Vanity Fair: The Right’s Quiet Uncanceling of Sam Francis

Why should Sam Francis remain cancelled in 2022?

The True Cons who marginalized, stigmatized and canceled Sam Francis and Pat Buchanan in the 1990s and who used to rule the roost on the Right have been completely discredited and have all been run out of town in Congress. MAGA is now the GOP establishment and it was people like Sam Francis, Pat Buchanan and Peter Brimelow who laid the foundation for “Trumpism” as a brand of politics.

Vanity Fair:

“In September 1995, Pat Buchanan adviser and columnist Sam Francis was ousted from The Washington Times for virulent racism. It was, according to the Washington City Paper, the culmination of months long campaign carried out by young conservatives in Washington, DC, who wanted Francis to be removed not just from the Times but from the conservative movement as a whole. Francis had kept his white nationalism semiprivate—a feat easier accomplished in the pre-internet era, when his most extreme views, like calling for a “white reconquest of the United States,” could be circulated in more obscure publications without wide distribution.

But in May 1994, in the course of researching his book The End of Racism, Dinesh D’Souza, then a research fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, caught Francis saying (at a conference put on by white nationalist Jared Taylor, no less), among other things: “What we as whites must do is reassert our identity and our solidarity, and we must do so in explicitly racial terms through the articulation of a racial consciousness as whites.” When the galley for D’Souza’s book circulated the next summer, and some of the quotes D’Souza captured were featured in The Washington Post, what Francis had said and written were deemed beyond the pale and incompatible with conservatism. It didn’t help that earlier that summer Francis had written a column for the Times criticizing the Southern Baptist Convention for apologizing for slavery. Sample line: “neither ‘slavery’ nor ‘racism’ as an institution is a sin.” (D’Souza’s book was no anti-racist tract itself; highly controversial and panned by historians and critics, The End of Racism was considered so problematic by Black conservative intellectuals Glenn Loury and Robert L. Woodson that they announced they would no longer associate with AEI after its publication.) In today’s parlance, Francis was canceled; his career at the Times was over and he spent his final years largely confined to the fever swamps of explicitly white supremacist organizations before he died in 2005. …

But while discussion of Francis in the early Trump days was oriented toward trying to understand how we got to Trump, now his ideas are cited not descriptively, but prescriptively. …

His name comes up in speeches at conservative conferences; at the 2022 National Conservatism Conference, Hillsdale College professor and former Heritage Foundation fellow David Azerrad cited Francis when arguing that American law unfairly targets conservatives while oppressed groups get a free pass. Peter Thiel protégée turned Donald Trump–backed Senate candidate Blake Masters has been promoting Francis’s ideas throughout his Senate campaign, going so far as to recommend his book of essays, Beautiful Losers, which Masters has cited as an influence on his style of conservatism, in an Instagram Story that was pinned at the top of his account. …”

Jonathan Chait is whining about the decline of the old gatekeepers.

New York Magazine:

“Perhaps the most revealing indicator of the Republican Party’s complete inability to control bigotry is the rise and rise of Marjorie Taylor Greene, a representative from Georgia. Greene is a self-described “Christian nationalist,” an ideology that proposes frankly to give Christians a privileged status while confining adherents of any other religious belief to formal second-class citizenship. She has mused that “an unholy alliance of leftists, capitalists, and Zionist supremacists has schemed to promote immigration and miscegenation, with the deliberate aim of breeding us out of existence in our own homelands” — imagine if Omar said that one! — and, more notoriously, that the Rothschilds planned a series of forest fires using space lasers in order to buy up land. …

One effect of the Trump era has been to abandon any pretense of this. The gates are a smoldering ruin, and the kooks have overrun every corner of the party. If anything, the non-kooks are being weeded out — Liz Cheney is being shown the door even as Marjorie Taylor Greene is being courted.

There are bigots and extremists on both sides. But one party is able to denounce and punish bigotry. (Look at how Biden forced three Los Angeles City Council members to resign after their racist comments leaked.) The other party isn’t even trying.”


There isn’t much that Sam Francis said or that Pat Buchanan said or that I have said which isn’t widely accepted or gaining ground today. Even the taboo on the Jewish Question is buckling.

Note: This clip on MSNBC is a reminder of the distance we have traveled since 2008 when John McCain was the Republican nominee for president and people like Tim Miller, Steve Schmidt, Nicolle Wallace and Mark McKinnon were running the Republican Party.


  1. Hopefully Joe Sobran will be next, his pithy observations about cuck conservatism and the Left are timeless. I like the one where he commented that the progressives go to university to learn the proper attitude about minorities, while learning about how to get a career that allows you to live far away from said minorities as possible.

    • “The concept of envy — the hatred of the superior — has dropped out of our moral vocabulary … The idea that white Christian civilization is hated more for its virtues than its sins doesn’t occur to us, because it’s not a nice idea. … Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It’s Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared. The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don’t grasp what it really means: humiliation. The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn’t conscious of it. And, superiority excites envy. Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities.” –Joseph Sobran (Sobran’s — April 1997)

  2. The way I interpreted this rant, and Alec Dent is a David French protege, I am told, is that this is what remains of Buckley-style Con Inc crying uncle to the libs to save “their” “conservatism” from all those Sam Francis-loving bigots.

