British Prime Minister Liz Truss Announces Resignation

Boris Johnson went down in flames trying to emulate Winston Churchill by being Zelensky’s biggest booster and cheerleader in the West.

Liz Truss lasted only six weeks as PM trying to be the second coming of Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s.

Moral of the story: there is no future for True Conservatism in either the United States or Britain. The Tories couldn’t get away with screwing over their new populist voters on policy.

Note: Trump lost the 2020 election because he squandered his political capital deferring to people like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell on policy. Trump and Truss both found out tax cuts aren’t enough.


  1. Cliff’s Notes.

    Word on the street is:

    (1) It’s not the Tories (per se), it’s not Charles in Charge, and it’s not the vague “will of the people,” who orchestrated this. The heat and energy source came from the City of London financial establishment.

    (2) Because CoL wanted no part of her Thatcherite economic proposals.

    (3) CoL liked BoJo a lot better.

    (4) However, it is highly unlikely BoJo is going to try to come back now, because he doesn’t want his political fingerprints anywhere on or near this upcoming very difficult winter.

    (5) CoL wants Rishi Sunak as the replacement in No 10.

    My assessment is that I can totally buy 1, 4 and 5 without hesitation or qualification. While I can understand 3 on its face, I’m at a loss right now for a good reason, and the grapevine hasn’t provided me with one, not even a bad one.

    The real big problem here is 2. Because the left and even some of us in the pop-nat-right space have criticized economic Thatcherism for years as being too much against the general interest and too much in tune with CoL. So why would CoL hate economic Thatcherism all of a sudden? What changed between, say, 1979 and 2022? Again, neither I nor the streets have a good answer to that, just yet.

    Now to kick a few jokes:

    Britons are going to spend a very long time, perhaps as long as several hours, debating over the legacy of Liz Truss.

    Somewhere in England, there’s a toddler who remembers a time long long ago before Liz Truss was PM.

    In the Great Beyond, Noah is wishing that that flood had lasted just five days longer.

  2. >Thatcherism is dead as a doornail in the UK

    Oh come on — and your one bit of evidence (ahem) for that is … wait for it … a link to an opinion piece by Ross Douthat, who rivals David French for the title of most overrated, useless midwit piece of shit — with too many ‘men in the workforce’ like them you won’t have a country.

    Liz Truss is nothing like Margaret Thatcher.

    Either women OR ‘diversity’ will destroy a society — but the combination of women AND diversity is absolutely brutal — Truss and her cabinet offer some evidence of the latter.

  3. Well now this just means Boris Johnson stages a comeback. I guarantee you he’ll be be Prime Minster again before Christmas.

  4. Britain is facing a cold, dark winter along with the prospect of a war against Russia. But that dingbat was only interested in forming a cabinet which didn’t have any white men in it. Are there any adults in the room?

  5. Thatcherism is Reaganomics on this side of the Atlantic. We got the Irish retards, in Conservative Inc who think a return to Reagonomics is a winning hand. Schmuck like Mike Pence. Can you believe how stupid these people are?

  6. Did you get a look at her Chancellor of the Exchequer, Kwasi Kwarteng.
    Ooga ooga booga !
    She is the one who advanced that ape.

    His crackpot tax scheme has caused the British treasury to lose 10’s billions of pounds support gilt paper.

  7. Too funny. Truss is out because non-white Home Secretary Suella Braverman resigned over Truss’ plan to increase immigration. Suella is a restrictionist and better on this than any White politician. I’ll settle for that.

    • Once “they” get in, they don’t want any more cutting in on their sweet new deal in Whiteland. Many Latins in the US have the same attitude.

  8. They will just find another party puppet to elect as long as that puppet is willing to take orders from the puppet masters.

  9. In Britain, MP offices are already being flooded with citizen communications demanding Boris Johnson be put back into power

    Boris is one of those people whose popularity far exceeds anything he did or didn’t do

    And in today’s count of Tory MPs nominating people to be on the party ballot in a few days – 100 MPs required – Boris was leading early

    Tho Boris was an awful Ukraine warmonger, personally sabotaging the nearly-successful Ukraine-Russia peace talks in the spring –

    Quick-shifting Boris is ironically now the ideal person to tell Zelensky to call it a day and go to the negotiating table, and yield to the rights of the East-Ukraine Russians to separate

    Boris is also the best person to try to save the Tory party from disaster amidst the economic crisis… he may pull off a legendary comeback here

  10. While the right may not be ready to reject Reaganism/Thatcherism/neoliberalism, it sure as hell doesn’t want more of it.
    Neoliberalism isn’t exactly rightwing, it’s a form of liberalism, hence the name.
    Free trade is liberal, protectionism is conservative.
    There’s a rightwing way to do social democracy, call it welfare chauvinism.
    The right needs a more positive, populist agenda, both socially, and fiscally.
    Could be decades before it develops one.

