Joe Biden’s October Surprise: Occupying Haiti

Along with abortion and the Inflation Reduction Act, the only way to lower gas prices and reduce inflation is occupy this Third World shithole again. We promise it will work this time.

Washington Post:

“Haiti’s descent into anarchy accelerated, predictably, after its president’s assassination 15 months ago. Only now is the Biden administration throwing its weight behind international intervention — sending in a force that would presumably include U.S. personnel in some capacity. That stance, too long in coming, is justified on humanitarian grounds and dovetails with the United States’ own interests. It also sets the stage for a risky and possibly violent insertion of police or soldiers in a country where armed criminal gangs have made the capital city a lawless dystopia.

In backing an intervention, Washington and its allies must calibrate the deployment to meet the undeniable dangers. President Biden and other key leaders should make the case that the perils of acting are outweighed by the urgency of containing a security and public health emergency that threatens hundreds of thousands of lives. …”

Haiti is descending into anarchy again.

It is time to mount our high horse and intervene.

A Hundred Years of Trial: The First Century of Haitian Independence

1.) Jean-Jacques Dessalines, 1804-1806: Assassinated

2.) King Henri Christophe, 1807-1820: Suicide

3.) Alexandre Pétion, 1807-1818: Died of natural causes

4.) Jean-Pierre Boyer, 1818-1843: Ousted/exiled

5.) Charles Rivière-Hérard, 1843-1844: Ousted/exiled

6.) Philippe Guerrier, 1844-1845: Died of natural causes

7.) Jean-Louis Pierrot, 1845-1846: Overthrown

8.) Jean-Baptiste Riché, 1846-1847: Overdosed on aphrodisiacs

9.) Faustin Soulouque, 1847-1859: Resigned amid revolt

10.) Fabre Geffrard, 1859-1867: Resigned amid revolt

11.) Sylvain Salnave, 1867-1869: Executed by army

12.) Nissage Saget, 1870-1874: Forced to resign by army

13.) Michel Domingue, 1874-1876: Overthrown

14.) Boisrond-Canal, 1876-1879: Forced to resign

15.) Lysius Salomon, 1879-1888: Ousted by armed revolt

16.) François Légitime, 1888-1889: Ousted by revolt

17.) Florvil Hyppolite, 1888-1896: Stroke amid revolt

18.) Tirésias Simon Sam, 1896-1902: Resigned

Two Hundred Years of Trial: The Second Century of Haitian Independence

19.) Pierre Nord Alexis, 1902-1908: Resigned amid revolt

20.) Antoine Simon, 1908-1911: Resigned amid revolt

21.) Cincinnatus Leconte, 1911-1912: Killed, palace explosion

22.) Tancrède Auguste, 1912-1913: Died of poisoning or syphilis. 

23.) Michel Oreste, 1913-1914: Resigned amid revolt

24.) Oreste Zamor, 1914-1914: Resigned amid revolt

25.) Joseph Davilmar Théodore, 1914-1915: Overthrown killed by mob

26.) Vilbrun Guillaume Sam, 1915-1915: Killed by mob

First US Occupation, 1915-1934

27.) Sudré Dartiguenave, 1915-1922: Fulfilled his term

28.) Louis Borno, 1922-1930: Fulfilled his term

29.) Eugène Roy, 1930-1930: Fulfilled his term

30.) Sténio Vincent, 1930-1934: Fulfilled his term

Second Independence, 1934-1994

30.) Sténio Vincent, 1934-1941: Fulfilled his term

31.) Élie Lescot, 1941-1946: Resigned amid revolt

32.) Dumarsais Estimé, 1946-1950: Deposed by army

33.) Paul Magloire, 1950-1956: Forced to resign by army

34.) Joseph Nemours Pierre-Louis, 1956-1957: Resigned amid labor strike

35.) Franck Sylvain, 1957-1957: Resigned

36.) Daniel Fignolé, 1957-1957: Forced out by army

37.) François “Papa Doc” Duvalier, 1957-1971: Died of natural causes

38.) Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier, 1971-1986: Ousted by army

39.) Leslie Manigat, 1988-1988, Ousted by army

40.) Henri Namphy, 1988-1988: Ousted by army

41.) Prosper Avril, 1988-1990: Resigned

42.) Hérard Abraham, 1990-1990: Fulfilled his term

43.) Ertha Pascal-Trouillot, 1990-1991: Fulfilled her term

44.) Jean-Bertrand Aristide, 1991-1992: Toppled by military

45.) Joseph Nérette, 1992-1992: Fulfilled his term

46.) Marc Bazin, 1992-1993: Resigned

Second US Occupation, 1994-2000

47.) Jean-Bertrand Aristide, 1993-1995: Fulfilled his term

48.) René Préval, 1994-2001: Fulfilled his term

Three Hundred Years of Trial: The Third Century of Haitian Independence

49.) Jean-Bertrand Aristide, 2001-2004: Forced out office

UN Occupation of Haiti (MINUSTAH), 2004-Present

50.) Boniface Alexandre, 2004-2006: Fulfilled his term

51.) René Préval, 1996-2011: Fulfilled his term

52.) Michel Martelly, 2011 – 2016: Ousted amid a revolt

53.) Jovenal Moïse, 2017 – 2021: Assassinated

54.) We give up!


