Eliot Cohen: The Words About Ukraine Americans Need To Hear

We’re out?

Not our problem?

Eliot Cohen is no stranger to this website. We have been mortal enemies since the Iraq War. This guy is the embodiment of everything that has been wrong with American foreign policy for a generation.

The Atlantic:

“Deeds, not words,” is the motto of the 22nd Infantry Regiment, a credo that befits a fighting unit that has seen service from the Civil War to Iraq. But wars are won by words as well as deeds, which is one of the reasons why President John F. Kennedy said of Winston Churchill that he “mobilized the English language and sent it into battle.” And now, in Ukraine, the United States and the West in general need much better words to put into the fight in addition to the long-range artillery and guided missiles, air defense systems and drones, accurate artillery shells and bullets that they are shipping—belatedly, insufficiently, occasionally hesitantly—into battle.

President Volodymyr Zelensky, the most inspiring Western war leader since Churchill, knows the power of language. “I need ammunition, not a ride,” will make the history books. His speeches to Congress, the U.K. Parliament, and the Bundestag were outstanding examples of impassioned persuasive speech. But something more is needed from the president and prime ministers of his friends and allies.

The United States and its allies have had a remarkably, perhaps perilously easy time in persuading their people to go along with extensive aid to Ukraine, despite high inflation and energy shortages. To some extent this is the result of the West’s muscle memory from the Cold War, when Soviet ideology was relentlessly hostile and Soviet internal practice stunningly brutal. Soviet external behavior, from the subjugation of the Baltic states and Eastern Europe to the invasion of Afghanistan, was menacing as well as repellant. And even though the Cold War is more than a generation behind us, when the Russians behave like brutes—“orcs,” as the Ukrainians refer to them—that muscle memory is triggered. …

The tests are coming, however, particularly if Europe has a cold winter that makes Russian cutoffs of energy supplies bite. In the United States, the likely next speaker of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, in a gesture to the neo-isolationist wing of the Republican Party, has indicated that it is time to curtail aid to Ukraine. The motley collection of so-called realists (who think that Russia’s crimes are irrelevant), isolationists, admirers or tools of Russia, and America-Firsters have kept up a running if muted line of criticism, not so much of the Zelensky government as of the American burden in supporting him.

McCarthy’s views have nothing to do with principle, because he has none. Rather, he is a weather vane, acutely sensitive to the winds that blow from Mar-a-Lago and the wing of his party that has always resented America’s presence in the outside world. The isolationist and even xenophobic traditions of one faction in the Republican Party run deep. Suppressing them for the past several generations was the great achievement of politicians like Dwight D. Eisenhower and intellectuals like William F. Buckley. But they are back, and need to be addressed, as do comparable movements on the left of the Democratic Party. …”

The neoliberal / neocon foreign policy establishment have used the opening provided by the Biden administration to incite a war with Russia.

Note: I didn’t take the threat seriously enough in 2020.


  1. Prime moment in Europe re the Ukraine war, as audio leaked of Silvio Berlusconi – leading one party in the new ‘right wing’ Italian government coalition – trash-talking Zelensky

    Berlusconi said – quite accurately – that Zelensky had been violating the Minsk Agreements (guaranteeing autonomy & safety to East Ukraine Donbass), and escalating deadly attacks on those Russian-speakers (with 13,000+ Russian dead in Donbass 2014-22) –

    Leaving Russia little choice but to move in and protect fellow Russians there

    Berlusconi was quickly slammed by ‘right-wing heroine’ new Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who had cucked and promised to keep to the NATO party line on the stupid war

    But Berlusconi, womaniser and scandal-tainted as he is, is a man who blurts out the truth sometimes (he once famously called the euro currency a ‘scam’ to benefit the Germans, which it is)

    Lots of street demonstrations in Europe against Ukraine war involvement, ignored by the mass of cuck-to-Nato EU political office holders … Balkan region being the most independent


  2. Winston Churchill that he “mobilized the English language and sent it into battle.”

    And by putting dissenters and opposition into prison, just as Lincoln did.