    The problem is that the median VF reader and the median of VF reader politics never cared for Buckley-style conservatism any more than it did for our sector. For them, there is almost no substantial difference between the two. So why would Dent, French and Co. think that VF readers are going to ride to the rescue to save an ideology they hate to spite another ideology they hate?

    Then there are the mechanics. Dent pretty much openly confessed that Buckley/Con Inc. have lost their powers to police the right and to cancel the “untouchables.” So do they think that VF readers, after reading Dent’s rant and confession, that they would have any motivation to “save” conservatism and give it right back to Dent and French, so that they can go right back to doing precisely that which they said they no longer have the power to do?

  3. How about using some more flattering drawings of Sam Francis?


    All the photos of him in latter years make him look almost dead, depressed, glum.

    This is just propaganda #101

    Use favorable photos, paintings of our people. Our people especially our women and children are good looking. Other races notice the beauty of our women, people. Why don’t we.


  4. MAGA is the Grand Old Politburo?
    Is that why they sabotaged Trump at every chance?
    Kayfabe conservatives are CCP quisling internationalst yarmulke grovelers just like every member of the best government that the banksters and globalists could buy.
    Comrade lefty needs to have an adversary and muh oppression as the supply dries up.

  5. Comments like these led to Francis being fired from his position as columnist for the Washington Times in 1995 and put him into media purgatory and economic distress until his premature death 10 years later.

    “The civilization that we as whites created in Europe and America could not have developed apart from the genetic endowments of the creating people, nor is there any reason to believe that the civilization can be successfully transmitted to a different people.”

    “As long as whites continue to avoid and deny their own racial identity, at a time when almost every other racial and ethnic category is rediscovering and asserting its own, Whites will have no chance to resist their dispossession and their eventual possible physical destruction.”– Sam Francis

    Every real nation is a people of a common blood and descended from the same ancestors. A nation — from the Latin word meaning to be born — can have no other meaning. — Sam Francis

  6. Yeah, but who are the kooks really? People of the right who understand policies have consequences, or the wokesters, who think it’s ok to propagandise kids to get self mutilated, who claim abortion means reproductive rights, who stand with Ukraine and never mind the possibility of nuclear war, or even the impact on the dollar of wasting tens of billions on a coke head jew rat like Zelensky whilst families with kids are sleeping in tents on the sidewalks of American cities?

    God rot these people.

  7. It is possible, at the rate things are accelerating, that by the time 2024 actually comes around that everything will have moved past Trump enough that he loses in the primary to someone without his baggage.

    I would welcome this, however unlikely it seems at this point. So much can happen so fast.

    Still, there is only so much the president can do in the current governmental paradigm, which only the right ever honors the limitations of. Trump as a force for dysfunction in Washington will be hard to eclipse the value of with any small possibility of meaningful reform. I’d rather the guarantee of Trump smashing the gears and irreparably damaging the legitimacy of the imperial capital by forcing Zog’s hand against him, than an unlikely promise of reform from anybody else which is almost certainly doomed.

    There is less limitation on governors if they make the effort. I would gladly trade the presidency for a couple dozen governors like Desantis or better in key states to capitalize on the power vacuum amidst Washingtons decline.

    • “… I’d rather the guarantee of Trump smashing the gears and irreparably damaging the legitimacy of the imperial capital by forcing Zog’s hand against him, than an unlikely promise of reform from anybody else which is almost certainly doomed…”

      I’m really bitter about what Trump didn’t do that he could have but I agree with your sentiment. We can only hope if he is elected that he’s enough of a vindictive narcissist to blow the whole thing up. I can’t see anyone else doing this but he might.

  8. Pat Buchanan was never cancelled. He was on cable news all the time throughout the 90s and 00s. He just entered semi-retirement because he’s old.

    • Good to know that Sam F. is being “rehabilitated” by the Right. I have a collection of his writings somewhere that I still haven’t started on yet.

      Any possibility of a Desantis/Gabbard ticket in ’24? And on the other side it could be Newsom/Whitmer!

    • I used to watch PJB on the McGloughlin Group. The quality of journalism has deteriorated beyond recognition since then.

  9. The politics of this age are dirty, it’s really a shame, that southern intellectuals, have too lower ourselves, consorting with these two
    So called political party’s……

    • “Ourselves?” You fancy yourself one of those southern intellectuals? There are 6 errors in your little paragraph.

      • Vakr, no sir, but their are a few on here that I like and respect and always look forward too reading their post, like the host of this site, I didn’t go very far in school, left home when I was 16, been on my own and working ever since, work is one thing, that I do know something about, so that being said, I am a much better speaker, than writer, I got some celt blood, the celts have a long bardic tradition, so that being said, i am a southern soldiers and I know what my colors are, do you? Anyway, thank you for the correction and responding to my pathetic attempt at posting something, that is actually worth a shit….

    • Imprimis is good as far as it goes. But it never goes far enough.

      Oh, and this? “Francis had written a column for the Times criticizing the Southern Baptist Convention for apologizing for slavery. Sample line: “neither ‘slavery’ nor ‘racism’ as an institution is a sin.”

      Read F&H on Russell Moore, and how so VERY MANY SBC’ers are FED UP with this pseudo-new-evangelical CRAP, and that Moore is now in disgrace, working for “Christianity Astray” after being kicked out of the SBC….


      Or, you’re merely a nigger worshiper. Call a spade a spade.

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