Rishi Sunak To Become First Mystery Meat British Prime Minister

Meanwhile in the UK, the Tories have proven unable to reform themselves since BREXIT and in thrall to 1980s nostalgia. The Conservative Party is going through a political meltdown.

In the future, conservative parties will either become national populist parties or commit suicide and go extinct like the Tories are about to in the next election. The GOP needs to look long and hard at what has happened to the UK under Boris Johnson and Liz Truss since BREXIT.

Doubling down on racist rhetoric is a winner. Embracing conspiracy theories is a winner. Channeling working class resentment against liberal elites is a winner. Lib owning is a winner. Trying to be the second coming of Ronald Reagan like Paul Ryan or Mike Pence is a massive loser.

Note: This would be like the Democrats winning every Southern state.


  1. Rishi Sunak is not the 1st non-White to become British Prime Minister as #CNN and #MSNBC are saying. Benjamin Disraeli, a Jew was the 1st non-White to become British PM. That’s a fact!

      • Johnson’s paternal great-grandfather was a half Turkish diplomat, as opposed to Disraeli whose parents were Jews from Jewish families.

      • (1) Boris is part-Turk. But Turks are Anatolian whites who because Muslim rather than descendants of Mongoloid Asiatics. If they became nominally Christian, they would be accepted as fully European.

        (2) There was a mixed race Anglo-Indian PM of the UK from 1804-1806. Look up “Robert Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool” on Wikipedia and elsewhere. He was 15/16th white (with some white Portuguese blood) and 1/16th Indian (Sunak’s folks). So the Brits have done it 220 years ago with a mestizo PM. He was a opponent of Catholic emancipation in the UK (which included Catholic Ireland at that time).

        • Turks are NOT White, in any way, shape, or form. They are a race of thieves and murderers.

    • Sunak is no mystery. He is a typical high-bourgeois product of Oxford, Stanford and Goldman Sachs, proven reliable, capitalist to the bone.

      A victory of “Labour,” the other big Anglo-Zionist capitalist party, will change nothing either. Voting will change nothing.

      • Exactly true. Behind door 1 is the Bankstein-Tory party; behind door 2 is the Bankstein-Labour party; behind door 3 is the Bankstein-Liberal Dem party; behind 4 is the Bankstein Scottish “nationalist” party. It’s all very similar to Henry Ford’s legendary choice of color for the Model T. In fact, they even had a literal analog to this choice in Illnoize some years ago when the “choice” of US senator was between Alan Keyes (negro carpetbagging for the R-jerseys) and B. Hussein Obama (negro for the D-jerseys). For those unaware, Ford’s famous response when asked about color choice for his popular automobile was that “you can have any color you like as long as it’s black”. Bankstein democracy works very much like Bankstein free-markets do.

      • Sunak is 100% Indian ancestry. Father’s family was an from Indian enclave in some African colony, while mother’s family is all from India proper. He’s also 100% Goldman-Sachs, e.g. a step-n-fetchit for (((City of London))). Cuck Island’s version of Housenigga Hussein. To borrow from the late Billy Graham, the fact that one is born in a garage does not make one a car. Those who consider this Pajeet colonist as “British” are deluded believers in magic dirt.

  2. Truss was supremely incompetent. Surely Sunak can’t do worse? I have personally known highly qualified British Indians who would make great political leaders (but they would never run for, or even want such an office).

    Tories are still toast at the next general election. They squandered political capital from Brexit and failed to capitalize on Trump’s stint in the WH.

  3. They don’t call it Cuck Island for nothing (not that I see the US as much better).

    Bradford: Police charge 24th man in child sex abuse inquiry

    Omar Taj, 35, from Bradford, is due before Bradford Magistrates’ Court later charged with rape.


    Bradford: 23 men charged with child sex abuse

    Jameel Ahmed, 32, Brian Davis, 53, Khalid Parvez, 63, Mohammed Nadeem Ali, 38, Muhammad Yasir, 36

    Of course rape and sexual servitude generally is what the women of a weak, conquered people usually suffer — I think some people here need to keep that in mind.

    • Muzzies are so simple-minded. Who else names their kids after their primary prophet? Buddhists don’t name their boys Buddha. Christians don’t name their boys Jesus. Jews don’t name their boys Satan.

      • The name Jesus is common in Spanish and Portugese speaking countries, most of which are at least nominally Christian.

  4. For years, Jim Rogers has been warning of the certain demise of the UK, based on it’s massive debt load. I think this will be the camel that breaks the straw’s back.

  5. Plaid Cymru, the Welsh nationalist party, is hanging on, the bright green area on the map. The Welsh Socialist (formerly Militant Labour) and Welsh Communist parties currently have no elected MPs. The twin (Conservative and Labour) Anglo-Zionist capitalist parties dominate the (s)elections in Wales.

    • A question for you: Is Plaid Cymru really a nationalist party? Or is it a fake-nationalist party like the SNP and Sinn Fein – e.g. let’s become “independent” of England (ha-ha) by handing over sovereignty to the EUSSR administrative division of the Empire of Lies for free fake-money. The Catalan party in Spain is also a fake-nationalist party. A true nationalist party would not be joined to either the USSA, EUSSR, NATO or even the UN all of which are controlled by the Empire of Lies operated from (((Wall Street))) and the (((City of London))).

      • I agree. Yes PLC has become fake nationalist, nothing like Byddin Rhyddid Cymru (Free Wales Army) and the Patriotic Front which have disbanded. Also the socialist party is not really Welsh nationalist; it has become woke and Trotskyist. Wales is kept in submission and is still poorer than any country in Europe except Ukraine and Moldova, and no longer sets a revolutionary example for Britain.

        • “Wales is kept in submission and is still poorer than any country in Europe except Ukraine and Moldova, and no longer sets a revolutionary example for Britain.”

