Secular Talk: Most Democrats Prefer Socialism To Capitalism

Kyle is owning the socialism brand.

American populism has never been socialism.

Populism has always been rural, socially conservative, grounded in evangelical Christianity and republicanism and descends from the Jeffersonian-Jacksonian tradition. Populists don’t like concentrated economic power or extremes of wealth that give elites too much power over the masses. Populists are moderates on economics, but have no problem with private property.

Socialists tend to be college educated libtards who are atheists who live in big cities on the coasts who believe in all kinds of absurd shit. Their brand is extreme social liberalism, enormous government spending programs that harm the working class and middle class and interventionism abroad.

Note: Bernie Sanders is pro-war in Ukraine, pro-spending trillions of dollars on government programs that employ struggling college graduates and pro-cultural degeneration.


  1. And in 1933 Germans voted overwhelmingly for Socialists and German, German Communists over Libertarian Capitalist parties.

    The new Socialist Nationalist German workers party ended usury, fractional reserve J international banking, Soros style currency speculation and instituted lots of very popular government socialist programs to build the Auto Bahn.

    The almost overnight German Socialist Nationalist economic miracle gave the lie that our own two options are anything goes J international finance or 3rd world Venezualian, Baltimore, Zimbabwe, ANC, Jackson MS incompetant POC government misrule.

    The happiest countries, societies in the last 50 years have been homogeneous White socialist countries like Denmark, Norway, Sweden back in the day.

    We do support

    Socialism with a healthy, smiling White European face – good looking White women and children, government child care, minimum wages that are a living wage.


    When anything goes….

    Everything goes.

    What should be the Libertarian utopia?

    Mogadeshu Somalia – no effective government, rampant hard drug use, everybody’s got an AK 47 gun.

    Is that a place any sane White person would want to live? No, same as San Francisco where government has stopped enforced laws against pissing and pooping and shooting up on public streets.

    Libertarianism, free market borderless globalism is one of THE worst J cults in history all the cult leaders Ayn Rosenbaum Rand, Milton Friedman, Alan Greenspan are ethnic Js. These international J financiers like Jacob Schiff, Kuen Loeb, Max Warborg, now George Soros always, AlWAYS fund the worst J, Black anti White Marxists, perverts Communists.

    They’re on the same anti White team.

      • Experience.

        I don’t want to live in a White ethnostate with shitlibs. It would be a disaster which would sabotaged from day one.

        • No, that’s your public narrative. The real reason is that you support conservative economic orthodoxy and WN just aren’t going for that.

          • Isn’t it amazing how, after almost 3 years of money printing machines going brrrrrr, stimulus checks, people being payed to sit at home, and small businesses being destroyed because of socialist COVID policy, we still have morons who scream “it’s just because we aren’t doing socialism hard enough”!!!!

            Let me be clear. I’m not totally against “socialism”….but this isn’t 1933. It’s 2022, and our entire population has undergone almost a century of indoctrination into the selfishness of consumerism and the poison of egalitarianism. We aren’t anywhere near the kind of society that can successfully implement any kind of pure socialism.

            “Conservatism” has a lot of issues, but socialism has more when applied to the society that we exist in.

          • Don’t think you actually understand how inflation works, Memebro. When production is out of your control and not under your law [this means it is located in another country] then you have less control over what it costs. When your own production is prioritized for a global market, then it can be bid up at the expense of your own people. This is a long process of deliberate de-industrialization for the benefit of capital [after all, it is fungible and can go anywhere to make gains — this is what conservatives believe and what they physically produce as policy] riding on top of failing military dominance of the United States [military power being able to act as a short circuit to coerce foreign production].

            And I’d be very interested to see just how much of the money “paid to people to stay home” literally just got sucked up by rent, mortgage, and debt service. I’d imagine almost all of it.

        • If there could be a White ethnostate, we wouldn’t put up with shitlibs. They would have to leave, or else. White Nationalists cannot co-exist with liberals and in a White ethnostate there would be no reason to.

          • >we wouldn’t put up with shitlibs

            We could afford to put up with them because the kind of extreme shitlib he’s worried about are a relatively small fraction of the population, and their primary motivation has been and still is anti-racism; the media amplifies them so it seems their numbers are huge when they’re not, that’s all (even after all the media hate directed at him, 55% of white women still voted for Trump in 2020 — a better candidate will get even more votes from white women).

            Recently he posted about libtards (shitlibs, libtards, whatever) moving into Auburn and putting signs in their yards (link) — what % of Whites in Auburn put such signs in their yards? — even 0.1%? — I doubt it.

