Liz Cheney: Kevin McCarthy Wants To Abandon Freedom

Liz Cheney and her ilk will be gone soon.


  1. Though I dislike her politics I have generally found Miss Liz to be forthright and honest.

    That so, I have no reason to doubt this statement of hers.

    So, apparently soon-to-be Speaker McCarthy realizes he has a choice – get with the MAGA program, of which the anti-war plank is a major part – or be fired.

    Okay, so ambition has won the day with him – no big surprise.

  2. >Liz Cheney and her ilk will be gone soon.

    She will no longer hold office, but she will still be around — she’s a figurehead, albeit not at all an appealing one, so it is not clear to me why she is repeatedly trotted out — perhaps they want to present her as a kind of model Republican.

    linkWhy does every advanced democracy seem to have the same kind of culture war? Why is it particularly bad in the United States? … I present a theory of class resentment based on greater wealth, feminization, and the nature of modern communications technology.

    I don’t think a ‘theory’ is really needed — it’s obvious that civilization is generally dsygenic, and the US has become a feminized society with an overwhelming victim culture, one that practically fetishizes freakishness, especially aberrant sexual behavior, including self-harm via medical/surgical ‘transitions’, something that in other mental health contexts is seen as a sign of profound mental illness — these kinds of harmful and corrosive practices would have been marginalized long ago in any society that is healthy in the evolutionary sense, which is obviously not true of modern Western societies today.

    As I mentioned before, accommodating women and ‘diversity’ will doom any society — you see this playing out across the West today — while due to lower average IQ, a much smaller ‘smart fraction’, and other factors, muslim nations are economically and technically inferior, they enforce constraints on the roles and behavior of women, and still have largely intact, healthier family structures.

    • >they enforce constraints on the roles and behavior of women

      It’s not like any of this is new — it was long recognized, if not often explicitly stated, that unfettering women leads to societal decay:

      Spengler On Birthrates, Feminism, And Collapse

      linkOswald Spengler said that once having children becomes a subject of conscious choice and deliberation instead of a natural inevitability of life your civilization is basically over

  3. This thing about the 101st in Romania is all psychological bullshit. The US would need far more than 4700 woke boys, girls, and trannys to take on the Russkies. More like 200x that number. Nor are “we” prepared to handle the casualties that would result.

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