1. I continue to marvel at how Modern Leftists see themselves as so tolerant and yet those who do not espouse their positions as not.

    Perhaps this nation’s largest problem is the extremely oxymoronick/hypocritical nature of The Left.

    This kind of self-blindness has reacht a point of pandemick and contagion that is NO laughing matter.

      • @Arrian…

        I agree that the hypocrisy of The Left is repulsive, but, to me, not so much as the anti-White and anti-American, anti-Constitutional qualities they have.

        Thank you for your thoughts!

    • Young Right thinking people, see their future and with these Creeps, we have in power right now, it don’t look good, so that being said, Southern Nationalism, is the answer, we are the only people, who can properly lead them……..

    • @John…

      Let’s face it – all societies and people tolerate some things and not so much other things.

      You and I are agreed that what we used to tolerate, and not, was vastly superior to what it is now.

      One way or the other we will return to what it was before, because this way, the current way, has no track record in the Human World.

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