1. These “conservatives” are being parlayed as modern, current conservatives are like, to the public.
    Think in a straight line down the middle, don’t hate anyone, and be ready to give up more of your money.

  2. The Left and MSM goes into panic mode whenever they face resistance from Whites who refuse to go along with their social engineering schemes. They act like an abusive spouse who is shocked when he or she gets any resistance from their abused victim.

    Even though the Left has done nothing for the past 70 years other than constantly push the envelope when it comes to basic social and moral values of our country, they act shocked and dismayed when we start to push back.

    Everything the Left does is disingenuous and hypocritical. And yet a massive number of Americans continue to fall for their nonsense all the time. Older Americans are especially culpable because they’ve had both time and life experience to see the Left’s long succession of lies.

  3. Richard Spencer looked disgusting in his “Biden 2024” shirt, nipples protruding. Very, very disrespectful!
    – Your favorite president!

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