  11. The right needs a positive economic, medical and environmental agenda too.
    A positive right environmental agenda would be to promote sustainability as opposed to the left’s degrowth and neomalthusianism.
    A positive right medical agenda would be to promote diet, fitness, naturopathy, as opposed to the left’s gluttony, sloth and allopathy.
    A positive right economic agenda would be to promote protectionism, welfare chauvinism and class collaboration, as opposed to the left’s free trade, equity and class warfare.

  12. To clear up one of my own loose ends, my initial incredulity that CoL liked BoJo better than Truss was because of Brexit. The answer is that while CoL wanted to Remain, they weren’t and still aren’t fanatics about it, and was able to adjust easily to Brexit.

    I also thought until this morning that CoL’s problem with Truss was purely personal, or had something to do with grift and graft.

    Now it’s becoming more clear, at least on the level of street gossip. It’s all about the long term bond market, of all things. CoL was gravely and existentially worried that Truss’s tax reforms would cause a crash in the long term bond market that would in turn cause a financial crash that would make 2008 seem tame. That’s how deep in CoL (and also Lower Manhattan) are dug into long term bonds.

  13. One more thing before I leave this alone:

    This should prove once and for all that all our debating whether the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a monarchy or a democracy has all been a waste of time. Because the correct answer is neither.

    It’s the same kind of corporatocracy/plutocracy that is also just as true for a country we all know and “love.” Or in my case, two countries.

  14. Truss is incompetent, and that was clear from day one. Thatcher comparisons are ridiculous: Thatcher would have faced down everyone, pushed her agenda through (tax cuts are good, but they need to be accompanied by spending cuts. There are too many spongers and loafers in the UK). Immigration into UK needs to be slashed, and deportations need to happen. That was the main reason for Brexit – the country invaded by foreigners thanks to EU migration policy. Solving UK problems will take a Cromwell figure. I don’t think the country is capable of producing one.

  15. Actually the (((City of London))) were very happy with Brexit as it was the initial start to the unravelling of the EU, soon to be replaced by the EAEU (Eurasian Economic Union), which will rule, from Lisbon to Vladivostok (following the 3rd world war which will doom the West) giving the banksteins control over the ‘World Island’ (see: Heartland thesis by Halford Mackinder).

    I’m actually surprised they dumped Truss, who is a complete psychobitch. I was assuming she was the one who would take us to war with Russia.

    Regarding any replacement, if it was up to me I would lock all those prostitutes inside the brothel called parliament and gas them all.

    Traitors all. Death to ZOG.

  16. Looking back a little distance, I now think there is some rough congruity between the problems the Tories are going through and the problems of the CDU right here. When BoJo became PM, I saw right away the heavy weather ahead. My hot take with him at that time was this: After Brexit, then what? Now we know the “then what” and how it turned out. (At least for now.) Liz Truss with all her vapidity was the perfect metaphor for the Tories’ lack of purpose and focus post-Brexit (and remember that a lot of official Tories were Remainers all along). What it meant was that Brexit was just the temporary glue that covered up a lot of hot mess, until it couldn’t.

    Here, the problem for the CDU is the same but different. Angela Merkel had a cache of personal popularity that saw her through and carried her across the finish line, esp her last two election cycles, 2013 and 2017, in spite of her unpopular policies. Some of you might be wondering how she kept winning in spite of 2015 (et al.) — Well, now you know why. But, now, that she’s retired, Merkelism without the Merkel is a big fat thud. And the CDU’s numbers have been mostly in free fall because of it.

    That’s why, even though it might be frustrating to us how our issues vastly outpoll our people and our parties in many places, that it’s a good problem to have. To put it another way, I would rather have our issues outpoll our people and parties rather than the other way around, eight days out of seven every week. It’s because with the former, it points to problems that either (1) Are our own unforced errors and we can unilaterally fix, (2) Totally beyond our control but may abate in our favor over time due to natural causes, and/or (3) Things that are some mixture of the two. Plain words, it points to potential growth.

    Meanwhile, if your people and parties are more popular than your ideas, it points to inevitable decline, that your heyday was in the past, all downhill from here. Prime example? I just wrote her name: Angela Merkel.

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