or anti-Semite A through Z. It is God Chris. And why did god curse the Jews Chris? Why oh why Delilah?

  5. ITZ like this: you are not allowed to talk about the most powerful people in the world, because they’re jewish, and it’s supposedly anti-Semitic to talk about how jews are the most powerful people in the world. Even if you don’t say “jew,” you aren’t allowed to criticize the most powerful people in the world, because they’re jewish, and therefore by pointing out that they are the most powerful people in the world, you are oppressing the most powerful people in the world.

  6. Here’s the thing: I’ve been following Alt-Right, Alt-Lite, Alt-South, Euro-“Far”-Right content since around 2015. And every single year the door was always open for any discussion in true good faith about all of these issues. Free exchange at the market place of ideas! And with some notable exceptions the American and European Jewish establishment reacted with vengeance, total de-platforming, doxxing, colluding with antifa or state actors and the very same people who collude with my government to put people in jail simply for having the wrong opinions, tell you that you are an extremist threat to “democracy”, because you want to preserve the land of your ancestors. Textbook case against Tollah just recently.

    I don’t believe for a second that let’s say the lives of Ashley Ray Goldenberg, Dave Smith or Darren J. Beattie are in danger, because of anything the right says. There’s one side which would love to weaponize the DHS and the EU power-structure to take away the rights of their opposition and put them in jail for their believes. And it’s not the right, not even the far right. Millions of people know now. Even boomers, yes. And the same media which spreads time and time again the most vicious anti-white and/or anti-German “blood libels” will call you an evil bigot, if you only mention Jewish power. They simply don’t have the moral high ground anymore. And they thought they owned it all and could just shut it all down and it would go away. It didn’t go away. They thought they could keep arresting over 80 year old grandmas over speech “crime” in Germany, so they would die in jail, and didn’t need to compromise on anything. Well…

  7. The jews will always tell you they’re hated but never why. You would think they would say maybe it’s us but that would take away from their eternal victim hood status.

  8. I hope that hostility towards the jews continues to grow and intensify. Once you become wise to them and their ways there’s no turning back! Thankfully all their constant whining about bigotry and holocausts doesn’t seem to have much of an effect on the goyim anymore, except for Sean Hannity type boomers.

  9. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if swarthy Mehdi Hassan turned out to be some kind of Mohammedan sex offender. They’re all the same.

  10. Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and the prophets, and have persecuted us, and please not God, and are adversaries to all men; Prohibiting us to speak to the Gentiles, that they may be saved, to fill up their sins always: for the wrath of God is come upon them to the end. Thessalonians 2:15-16

  11. Been radicalized by the unprecedented raid on Mar A Lago and now the banks are cutting off Kanye West which is further radicalizing me on the Jewish Question.

    White Southerners never tried to cancel Martlin Luther King Jr.s bank accounts.

    But in today’s World the people at the top, the Globalists and International Bankers are doing that to the proud Black man (and Christian) Kanye West.

    I always figured if I voted for Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul that would be enough.

    One of my relatives got real into the Alt-Right and 4-chan and also into the JQ. Thought he was a little far out there but now see he was right.

    I can see now that it is time to radicalize! Hail Victory!

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