Tucker Carlson: MSNBC’s Anti-White Race Ladies

Tucker Carlson has discovered Tiffany Cross, Elie Mystal (who turned his home into his own personal Wakanda to retreat from the beestings of White racism) and the rest of the woke black PMCs on MSNBC. Joy Reid, Charles Blow and Jonathan Capehart are part of the same club.

A few days ago, the Washington Post ran an editorial by Perry Bacon, Jr. in which he argued that “America has a White voter problem.” He flat out said that White people and their voting patterns are the problem. This anti-White rhetoric is so common now that I didn’t bother to write about it.

“A clear majority of White Americans keeps backing the Republican Party over the Democratic Party, even though the Republican Party is embracing terrible and at times antidemocratic policies and rhetoric. The alliance between Republicans and White Americans is by far the most important and problematic dynamic in American politics today. …

Republican voters are not just White people without four-year college degrees (a group Trump won by 32 percentage points in 2020), though that has been the common framing in much political commentary. The Republican Party is the preferred choice of White people who describe themselves as evangelical Christians (whom Trump won by 69 points in 2020), White people in rural areas (Trump by 43 points), White people in the South (29 points), White men (17), White Catholics (15), White Protestants who don’t describe themselves as evangelicals (14), White people in the Midwest (13), White women (7) and White people who live in the suburbs (4). (These numbers come from post-election surveys and analysis from the Pew Research Center, the Cooperative Election Study and Eastern Illinois University professor Ryan Burge.) …

It’s not, as much of our political discourse implies, that the Democrats have a working-class or Middle America or non-college-voter problem. The more important story is that America has a White voter problem. And there is no sign it’s going away anytime soon.”

It goes without saying that if Tucker was doing segments on America’s black voter problem or Jewish voter problem that the usual suspects would be howling with outrage.

Note: I’ve personally been influenced by people like Tiffany Cross, Charles Blow and Elie Mystal. I strive not to sound like that. Charles Blow has been writing the same column about his blackness for the New York Times for at least a decade now.


  1. This is too funny.

    “With Elections Looming, Biden Breaks Tradition of Big Rallies”

    ‘Big Rallies’, that senile bastard can’t draw enough people to fill doughnut shop.

  2. ” White people and their voting patterns are the problem”

    Yes, that is the very opposite of the problem. The real problem is the non-WHITE vote, illustrated by Baltimore, Chicago, NYC being in rapid decay.
    The USZOG media is most always a complete reality inversion. Duh, nothing new……. I know.

    • Let’s just have a free speech platform on the mainstream and we’ll lay out the truth about niggers. The truth is racist. I’ll start: Even at 12% of the US population, it’s a dangerously high number when one considers the skyrocketing levels of crime Blacks in America commit. They have managed to make unsafe and almost unlivable every major U.S. city. Despite the constant praise given to Blacks for their “achievements” and “culture” by a fawning jewsmedia, they have produced nothing of real value in the world in comparison to what Whites have produced over the centuries.

      It’s important to remember that Africans in all their history never even invented a second story building let alone beautiful cathedrals and towering skyscrapers. The first Christian missionaries upon arrival on the Dark Continent were appalled at the ignorance, superstition and blood-thirsty nature of the Africans they encountered. Cannibalism was a common occurrence and was an integral part of African tribal existence. Moreover, Africans had not invented the wheel nor even a codified language.

      Those Whites who imagine that blacks will reciprocate the kindness and charitable hand shown to them by Whites when we become a minority throughout Europe and America better think again. It will be payback time against the ‘White devils’ by blacks everywhere. Those who think they will spare themselves a ‘diversity encounter’ because they’re niggerlovers, are going to learn differently.

      No other racial group in human history has treated the black man as kindly and humanly as Whites – not even blacks themselves! The best thing we can do is to leave these backward and dysfunctional dullards alone. Let them fend for themselves, and never again give in to their endless demands and whining.

  3. As bad as the jews, chinks, niggers and messicans are the worst enemy of the white race is not them, it’s powerful white men in business suits, such as the ones who run Scumcast or “represent” you in Congress. They also preach to you from pulpits on Sunday mornings about how your beautiful daughter should marry a nice Christian nigger boy from Nigeria and how you should send your strong, handsome son over to the Middle East to fight and die for Izril.