        • >It would be a disaster which would (be) sabotaged from day one.

          LOL — yeah, being white and a minority in America will be so much better — hey, I have an idea: let’s do a huge experiment by abandoning millennia of human biological and social evolution, and cede control of our living spaces to racial aliens who evince open hostility to Whites, and then hope for the best — sounds like a plan.

          >grounded in evangelical Christianity

          Urgent note dude: not that many people are interested in ‘evangelical Christianity’, whatever that is — in fact throughout the country, a significant fraction of the population is rather uncomfortable with the kind of ostentatious churchgoing Christianity you see so much of in the South.

          And since you like to hint at secession or some kind of separation (I understand the attraction of course), one more remark: what I see in any random crowd scene shot in the southern US is what looks like a lot of low quality human capital, including a large percentage of land whales — that might be a small problem.

          The States With the Highest (and Lowest) Average IQ

          Adult Obesity Rates

          • Here’s a cool story from South Africa, aka a model for America’s future:

            Fury over Dis-Chem letter on hiring of whites

            A leaked internal Dis-Chem memo detailing a memorandum on the recruitment and employment of white South Africans must have spoilt its author, chief executive Ivan Saltzman’s weekend. … The letter, details the chain’s decision to no longer hire white people, because as Saltzman put it: “When no suitable black candidate is found and a white is appointed, we need several blacks just to maintain the status quo, never mind moving forward.”

            Shockingly, Saltzman is a Jew.

            This is the future of Whites as a minority in America, whether some people want to admit and face it or not.

            @ Hunter Wallace OCTOBER 22, 2022 AT 5:52 PM

            >I do

            Says the believer in racial differences — LOL, unreal.

        • I don’t want to live in a White ethnostate with shitlibs. It would be a disaster which would sabotaged from day one.

          Supposedly, given the choice, you would prefer to live in a city that was 50% Christian niggers rather than 50% white shitlibs.

          I don’t think I can believe that.

          • I do

            Yes, but that’s because you don’t have the option of living in a city that is 100% white but 50% white shitlib.

            The only danger of the 50% shitlib option is shitlibs getting into power and imposing policies in line with their wacky beliefs. Otherwise, they are mostly rather pleasant people. The antifa sicko types you relentlessly focus on are only a tiny fringe of the general shitlib population.

            The overwhelming number of whites where I live are shitlibs or strongly shitlib leaning, but I can only think of one that would qualify as even a potential antifa candidate (who’d show up at their rallies and crap like that), but even she is actually quite pleasant and interesting. Plenty of them are aware of my disdain for their political values – some I’ve even shared unambiguously ‘racist’ thoughts with (not ‘racist’ as in anything that’s not shitlib, but actually racist, in the old school way) – and yet they haven’t broken off friendship with me, let alone tried to mess with my life (‘cancel’ me or something).

            Ironically, apart from one oversized Ukrainian flag draped over the balcony of a house I’m quite certain isn’t occupied by actual Ukrainians, the only place I see shitlib banners in my area is on churches. Rather sad really. I find Anglicanism appealing – a nice compromise between lutheranism and catholicism, as well as a treasure house of Anglo cultural content – but a glance through the websites of the most prominent local churches shows them hosting Africans and talking about welcoming refugees and all that trash, so fuck that, lol.

          • While the majority of blacks employ Christian jargon and many even attend nominally Christian churches, their behavior and voting patterns are closer to those of white atheists, Jews, and other non-Christians. Margaret Sanger had no difficulty lining up the black churches in support of Schlomo’s abortion mills – even a century ago. Stacy Abrams even now touts the importance of abortion in keeping down gas prices. Blacks will line up in support of the Waukesha killer even though he’s done extreme evil according to any traditional Christian doctrine, just as they stood up in church and applauded OJ beating the rap.

            So we’re down to HW arguing that a white ethnostate is impossible with white shitlibs included, which is true because shitlibs would never allow it; and the WNs argue that it’s possible because shitlibs are only a tiny minority of whites – despite scant evidence of this. Blacks in a nominally Christian polity would present a similar intractable problem due to their criminality and tribalism which overrides any Christian morality they might profess on occasion. Looks like any prospective white ethnostate would have to exclude both white shitlibs and non-whites to succeed.

        • > I don’t want to live in a White ethnostate with shitlibs. It would be a disaster which would sabotaged from day one.