          Whether or not a country is materially poor, or not, is not a good measure of it, or of it’s state..

          What makes a country really poor is their spirit, and, sad to say, The Welsh have been in various states of befuddlement since Edward Longshanks.

          When it comes to submissiveness, sad to say – The Welsh remind me of my own people – White Southerners.

          • Ivan Turgenev, if I may chime in Ivan, The welsh have been known to produce, some fine, good looking woman flesh, for that, I offer my compliments, speaking of the welsh, Ivan their is a woman, running against gretchen whitmer, in the governor’s race, her name is Tudor dixon, the Tudor’s we:re, are Welsh royalty, Henry the eighth, was of the house of Tudor, I saw Tucker Carlson interview miss Dixon, she is a very pretty woman, dark headed and dark eyes as the welsh are known to be, I think she encapsulates, the attractiveness of welsh femininity, quite nicely, I wish her luck, I hope she wins the election, she seems really nice, like the way white girls used too be…..

  6. Today marks perhaps what may be the greatest triumph ever for International Jewry – England is now headed by a non-Brit.

    If Poles bristled under Reich governor Hans Frank, then Brits, if there are any real ones left, ought bristle at this.

    Of course, some will say that this is no worse than having a scalawag of your own kind in charge, but, to my way of thinking, this is even worse – for it is a sign that you are completely owned.

    This goes all the way back to the 17th century – when Cromwell, paying back his supporters, let Jews back into Britain, and then Charles II, who granted Rothschild to start ‘The Bank of England’.

    350 years it has taken to get to this point, but, here we are – Jews in charge of what is arguably the greatest White Gentile nation in history.

    My wife, however, thinks the Brits are to blame – for they refuse to face the truth of their situation. To that I wryly quippt : ‘Not far behind are we in America, are we, Dear?’

    Maybe that was wrong to say, for we did have a Kenyan as president from 2008-2016.

    • The Jews had no political rights in Britain until the time of Victoria and Disraeli. Disraeli claimed conversion to Christianity.

      • @Orange…

        Yes, that was the rule for White Gentile nations of the day.

        It ought be the rule now.

        I appreciate how well-informed you are.

      • Indeed, Arrian, only give them time to opt for some other language other than English.

        Of course, in fairness, The Brits ditched their own language after The Norman Conquest – that process complete by the time of George I.

        That said, when they ditched Ye Olde Ænglisc, they at least ditched it for an amalgam of other European languages.

        This time, they´ll probably pick some like Urdu – this in order to better ‘perfect’ themselves and ‘their’ nation…

        • “The Brits ditched their own language after The Norman Conquest (…) they ditched Ye Olde Ænglisc”:

          The original language of Britain was not Germanic Old English but Celtic Brythonic, of which there were only a few traces in Old English.

          • So they ditched their own language at least twice, Methryr – that’s even worse!

            Good comment of yours – I’ll have to be on my tiptoes around you!

    • “Cromwell (…) let Jews back into Britain”:

      Not really. Some always remained. They were present before, in, and after the “revolution.”

    • Don’t forget that Disraeli was an arch-imperialist and he led Britain to the height of its power, prestige and glory. Jews were heavily involved in the British Empire. Look up Cecil Rhodes’ relationship with Nathan Rothschild, Barney Barnato and Alfred Beit.

  7. “What the Alchemical managers have bred over a millenia is a human race of the most wretched stupidity and ignorance unrivalled in thousands of years.
    These blind slaves are told they are “free” and “highly educated” even as they march behind signs that would cause any medieval peasant to run screaming away from them in panic-stricken terror. The symbols that modern man embraces with the naive trust of an infant would be tantamount to billboards reading, “This way to your death and enslavement.”

    Micheal Hoffman II

  8. Since when did the British people think that some half nigger looking foreigner who had no right to be in their country in the first place should be running the government?

    Well, these are the same people who thought anal retentive assholes buggering each other in the ass is marriage. And have shut Christianity down as a working group.

    Abortion on demand, homosexuality celebrated, governments run by over educated Indians, I guess they are trying to get rid of the United Kingdom as a world power as quickly as possible. Regrettably they are not alone in western Europe in suicidal thinking.

    • Why we need Putin to win in Ukraine. Chain reaction to topple all the traitor fag hirelings running European governments. Slava Rossiya!

  9. The people are celebrating the decline of their country because they have been brainwashed into believing open borders is a good thing and diversity makes people come together. As Arrian said above, at least they’re not speaking German.

  10. Man … England sucks. At this rate the center of Englishness will probably be centered on Birmingham, Alabama rather than the original Birmingham in England.

  11. No mystery meat – he’s Panjabi.
    The mostly Panjabi Indian Army won more VCs than any Scots or Irish.

    The Pashtuns laid out the Americans & Russians.
    White Nats beg for respect, don’t know how to give it||


    • @Sher Singh—–Come on, anybody can be corrupted by money and power. All it takes is to lose sight of God. You know the new guy is tight with Klaus and the WEF, right?

  12. Enoch Powell tried to warn these fools, and look what they have now. But we all know the problem started long before that final warning. Cuck Island….you earned this, and you need to apologize to the rest of Europe, and White people everywhere.

  13. Yes let us concern ourselves with Russians ruling Kiev. Instead of a Jew. Nothing Fishy about Rishi Ruling London. It’s all perfectly normal in the life of a nation.

  14. Once again, I have proof that I’ve got my ears to the accurate streets.

    His net worth is over $800 million. Most of that comes from his wife, and in turn most of that is rooted in the sale of Infosys, which is what is pejoratively known as a bodyshop. In that it facilitates the replacement of native born people in their countries’ CSIT-STEM industries, with cheap labor immigrant H-1B style Indians.

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