  3. Of that $60,000+ million of ‘Ukranian aid’, how many 10’s of millions are spent on PR firms, payoffs to journalists, ccommentator ‘gratuities’ and bribes to gov officials (family and friends) to skew the war narrative ?

    • Small gene pool. Among normal peole “I’m my own grandpa is but a funny song.” Among Jews it’s a statement of relatively common fact.

  4. “NATO surveillance plane watches Russia’s activity in Ukraine”

    Isn’t that just fine. NATO (USZOG) providing surveillance command and control info to Ukraine. Act of war ? Sure it is.
    Doing everything to antagonize Russia.

    The jwz currently running the White House are going to do for warfare the same thing Fauci did for health, make a global disaster.

  5. Nitter/Michael TraceyAnnouncing his resignation as president of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), a position he’s held since 2003, @RichardHaass admits the past 20 years of US foreign policy have been a colossal failure. On the bright side, about 20% of CFR members are now “people of color”

    Nitter/Michael Tracey provides a pretty good running critique of US foreign policy generally, and now what’s going on with Ukraine in particular.

    >President Volodymyr Zelensky … “I need ammunition, not a ride”

    If you promised to pick up a weapon and head to the front yourself, I’d be willing to buy some for you.

    • “The 101st airborne (nearly 4,700) is near the Ukraine border”

      If nothing else, it is an act of intimidation.

  6. I saw an influencer comment that he believes 80% of the Ukrainian army is dead, and their replacements are mercenaries from outside of Ukraine. I don’t agree with him on most things, but this made me think. It would explain the extraordinary amounts of money they are sending to Ukraine as mecenaries are hellishly expensive.

    I didn’t mention the guy’s name, because he will very likely get censored from social media by the Biden regime,

    • Some units are as high as 80% foreigners – mainly Poles but plenty of Murikans and Brits too. Other units are more like 40%. I wonder if Hunter and the Big Guy are named as beneficiaries on “freely-provided” merc life-insurance policies, not directly but through some NGO they set up to “benefit families of Darwin award winners”.

  7. Look the Jews are just about done with there looting operation over here, there is only the downside from here on out. They want to go to China and do to the Chinese what they have done to us, but the Chinese said no. The reason the Chinese gave for refusing the Jews, during WW2 Hitler forced Jews to flee, China accepted Jew refugees. During the time the Japanese occupied Shanghai the Jews and the Japanese agreed to create a Jewish state in Shanghai. The Chinese are still very offended. And the Jews now need someplace to go once things get dicey, so Ukraine, all the Jews and their henchmen are behind it.

    • They have Israel. Let them all go there. We’ll cordon it off, so no gentiles can enter; and they can all happily be Jews together, free from the dirty goyim, until the sun burns out.

      (What’s not to like?)

      • Do you really think Isreal can survive on the goodwill the Jews have towards the Arab world? America the Israeli lord protector is going to be weakened and when that time comes, the dogs will have their day.

    • I believe this exactly. The reason they are setting up a plan B to flee Israel is the last war with Hezbollah they totally failed to control the battlefield. The whole war, no matter what they tried, they could not stop rocket attacks. The rockets fired were not the best but with only a small upgrade to the rockets they could take out all if Israels aircraft, artillery and make life unlivable over the whole of Israel. If I, some guy on the Internet, can see this, surely they can too.

      As soon as I saw the coup in Ukraine and that Israeli SF were involved, I said exactly what you are saying and that they were setting up a move.

      If you look at the military actions of the tyrants running Ukraine, it appears on the face of things that all their actions are to kill off as many Ukrainians as possible. So they can move in without strong opposition,

    • “…China accepted Jew refugees. During the time the Japanese occupied Shanghai the Jews and the Japanese agreed to create a Jewish state in Shanghai…”

      The Jews always stab you in the back. Always.

