Joe Biden Calls Out Mega MAGA Republicans

In the Trump era, MAGA was lame.

A combination of events which began around late 2019 – COVID, the George Floyd riots and Wokeism, Trump losing the 2020 election and the radicalism of the Biden presidency – pushed millions of MAGA voters much further to the Right. MAGA has changed under Joe Biden.

“Mega MAGA Republicans” now talk about White people and anti-Whiteism. They embrace slogans like White Lives Matter. They talk openly about the Great Replacement. They embrace Christian nationalism and the possibility of a National Divorce. They don’t curl into a ball and beg for forgiveness when accused of “racism” and “fascism.” It is becoming more acceptable to talk about the Jewish Question. Instead of celebrating homosexuals and drag queens like MAGA in the Trump era, they are trying to ban “gender-affirming care.” They also want to defund the war in Ukraine and abolish the FBI.

Ultra MAGA or Mega MAGA Republicans are a step forward and an improvement over where MAGA was three years ago. I like where the trend is going.


  1. I’m glad with everything that’s transpiring, except those pseudo-fashy haircuts. Makes y’all look like Forrest Gump.

  2. There’s always a”I don’t give a damn anymore” point reached. First, the Tea Parties were so normie that they were known for the places where they protested being cleaner after they were there, then before. Then the ruling class, democrats and republicans, sicked the IRS on them, the republicans infiltrated them and made them useless, etc,etc. then Trump, Maga. They got harassed and beat up, and attacked by the Lefts goons, thrown in jail, smeared, made into public enemy number one, etc, etc, after all that’s happened, it’s not surprising that we’ve reached the point they have. Nothing is off limits now. They are going to hate you anyway, so we don’t have to pretend anymore. The irony is that if both republicans and democrats had just ignored them, they probably would still just be normies believing the same silly ineffectual things they always did. Now they have been radicalized much more to our liking. And there are many millions of them.

  3. Yeah but….

    This is the same national (White) mood after Ruby Ridge and Waco government massacres.

    And then Timothy McVay bombed the FBI Center in Oklahoma City and public opinion changed.

    We had lots of ZOG Neo Conservatives wars, regime changes since then and White Americans went back to waving the USA flag, supporting the troops and watch NFL Negro Felon League.

    How’s “Christian Nationalism” supposed to work now in the year 2022?

    There isn’t a single hetrosexual Protestant (Baptist, Methodist, Anglican) Christian in any important military or intelligence, DOJ position in Washington. The Top of the Catholic Church is now WOKE, totally committed to the great replacement. Look what the Catholic Conference of Bishops is shouting about, not anti abortion, it’s anyone speak ill of migrants, immigrants.

    • > The Top of the Catholic Church is now WOKE, totally committed to the great replacement. Look what the Catholic Conference of Bishops is shouting about, not anti abortion, it’s anyone speak ill of migrants, immigrants.

      Yes that is true. The very same is true for the top of all major Protestant denominations, even the Evangelical ones. If you draw a 25 mile radius around any locale in the midwest, most of the churches within are woke to one degree or another. Those that are not woke worship Judeo-Christ, which essentially boils down to woke-light. Salt which has lost its saltiness is good for nothing except to be tossed into the fire.

      The communist Antonio Gramsci wrote about the “long-march through the institutions” a century ago. This is now a fait accompli throughout the west. It includes institutional Christianity along with academia (seminaries included), arts, media, science, medicine, military, industry and government. While the gaslight media goes on and on about rising Christian nationalism, I don’t see many actual Christians talking about it, much less working to actually establish it in any churches. Theoretically at least some of the Prot denominations have a quasi-democratic governmental structure. A couple of years back the United Methodists stopped a move to allow gay pastors thanks only to votes against it from representatives of churches in Asia and Africa.

    • Christian nationalism, by itself, is obviously useless. But it’s a useful vehicle for moving the ball up the field. If there’s ever going to be any serious pro-white change, the people effecting that change will be overwhelmingly drawn from the ranks of Christian nationalists – or at least from the ranks of people not immediately turned off by CN – rather than from the ranks of white atheists, white vegans, white climate fags etc.

    • Often in the past when someone warned the right and said something realistic about Trump, Farrage, or today Meloni, one was accused of being a black piller and demoralization shill. Many warned the right about Dahnald Blormpf since at least the end of 2015. But if people hadn’t seen Dump as the reincarnation of General Patton mixed with the second coming of Christ or Hitler, but as what he was: goofy American Zionist Berlusconi, yet the first snowball that got the avalanche rolling. Then most of the later burnout and black-pilling, including the Qtardation, could have been avoided. Same with Meloni people could be black pilled now, because she endorses Zelensky, NATO and the GAE hard. But she is under attack for it and nevertheless another drop in the great stream forward.

      Ye is openly talking about things only the international authentic right would say five years ago. The great replacement, even the JQ and their agenda, opposition to the Neocons, Zionist wars and Big Gay are all part of mainstream discourse now. In the USA, France, Italy, Victor Orban, even in Germany the AfD has 30% in East-Germany and is explicitly ethno-nationalist, next election it will have 20%+ again. In Sweden the far left lost power. This is going to be a decade long grind, but that was clear given what we are up against: all of the major power institutions of the West in the hands of our enemies. And they won’t just hand over power, they will fight tooth and nail to keep it. But more and more of the people are on our side. This is nowhere near comparable to the 90s when most people were in full end of history mode and a more moderated left was in full control and we had peak holocaustianity. Christian nationalism, MAGA, European nationalism, goyim noticing; with the left pushing so hard, people on the right are moving further to the right, too.

      Even Ukraine is also good for the right no matter the outcome: if Russia prevails it will be seen as the triumph of a more conservative country over a decadent West. If Ukraine will prevail, it will be sold as a victory of nationalism. Both Russia and the Empire will try to win over the right in the years to come and no matter where the chips may fall, this will energize the right and not the left. And I also believe that many normies today are more radicalized than frogs were in 2015.

      I am carefully optimistic. But it had to get a lot worse, before it can now slowly start to get better.

  4. Biden is no way qualified to be President due to his mental decline but that’s the way the puppet masters like it that way because he is easier to control.

    • Biden is in control of nothing – not even his bowels. Just a retarded ventriloquist dummy, nothing more. He can be replaced by another one at will.

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