S.E. Cupp’s New Name For MAGA Republicans

It seems like the True Cons with Principles™ all have CNN and MSNBC gigs now.

Note: This is what she is flipping out about. This is part of the trend of mainstream conservatives radicalizing under Joe Biden.


  1. S.E. Cupp: “I’m an actual conservative.”
    I guffawed so hard that I scared the pets. Yep, Cupp is a conservative, water is dry, and the sky is brown and full of worms.

      • “Unfortunately, today’s conservatives are liberals, so maybe she’s on to something.”

        It’s not just today, Mr. DiCarlo – but has always been.

        The Republican Party is the 150+ year party of New England, and, as such, it’s never really been conservative.

        Republicans, like Liberals, believe in big government, except, perhaps, in fiscal matters.

    • She’s another messianic, militant neoliberal (which is a kind of liberal, hence the name, not a conservative), a fundamentalist who won’t be satisfied until every state in America and country on earth adopts her brand of liberal ideology.
      She concedes she’s not a nationalist.
      Nationalism and conservatism are practically synonymous.
      She also concedes she’s not ‘in love’ with America’s founding.
      I take it she’s at best ambivalent about it.
      If you’re ambivalent about a country’s founding, why would you strive to conserve anything about it?
      Finally she looks and talks like a fat dyke.

      Now I’m not saying liberalism is antithetical to America, liberalism is certainly a part of America’s founding and heritage, but of course there’s a lot more to it than just liberalism, but for her, that’s all there is to it, for them real America is just liberalism and/or progressivism, the rest of America just hasn’t been civilized yet.

      • Now I’m not saying liberalism is antithetical to America,

        I would! Liberals are anti-White warmongers who are constructing a police state to criminalize their opposition while accusing the right of “fascism” and “authoritarianism.” Liberals are bloodthirsty Russia-obsessed fanatics who want to plunge us into World War III. Every single Democrat in Congress including Bernie Sanders has voted to escalate us all the way to the precipice of nuclear war.

        As any right minded White can see, Leftists are extremely dangerous and therefore they should not hold any positions of authority, e.g., in politics. The “Liberals” have adopted authoritarianism. They have gone full blown police state.

  2. The Federalist article reminds me of a William Pierce piece from, I don’t know, maybe 30 or 40 years ago entitled, “Why Conservatives Can’t Win.” He made the same points. Conserve? No. All that does is foment further failure. Attack!

    • Chesterton was one of the earliest to notice the fundamental lie at the heart of conservatism:

      > The business of Progressives is to going making mistakes. The business of Conservatives is prevent mistakes from being corrected.

      Pierce was correct, as were those who’ve noted the same things before him. Why do we keep on falling for the scam?

  3. I’m a working class schmuck, one or two checks away from homelessness.
    If conservatives want to keep people like me on board, neoliberal tax cuts and neoconservative militarism ain’t gonna cut it.
    Conservatives need to put working people and families first, banks and corporations a distant, distant second.
    The market is a means to an end, the end is strong and healthy families and communities.
    Insofar as markets help build and maintain them, they’re good, insofar as they don’t, they need to be regulated, perhaps heavily.
    That’s the difference between conservative regulation and progressive, conservatives regulate to promote health, whereas progressives like Kystal and Kyle regulate to promote degeneracy.
    Conservatives got to get away from the idea that all regulation is progressive.
    Regulation can be conservative, very much so.

    • “I’m a working class schmuck, one or two checks away from homelessness.”

      That shouldn’t be, for any WHITES.
      You should always be guaranteed a viable , productive job. That’s just the most basic NS concept.

      Many ‘2nd’ world nations have a 2 year no eviction clause in their laws. No decent person should face homelessness.

      This nation is wastefully backward.

  4. Neoliberalism and Neoconservatism were founded by Jews.
    I mean what did Jewish immigrants know about America’s traditions?
    Jews were Marxists, progressives, liberals, libertarians and insofar as they were conservative, they were Zionists preoccupied with the Talmud and Israel.
    WASPS let them have their way because they too got caught up in all the economic, scientific and technological opportunities the new world in part made possible.

    In a way you can’t be too hard on conservatives because theirs was a difficult if not impossible task.
    To try to preserve some things during the most dynamic era in recorded human history, the discovery and settlement of the Americas, economic, industrial, scientific and tech revolutions.
    Really it’s amazing they managed to conserve anything at all.
    America really was the most liberal empire the world has ever seen in the most liberal time in recorded human history.

    Perhaps now that the dust has settled so to speak, the Americas are no longer developing, they’ve been developed, we can begin making sense of and re-establishing some order out of the last 5 centuries of chaos.

    • Trotsky is the father of neoconservatism here in America. Neoconservatives are nothing but Trotsky-ites … Communists. Neoconservatism is one of the biggest hoaxes ever perpetrated on the conservative Americans in the US, and the American people in general, Neoconservatism is a jewish movement and an outgrowth of the radical Left.These trotsky-ites are modern day followers of Leon Trotsky, the bloody zionist boshevik who played a part in murdering millions of people in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. These jews masqueraded as Republican Conservatives wrapping themselves in the American flag while wearing Uncle Sam masks. Unfortunately, so many so called, Conservatives and so called American patriots — FOXjews junkies all, were taken in by these Trotsky-ite jew troublemakers that came to power during the Reagan years. These jews are the deep state and are the subversives who the antiwhite US gov corrupt political class look to for instruction and leadership.

  5. Davidson is right, conservativism is to closely tied to the adoration of money at the expense of what is moral and correct to God. Any kind of morally just movement must be centered on what is right and morally just over the pecuniary. The queers, the Jews, and the Irish, all think money, money, money and nothing of what is right. It is sickening and shame, to be among this filth. That is why a favor Christian and Christianism over conservative and conservatism.

    • @Robert Browning

      Bob, you’re as removed from Christianity as Pluto is from the Sun, you blasphemous, evil SOB.

  6. I’ve long preferred nationalist instead of conservative. Conservatives? What are they conserving? Its gone.

    I like their plans to defund the universities if they won’t fall into line, as they are the root of the cancer. I’d also like to see them do something about non-White immigrantion, and bring back segregated communities, so Whites aren’t ethnically cleansed from their neighborhoods by violent minorities. I mention this, because I was just reading about a man who was shot in the face outside his home, trying to save his daughter from car jackers.

  7. “man who was shot in the face outside his home, trying to save his daughter”

    Goes on all the time. The media buries most of it.

  8. I agree with Miss Cupp that the majority of today’s Republicans are not ‘Conservatives’, for that title means that you are a New England style Republican.

    How President Trump fits into this makes me think of erstwhile Alabama governor George Wallace, and his runs for president, both in 1968 and 1972.

    For those not old enough to remember, Wallace had surprisingly strong support amongst Northern Whites – Yankees who, more or less, were in agreement with one of Dixie’s strongest Dixiecrats.

    That’s how I see Trump – one of those Yankees largely sympathetic to the current unself-referring to as Dixiecrats; they who have moved into the driver seat of the Grand Ole Party of New England.

    So, those Miss Cupp does not talk about the issue in this way, I think she is right in what she is saying.

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