  1. I’d support permanently occupying Haiti in exchange for a forever ban on Haitians coming to the US, including as “refugees”.

    Of course more likely is that Democrats will try and fix Haiti by importing the entire population here. Problem solved!

  2. The Dominican Republic which shares this island with Haiti is supposedly a nice safe piace that really likes White Americans.

    When Haitian hell is just over the hill – White American guys look good.

    Few feminists there hurricane are bad

    • ” Dominican Republic….. is supposedly a nice safe piace”

      Think again.
      DR can be very dangerous.
      I know of ppl who have lived in black Africa and DR, who refuse to go back to DR.

    • I’ve been to DR/Haiti. The DR is not a “nice safe place.” It has nice areas where resorts and money are, just like Jamaica, the Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, etc. It also has scary ass pockets.
      Haiti is a freaking NIGHTMARE & has been as long as I’ve been alive.
      Bomb it.

      • Language differences. Dominicans are Spanish speakers, Haitians speak Creole French; Also Haitians are much blacker.

    • Dominican republic is right next to Haiti, full of negroes as well and it’s not more civilized than Haiti. Haiti is a shithole that is prevented to sort its problems out on its own because of the blue helmets and international meddling, for who knows what reason.

      It’s been that way for going on two-hundred years now, since they literally killed every white person there. Unsatisfied with the results, they then killed every mixed person. Again, right around two-hundred years ago. It’s basically Liberia without the humorous absurdity.

      Negroes from haiti don’t need a democratic government, they need a strong leader who will crush their corruption and rule with an iron fist, they only respect strenght and brute force.

      • “only respect strenght and brute force”
        Absolute truth.

        There’s really nothing that can be done with blacks. They are always a drag on society.

        • 1000% true. Nonwhites aren’t the same people as us and shouldn’t be in white countries.

  3. I’m sure the left wing “populists” will support this intervention. They can’t wait to bring “Our Democracy” to Haiti and to “enrich” America with refugees. It’s a win win for them.

  4. A 7500 degree mushroom cloud will be the surprise.
    The Dominican Republic is building a huge wall with 70 guard towers and foot patrols to keep the no YT utopian paradise of Haiti out.

  5. O/T-got a letter from the treasury stating that I might qualify for some free money fresh off the printing presses using earned income credit and other guidelines.
    Torn up and tossed in the circular file cabinet where it belongs.
    No direct slave chains to an illegitimate occupational government.

  6. It never fucking ends now does it? On and on this wheel of shit and time just keep on turning

    Maybe with a Russian nuke??…

  7. It’s as if our race has nothing better to do than baby sit 3rd worlders. The irrevocable error was made when blacks were brought to the New World in the first place.

  8. I can’t think of a better thing for America than for more ignorant, dirty nigs from Haitian ghettos to come be our neighbors …
    Naples Florida was a nice town in the 90s before the federal government dumped a bunch of these people on our laps in the last 30 yrs
    Now about 7-8% of our county is these disgusting nigs from Haiti
    I’ve tried to train them in both of my fields of work and they are stupider than rocks, literally …
    I can actually train a Mexican who can’t speak one fucking word of English better than a Haitian who’s speaks English, to do just about anything ..

    • What about stop helping Mexicans, old man? Mexicans are bad and low IQ people, they have been flooding America with drugs, organized crime and low iq poverty for decades. They drive down wages increase the cost of living and fuck over white people. If their is any country deserves to be sanctioned , its mexico and the mexicans.

      Mexicans have negro or native ancestry and Mexicans are not considered white. Castizos are marranos coversos and they are not better than negroes from Haiti.

      Let’s look at who contributes most over their lifetime
      >Whites +250k
      >Hispanics -250k
      >blacks -500k

      The biggest beneficiaries of all social services are actually blacks and latinx (Hispanics)

      If America kicked out all the nonwhite, including high earning Indians and East Asians, they’d make so much money the government could afford to give everyone 50,000 per year as a UBI to every American white man woman and child.

      That is the price of browntown and greedy old white men are paying it with the future, safety and blood of white children in America.

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