          I don’t either. That being said I seriously doubt it’s even a possibility – any more than riding a unicorn through the sky to DisneyWorld is. Shitlibs would never allow the existence of such a state, even if (like the residents of Martha’s Vineyard) they will exercise what Larry Auster termed the unprincipled exception to their shitlibbery to keep diversity from turning their nice neighborhood into a third-world favela. However they absolutely need diversity to virtue-signal to their masters and lord it over the hated lower class whites. Genuflecting at the Jew-manufactured Diversity deity is one of the ways whites climb the social ladder.

        • Re: “No, that’s your public narrative. The real reason is that you support conservative economic orthodoxy” -and- “Got me…I’m a well known supporter of conservative economic orthodoxy!”

          It is always the SAFEST position to hold (unless there is a real revolution) and is the one position that doesn’t NEED any support.

          Conservative economic orthodoxy includes Populism, one its key tactics. The real nature of Populism is conservative reaction. Populism confuses the workers and defuses their incipient revolutions (promising to be an easy way out of slavery, but there is no easy way) and after it finishes disappointing them and wearing them out, leads them back to full conservative “economic orthodox” business as usual, which is slavery to the elites with rewards trickling down to the loyal bourgeoisie.

    • Libertarianism is a selfish dream, for it completely abandons one’s fellow man. This is the essence of Libertarianism: ‘So long as me and mine do well, the rest of the world can go to hell.’

      • No argument there. When I was a libertarianism, I was quite honest with myself that that was my main motivation – the right to not give a fuck about anyone else. The cover story, of course, is that people do best when left alone to make their own decisions and take responsibility for their own successes and failures. The cover story is appealing (superficially, at least), but is woefully inadequate as a model of social reality.

    • You have to admit that a White Libertarian utopia would be much different than the black one.

  2. Unrestrained capitalism is a dog-eat-dog environment where merchants prey upon one another and a citizenry who has no recourse. Socialism is government limitation or interference with otherwise unrestrained capitalism. Where a government imposes laws or regulatory agencies to ensure fair business practices, and outlaws predatory fraud, that is socialism in action. Jews, with their almost total control of information and propaganda have gone to great lengths to spread the lie that any regulation is bad. After all — it would spoil their party.

    Things like workplace safety, food and drug safety, anti-pollution laws, medical care and a social safety net is provided — that is socialism or reigning in the corporations with regulation and enforcement. But since this represents a nightmare scenario to the jews who have taken over our government, they have waged a very successful propaganda that socialism is bad because it equals government control.

    The problem is in limitations. The more socialism, the more you move toward communism. Socialism, in many ways, is a mid-way point between the two extremes of plutocracy, where the rich and powerful trample the common man, and communism at the other extreme, where there is no longer any profit, private property, or entrepreneurialism.

    The ideal is to find a happy medium. A proportionate amount of socialism represents a happy and sensible medium.

    • “The ideal is to find a happy medium”:

      A mixture of poison with food is still poison, fake socialism, and it is not happy (except for the pleasure of the minority that continues to exploit the masses). Capitalism must go the way of feudalism, theocracy and monarchy, to the dustbin of history, or humanity will not survive.

  3. @ JR,

    It can only work in homogenic society where people have no resentment toward welfare or “nanny state” programs.
    Kraft durch Freude (strength through joy) was a popular NSDAP program that allowed the working class to enjoy vacations that would usually be unaffordable for just one example of National Socialism working.

    • Yeah, I basically have no problem with Libertarianism or Socialism if they were practiced IN A NATION POPULATED WITH MY PEOPLE. Not a bunch of RACIAL ALIENS that I basically do not care about. But that seems to be an impossible dream now.

  4. The way I see it, unlike conservatives, both progressives and populists are social democrats, the difference between them fiscally is: progressives are pro welfare class (UBI or welfare), populists are pro working class (living wages, improved working conditions + affordable housing).
    We got to get rid of conservatives and replace them with populists, enough with this reduce taxes for the rich crap, we need to raise taxes on the 1% and make sure the billionaires are actually paying their fair share.

  5. In all of the aspects that matter, socialism and capitalism seem to be the same thing.

    Concentration of control and ownership into the hands of unaccountable technocrats through monopoly and corruption. The end just takes different routes.

    Two sides of the same gay coin.

    • It’s really two sides of the same fiat-shekel. You’ll note that even one of the platforms of Marxism is the central bank. The only question is who owns the central bank. Even then, how much control over a nominally state-owned central bank does the Bank of International Settlements have? (Usually not much). The conservatards love to extoll the virtues of the free-market, blissfully unaware that there is nothing free about a rigged market.

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