Chuck Todd: Both Parties Think The Other Will Destroy America

Real America has the momentum.

Democrats could have another 2020 level meltdown.


  1. You read it here 1st: The Republicans will win BIG next month, because Blacks, Latinos and even the Judeo-Catholics won’t vote in the mid-terms in numbers. They never do!

    White Republicans will be out in force. Count on it.

    • They don’t have to vote, the democrat machine just harvests all the ballots in their ghetto districts and you have 97% turnout 97% for the democrats… After all “community organizer” = ballot harvester.

  2. There are 2 weeks before Midterm elections. Important national and state and local elections.

    I highly recommend people here and elsewhere even remotely connected to Southern Nationalism, Patriotic immigration controls, opposing Neo Con/ZOG wars, opposing Critical Race Theory, sexual grooming LGBT of our children, I highly recommend people keep a low profile the next two weeks and:

    1) Don’t talk to the media (MSM, Zio Media, Christian Zionist media)

    2) Don’t take to law enforcement, FBI, DOJ, BATF or just law enforcement (Keep cool and calm follow these sensible 10 rules for avoiding hostile police encounters

    3) Don’t go drinking with loud “talkers”, revolutionary fantasy types. Clean up your home, your hard drives. The system regime, not just ZOG is looking for some big RACIST event to get out the vote in the ghettos. They’ll use their RINO, Cuckservatives, Christian ZIonists prostitutes to “DENOUNCE RACISM”. Blah, Blah, Blah.

    Learn these words:

    “I have nothing to say”.

    Never do a taped, edited taped interview.

    Stay calm and cool.

    We’ll think of practical things to do in a month.

    Take care brothers and sisters.

  3. “Both Parties Think The Other Will Destroy America…”

    Two Americas exist – maybe more.

    Ultimately, if we all are to be at ease with where we live, we have to acknowledge this reality and take the appropriate action – national divorce.

  4. The only thing I’m worried about is getting rid of the filibuster in the name of human sacri….er I mean abortion. That would be a huge hurdle removed and move us dangerously close to “our democracy”.

  5. It’s already destroyed and the ballot box is just more smoke and mirrors kabuki in muh democracy.
    Internationalists own all of the Uniparty and the Long March is complete.

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