The Bulwark: The Right Normalizes Anti-Semitism

I’m almost 42.

I’m old enough to remember these people.

In retrospect, the 2016 election broke the back of the True Cons who were the faction who used to rule the Republican Party. They were the people who defined the parameters of mainstream conservatism. They were still a very powerful force in Congress, the federal bureaucracy and conservative institutions in Trump’s first term, but they have rapidly faded over the last three election cycles.

Charlie Sykes is whining this morning that antisemitism is being casually normalized and that fewer people than ever before are willing to fall to their knees and beg for forgiveness from the ADL.

The Bulwark:

“Perhaps the frog wasn’t boiled after all. Maybe it was just exhausted. How else to explain the flaccid reaction this week to American conservativism’s casual normalization of anti-Semitism?

It’s been four days since the former president blasted out his complaint about ungrateful Jews. …

But even Buckley’s excommunication couldn’t disguise the fact that the guard-rails on the right were shaky. Despite Buckley’s conclusion that Buchanan had trafficked in anti-Semitic rhetoric, National Review nevertheless endorsed Buchanan in the 1992 presidential primaries as a “protest” against George H.W. Bush.

As First Things reported at the time, “Eleven distinguished figures, plus two editors of this journal, signed a letter protesting any endorsement, even a ‘tactical endorsement,’ of a candidate who refused to retract his anti-Semitic remarks.”

But, as it turned out, Buchanan was just the precursor. By the time Trump came around, what remained of Buckley’s guardrails were gone.

And now, it’s almost as if the right has forgotten they were ever really there at all.”

I’m middle aged.

Everyone who is younger than me was raised on the internet on sites like 4chan which are saturated in anti-Semitic remarks. There are Zoomers who don’t remember what conservative politics was like before 2016 when these people were in power and used to do routine purges.

As these people fade into history and their precious “guardrails” crumble, we are watching the erosion of one taboo after another. It happened slowly under Trump, but much more rapidly under Joe Biden. Trump has no real ideology, but feels it is necessary now to gripe about American Jews. The taboo on the Jewish Question will be the last to fall. It is weakening more rapidly than I expected.

Note: Five years from now and probably less, it won’t be taboo anymore to discuss the Jewish Question. It will be out in the open. It will just be a normal fixture of rightwing politics like opposing immigration.


  1. Being repulsive and impossible to please are part of the jews’ group survival strategy. At any rate the era of Bill Buckley and his guard rails is, thankfully, over with and will never, ever return.

  2. You can’t expose the people responsible for all the shit going on in the West, and literally around the world, unless you name them. The evil that is today is so obvious and in our faces as we move toward the abyss, even the most brainwashed may wake up from their jew induced hypnosis. The more the indoctrinated hear the charges against the jews, the more likely he will finally look into it himself. It ain’t brain surgery. Even the thickest among us can follow the dots. The charge of anti-Semitism should be laughed off, or even perhaps you should agree with the accuser. The evil that jews do, and have done, surely would show anyone who the ” haters” are, and where the “hate” is coming from. Besides, jews have truly earned any hatred and disdain this White man can muster up towards these cretins who have conjured up so much evil against me and my own.

    One of the sticking points is people refuse to accept that this tiny minority can have power to do what we accuse them of doing. For those still brainwashed folks, the whole holocaust thing is an excellent way to show the jews’ immense power, not just here in America, but all around the Western world. Laws enacted, that can land you in prison for simply having a different view of any aspect of the holocaust, other than exactly how the jews claim it went down is a blaring illustration to those who insist that jews have no power. Imagine trying to get laws passed in numerous countries around the world to imprison people for 5 to 10 years who may not agree with, or request more proof on, not some important issue of human rights, or life or death, but some relatively obscure event in history, only in the limelight because jews put it there.

    Jews only make up miniscule percentages of the population in the countries where these laws against holocaust “denial” are in force. I mean, who cares if someone insists flat out that the holocaust never happened? That is a basic right every human being in the world should have. It’s common sense! How were jews able to get these silly laws in place if not for their immense power and influence? The idea someone could be imprisoned for denying the holocaust, or any aspect of it, is downright unnatural and proves, for even idiots to see, just how much power jews have around the world. It certainly isn’t antisemitic to point it out.

  3. The truth is antisemitic.I wonder how much longer it will be before the (((tribe))) manages to pass laws like their grandparents did after the jew Bolsheviks took over Russia and mandated the death penalty for anyone who hurts the feelings of someone who is jewish by leveling a perfectly legitimate, easily verifiable, and 100 percent truthful criticism about their virulently anti-White behavior and their genocide agenda that targets all White Europeans worldwide?

    The main factor in creating anti-Semitism: people observe the harmful behavior of jews, and then are told that they are not allowed to talk about this behavior, or they are evil. They are not told why they are evil, they are simply called Nazis and it is insinuated that they are planning a mass murder and/or a genocide if they notice the extreme over representation of jews in finance, the government, the media or the entertainment industry, and note that these over represented jews appear to be pushing a very specific agenda.

    You cannot simply censor and/or arrest every single person who takes issue with their behavior and then try to intimidate them with insults, namecalling, and other threats while claiming that the issue of their dangerous, supremacist, behavior itself can never be openly discussed.