  4. Antiwhite “ladies”? All I see is armies of shrieking, pink / green / purple-haired, tatooed, worthless parasitic sluts, dykes, and land-whales currently gorging on the productivity of White males.

  5. Well, our boy Tucker Carlson, either does not know, or is afraid to say that the “Roberts” family who owns and controls COMCAST, NBC, MSNBC and CNBC are Jews! That’s a fact! Not a conspiracy theory.

  6. He still isn’t taking Whitey’s side. Still persisting with muh colorblind society, while alot of the rest of the electorate is beginning to circle the wagons around whiteness.

    When I listen to Tucker, its hard not to see just how far we still have to go before people like him feel comfortable just advocating their own interests. It was the same with the Kanye thing.

    Still, its progress to be targeting blacks for criticism, but its only a version of DR3, which isn’t new at all.

    • Really, that pissed me off. Tucker is a pathetic asshole. People like him are never going to figure out the races are never going to just get along. Americanism has failed, and failed catastrophically and that these murdering niggers kill us at random because they hate us and it is the jews who are putting them up to it.

      • Those MSNBC niggers are complaining about the jews, not Whites, and don’t even know it. Niggers include jews as Whites because they know no better, but even if they could figure out, it wouldn’t change what they’re saying. What we need is to be able to describe all of their shortcomings. Then they’d by screaming “hate speech”, “hate speech”. hate hate hate. Really, who are the haters? Most Whites, even normies, just want to get along with their lives. They don’t want niggers in them.

        Comcast is jews and Tucker can’t acknowledge that or he’d be in the same boat as Kanye. All he can do is whine ineffectively because he can’t say the truth. I think in his case, he doesn’t know the truth.

  7. That’s a good attitude to have about your website. The vitriol I see sometimes on AmRen comments about “blacks this, blacks that” sometimes causes me worry that these individuals just want to be angry and froth at the mouth, instead of inspired to make a real difference with that sadness going on in the world.

  8. Saw a great meme of Joyless Behag and it said…if ass itch had a face.
    There was a late 80’s rap out of Houston saying I’m so horny I’d do Whoopee cushion Goldbergstein.
    Just think of the wards of the state who watch this crap while checking the status of their EBT card.
    A glorious future awaits the Kwan.

  9. The same (((people))) that orchestrated the genocide of S. Africans are the same ones stoking the flames over here and abroad but the mere mention of that truth is antisemitic.

  10. The smug and arrogant prick you cited just doesn’t get it. He’s oppressed by his neurosis. He owes his entire big talking aristocratic attitude, grift, and good living to non-college and college Whiteys, religious or otherwise.


  11. @ Jaye,

    They push them out of places like Compton and da slabery or muh reparations bounces off of their backs like a duck and water.
    The plantation pets are too busy blinging Hollywood style on a where da white wymyns at search to notice that the Latrinos have replaced them on the CPUSA totem pole.

  12. At this point, the right is still negative, in that it can oppose the left’s agenda, but has little-no agenda of its own.
    The left has an agenda, we all know what it is, fiscally it’s social democracy, socially it’s anti-whiteism, misandry, sexual mutilation, climate and medical mandates.

    During the Reagan era, the right learned how to oppose social democracy, but had no positive economic agenda of its own, just laissez faire.
    During the Trump and post-Trump eras, the right learned how to oppose anti-whiteism, misandry, trans, climate and covid mandates, but has no positive cultural agenda of its own, just more laissez faire.

    When will the right develop a positive economic agenda?
    When will the right develop a positive social agenda?
    Become not merely anti-anti-white, but pro-white?
    Not merely anti-anti-Christian, but pro-Christian?

    The left still wears the pants in America, but not so in post-USSR Eastern Europe, there the right has more power.

    • I’d say it’s more like the left wears the panties and the right is cuckolded. The socalled Right political class is controlled by the leftist jews, and they better not stray off the reservation if they know what’s good for them. The entire US gov is antiwhite. Being pro-Christian is to assert multiculturalism. How does that help Whites?

  13. Note how Mr Carlson identifies the owners as White? They are actually (((white))) just like (((Hollywood))) and the rest of the mainstream (((media))).

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