  8. Besides the columnist being a Jew, he echos the sentiments of a lot of non-Jews in the USA. The problem here is that of believing one’s own propaganda. It’s fine when the proles believe the propaganda to convince them to be cannon fonder, but when your elite believe it as well and run the country with those beliefs, that’s where the trouble starts.
    Revolver News ran an interesting article, “America’s World War II Nostalgia Risks Blowing Up the World” (https://www.revolver.news/2022/10/american-world-war-ii-nostalgia-risks-blowing-up-the-world/) which makes this point. Unfortunately, it’s laden with accepted propaganda (see the comment section where people call it out), but that only reinforces the point.

    Our nation (the USA) is built on a bunch of lies that date back to at least WW I if not the Spanish-American war and potentially even farther back. Developing a clearer picture of WW I and WW II will lead to an understanding of how evil our ruling elite are and have been for over a century. The following three books can really help with clearing the fog: Hitler’s Revolution, Stalin’s War and 1939: The War that had many Fathers. While Hitler wasn’t perfect, he seriously cared for the German people and even understood the plight of other ethnics, appealing to Wilson’s 14 points, specifically the right to self determination. For our ruling elites, self determination, rule of law, etc. are only lip service to be cast aside when the opportunity arises.

    The ability of our Yankee Puritan ruling elite to not only bring death and destruction to peoples around the world but also to stab their own people in the back is breathtaking. But it should be no surprise – the same bunch did the same in England. In the 19th century, the sun never set on the English empire. England was an industrial power house, exporting coal and woolen textiles. Yet, there were plenty of English people at the time dressed in rags who froze in winter. Read any Dickens novel for an accurate depiction.
    And our (USA) ruling elite were and are not any different. One asks how can they order the destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline. Easy – they can now sell liquified natural gas to Europe at a huge mark up to line their pockets and could care less if energy costs skyrocket in the USA. Just one, small trivial example – the majority of butter made in the USA during WW II was shipped to the Soviet Union while our people and our military had to make due with margarine, which, back then, was vastly inferior in taste compared to today’s margarine. Read Stalin’s War to get an idea how our ruling elite are more than happy to make life difficult for their own people.

    Unfortunately, most of our fellow citizens are hoodwinked by the ongoing propaganda they’ve been raised on since childhood. I know there are a lot of Southern gentleman here but I have to say it – the South has provided a lot of the military muscle for the Yankee Puritan criminals ruling in Imperial DC. North and South, this won’t change until times get a lot worse. When they do, we can only hope that a strong man arises who is on our side. There is no guarantee. In Weimar Germany, the Communists almost succeeded in taking over the country. Hitler and the National Socialists prevented it. I don’t know if the USA will be that fortunate when our time comes.

    • The ruling elite of Murika has not been Yankee “Puritan” for over a century now. What’s left of the old Yankee families you refer to are mere step-n-fetchits for the Jewish rulers of the empire (foreigners, regardless of where they were born). The once powerful Rockefellers are now mere flying monkeys for Jewish power. Yes there are a few non-Jews in the Cloud-People Country Club (Bezos, Gates) – chiefly there for window-dressing. All worship the devil and all fully deserve to be handed over to the Lord upon capture – no exceptions.

  9. Who is this “kasper koch”, who speaks of our ” yankee puritan ruling elite”, which qualifies as the dumbest statement I have seen anywhere this year.

    The Puritans had sumptuary legislation and severe restrictions on usury. They hated bankers. The transition in the North from Puritan to Yankee was complete by 1750. The Puritans were defeated and replaced by others.

    Our yankee ruling elite is about half Jewsh. Most of the rest is Catholic. There is not a single Puritan anywhere near our ruling elite.

    Where do these idiots come from? Langley? Tel Aviv? “Yankee Puritan ruling elite.” What Jew thought that one up?

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