Axios: Red Tsunami Watch

Racist rhetoric appears to be working.

Patriots will shortly be in control of Congress and Twitter.


Polling, spending trends and conversations with leading Democratic and Republican strategists suggest it’s now very possible House Republicans win back the majority on Nov. 8 with more than 20 House seats — once the upper range of most analysts’ projections.

The big picture: Two weeks out from the midterms, evidence points to a re-emerging red wave that could sweep in GOP control of both chambers. In the Senate, Republican officials are now bullish they’ll gain at least the one seat necessary to regain the majority. …”

If Democrats lose this election, they will have maxed out all of their killer buzzwords – racist, sexist, transphobe, “fascist,” “white supremacist,” “election denier” – and proven they don’t work.


  1. Who is Barton Gellman? Well, according to Wikipedia: “Gellman was born in 1960. His father was Stuart Gellman and his mother Marcia Jacobs of Philadelphia. Barton Gellman is Jewish.” Every. Single. Time.

    • Major curiosity about Jewish Bart Gellman, who is also the biographer and friend of Bush Vice-President and top neo-con warmonger Dick Cheney

      Bart Gellman was the FIRST journalist to have received the alleged ‘leaks’ of ‘Edward Snowden’ … These ‘leaks’ trumpeted on mainstream media by Mika Brzezinski, the daughter of old neo-con Zbig Brzezinski

      So you’re a NSA-CIA dissident leaker … and the ‘journalist’ you choose to leak to, is Dick Cheney’s best buddy at the CIA’s Washington Post?

      It obviously was totally laughable … so then they switched the ‘Snowden’ leaking to the former seller of gay pornography, Glenn Greenwald, working for the Rothschild-board UK Guardian, Greenwald having previously worked for Bill Gates, and they ran the Snowman story that way

      Vladimir Putin has publicly hinted he knows the whole ‘Snowden’ story is a con, as there was nothing really ‘new’ in the ‘revelations’, it was all over the internet during the 00s that tech is spying on everyone.

      Snowden, it seems, was just meant to ‘normalise’ all the spying for the normies … plus fool people into thinking the NY Times and UK Guardian and Greenwald were ‘trustworthy journalists’ for whistle-blowers

      There was even a laughable photo-story of UK officials physically ‘smashing up the Guardian computers’ which allegedly had the Snowden files, as if the Guardian wouldn’t save a copy elsewhere. It was all ridiculous.

    • Jews move quickly to maintain control of both sides of any issue in the forefront while most Whites have no clue.

  2. Yes, the American people will give the Retardicans both chambers and what will they do, bumble and fumble trying to behave like Demoncrats.

    • Yes indeed. Like in 1994, 2010, 2016. Everytime YT starts to sense that sizzling temperature is getting a mite uncomfortable in Uncle Schmuel’s eternal frying pan, the R-jerseys pull this dead, maggot-encrusted rabbit out of their Max Boot fedora and wave it. YT picks up the offered shit and promptly stuffs it into his pockets, convinced this time it’s really gold and that stripper really does like him. It’s like Deja-vu all over again, or watching endless reruns of Ground Hog Day.

      For a race whose advocates often boast of their great intelligence, whites are remarkably dumb. Even the field-negroes get some of the promised swag from the D-jerseys. What does YT ever get from Repukes? N-O-T-H-I-N-G but empty promises. It’s like stealing candy from a baby … Well it’s getting close to Halloween so here’s the latest in scary fashion for the kiddies.

  3. Rabbi gellman can eat shit. These people are now screaming and crying, pointing the finger at the right wing for doing nothing more then what the left and deep state have been doing since and the 1960s. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  4. These people say they don’t hate Europeans but then in the next breath speak with poorly hidden contempt about much they hate Europeans. It never ceases to shock me the lack of honesty these people have.

  5. I’m betting on a false.flag. Will the American boobs buy that the evil Ruskies or chinks or ragheads did it? Of course they will.

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