ADL Denounces Tucker Carlson For Covering Anti-Whiteism On MSNBC


More people should automatically dismiss the ADL.


  1. There goes the adl defaming Carlson and Whites again. He repeated what that sheboon said, not stocking racial tensions. That sheboon did that but don’t expect the jews to go after their WMD.

  2. Yet another ex cathedra bull from Pope Nosferatu. Bow down before your lord and master, whitey. More moral preaching from the ADL, an organization fighting to protect Jew pedophiles since 1914. Any white who regards them as anything less than a wicked and evil criminal organization is an idiot.

  3. Dang the ADL is even going after Fox News now?

    It is like Organized Jewry is trying to unite everyone to the Right of Bill Clinton against them. They just can not seem to help themselves and do self-destructive pronouncements like this.

    Christians who have been reading the Left Behind series are going to tire of this and toss those books aside and start listening to Mel Gibson and Kanye West instead!

  4. “people should automatically dismiss the ADL.”

    You can’t dismiss them.
    They are like a leech that bores under the skin and starts laying eggs. They will insinuate themselves at all levels. This is the reason all nations have found the only solution to be expulsion or otherwise.

  5. They have kept an iron grip on media for almost 100 years.
    The narrative is totally controlled.
    There isn’t any substantially WHITE media.

  6. Get this
    For refugees and migrants, leaving their homes produces a specific type of grief called “cultural bereavement.”

    How about our culture, that has been totally wrecked in the past 50 years ?
    Typical NYT, nothing about WHITES matters. Everything antithetical to the interests of WHITES is amplified, while anything beneficial to WHITES is trashed and poisoned.

    • Well, of course they defame us. Jews aren’t White. Jews fiercely oppose all forms of White racial identity. They oppose any social or political movement that advocates on behalf of White racial interests. They create and fund jewish activist organizations like the ADL and SPLC to racially and culturally replace the White demographic majority in every western nation. Jews control the media and news outlets with a constant message of how deplorable White people are. They create radical movements in the US and Europe for the purpose of breaking down the White family structure, and champion homosexuality, transgenderism, and abortion while promoting mass demoralization and guilt among White people.

  7. Years ago, a young Jewish nurse told me she threatened to call the ADL on a black superior she claimed was giving her a hard time at work. Ha ha.

  8. When we say “The Enemy”, the ADL has a prominent position in that collective entity.

    With any enemy, you are either in actual war, or preparing for war. How much so for “The” enemy?

  9. How many White Americans realize that the “Roberts” family who own and control COMCAST, NBC, MSNBC and CNBC are JEWS? That’s probably why the ADL is concerned, Tucker might let that fact slip to a national audience.

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