    Just the fact that jews consider it anti-Semitic to not believe that they suffered more than any other group in WW2 tells you everything you need to know about their psychology. They not only believe that they are God’s chosen people, but they believe that everyone else must believe it, and everyone must accept that jewish lives mean more than their own lives.

  4. When you call normal people “antisemites,” then you’re also calling “antisemites” normal people. That’s how analogies work. It’s the same with accusations of “racism.”

  5. I’m looking forward to it, too. I don’t think Jews are all the worlds problems, however the inability to talk about those things that ARE a problem, isn’t healthy for anyone, especially the Jewish community. I’ll bet you, that there is a not inconsiderable number of members of the Jewish community who actually feel the same way, but can’t say so publicly.

    • “…I don’t think Jews are all the worlds problems…”

      The Jews are like Negros. They aren’t all the problem but everywhere they go everything falls apart. When they get power they advance the worst of us to do their bidding. Over time this corrupts the whole country. They are one big legal and social dysfunction amplifier.

  6. Christ was the biggest anti-Shemite there ever was, the biggest, bigger than Ye, bigger than Little Joe, bigger than Wolf. The biggest.

  7. Hence the war in Ukraine. The wandering Jew has worn out his welcome over here and must once again pick up and go elsewhere. Ukraine a country soon to be emptied out by war will be the new homeland for the Jew troublemakers. Let them go in peace, and take their diseased filthy henchmen the Irish with them.

  8. The bulwark is Bullshit, quite frankly, the situation in the ukraine, I expect at any moment, too hear, nato troops, have engaged Russian troops……….thru study of the word, I’ve known, this was coming, doesn’t mean I have too like it though but it’s what those people want…
    ….A time for peace and a time for war…..

  9. The day you are openly allowed to discuss and expose the JQ without fear of consequences such as censorship and threats is the day the jew loses most of its power.

  10. When I read Koestler’s ‘The Thirteenth Tribe’, the scales fell from my eyes. Every other book after that (Duke’s ‘My Awakening,’ Finkelstein’s ‘The Holocaust Industry,’ Sand’s ‘The Invention of the State of Israel’) was merely corroborative detail…..

    But with the DNA study showing that all AshkeNAZIs are not even SEMITES, my disgust turned to righteous anger. HOW DARE THESE CHRIST-KILLERS pretend one minute longer?!?

  11. From your lips to God’s ears, Brad.
    I so hope you’re right. I’m a decade older than you, and worked directly for the GOP back then, so yes, we are in a whole new world of Neoconnery.

  12. Neocons completely failed to acknowledge or address the rapidly increasing antiWhite bigotry that had become mainstream in American culture. How it became a compulsory component of all our institutions. Public and private. Rhetoric and policy. Insulated by historic revisionism and untruths, and cynically defended by shoddy “intellectualism” as integral to the dogma of DIE.

    “Silence is violence” maybe? 🙂

    This racism is now glaringly obvious to a majority of Whites. Even various non-Whites remark upon it too. So in the absence of anyone vaguely resembling a leader of any sort addressing the issue, the people went looking for answers on their own.

    Who? What? Why? How?

    Low and behold, what people began to discover was that there were a lot of Jews behind institutionalized antiWhite racism. And they didn’t limit themselves to examination of contemporary times, but began to delve into the history and roots of other conflicts that Western man has been faced with over time. A pattern emerged. A lot of Jewish names, a lot of Jewish voices, a lot of Jewish faces. Jews have put an extraordinary amount of time, effort, and money (their money and YOUR money) into ushering in this new normal. Why deny them the hard-earned credit they so richly deserve?

    And while the number of Whites who recognize the racism (and other deleterious effects) of institutionalized Jewish power lag far behind the number of “normies” who correctly understand they’re being singled out and targeted on a racial basis, the gap will close. It is inevitable. I’m with Hunter on this 100% – we’re long overdue in this country a renewed national conversation on Jews and their influence, and we’re going to get one sooner rather than later. Hopefully.

    Charlie Sykes and his ilk can complain about disintegrating guardrails of a shitty political party all they want, it was never going to work. Jewish money has its limits on what it can achieve in this regard. Time is running out on this round of discourse gatekeeping. Because you can’t keep people from noticing. Not forever. Not the kind of people who have built great civilizations around the globe, settled frontiers dream of exploring outer space and love to examine inner space. We are way too inquisitive and have an inherent curiosity for understanding the world around us.. It’s who we are.

    Maybe that’s the sort of trait “Whiteness” possesses that they loath so much. But that’s okay. We’ll all be dissecting problematic Jewishness in the public square very soon. A nice forensic examination or two is on the way.

  13. Our Lord Jesus Christ already named them. He already showed us the strategy of the Jews, attempted world domination. Read the parable of the wicked husbandmen in which He tells us that they think they are their own Messiah.

  14. Anti-Semitism, racism, fascism, Nazism are the wild cards of the left and of globalism ……. They use these cards to win the game every time …….. But now it seems that we have taken their cards jokers and we ripped them.

  15. Read this.

    Six months ago you didn’t see this kind of thing on Revolver.

    Whats actually refreshing is that they point out the Jewish monopoly on publishing, why its bad, and you don’t come away with the impression that the writer has to keep pulling his right arm back down with his left hand because it is stuck in the high and right position.

    Even calls them neurotic lol.

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