Armed Protesters Target Oregon Drag Queen Storytime

Kyle thinks Steve Deace is a psychopath for believing this is happening.


  1. The hell with these degenerate lowlifes. The parents should be arrested and their children put in homes of families that will not destroy their innocence.

    • Agree with you, John. This is straight up Satanism. I wrote my State representative, a Republican, and told him pretty much the same thing you said, he didn’t even bother a reply.

  2. Joe Biden had drag queen Dylan Mulvaney over to the White House. Here is a picture of Dylan—-

    Dylan is Irish and like I have been saying the plague of sexual perversion and sexual deviance is a result of incestuous breeding. Those who breed and produce children within their own bloodline, ie the Jews and the Irish produce an inordent amount of homosexuals and sex deviants and God has cast a plague on them. God does not approve of Irish and Jewish breeding practices.

      • @Gerry Adams, IRA Supreme Commander——-Uncle Ted, the best of the Irish is going to end up lying in a pool of his own filth on a prison cell floor to weak to get up and no one coming to help. He is a symbol for what God has in story for your kind Mick, take heed. Your time is coming Christ killer.

    • So @BrownClown…

      While you are professing your moral superiority (whoever you really are) over others whom you despise how about supplying us with specific detailed Scriptures from God’s Holy Bible to back up your condemnations and prove that NONE of the individuals in the demographic you belong to engages in ANY of these sins you are condemning — we wouldn’t want a hypocrite preaching to us now would we since Christ openly condemned the hypocrites of His day. I know, I know you will just get real quiet and slip away and come back a few days later with more attacks but at least you are running away…as usual…

      • No dispute Dylan Mulvaney is Irish, correct? Look at the kind of sick disgusting filth your kind is bring in to this world. I know, I know, I know Dylan is a tranny becuase he is a tranny not because he is Irish, just like Uncle Ted is a pedophile because he is a pedophile not because he is Irish, and Irish sex deviant A thru Z are all sex deviants because they are sex deviants not because they are Irish, right professor? There is no connection between sexual deviancy and Irish blood no matter how many Irish homosexuals and transexuals you see sashaying, here, there and every where. Understood schmuck.

        • So hypocrite, just how many sexual deviants are in your “closet” demographic? List them. I know, I know, they may assign you another (not preferred) cubicle at the SPLC if you do.

          If you can’t attack the Irish you will just switch to attacking other Whites, won’t you anti-White son of Satan?

          • Is Ryan Murphy Irish? You know he has got a husband, David Miller, a Jew. So here you got highlighted in spades the truth of what I have been saying. Why aren’t there any Lutherans trannsexuals and homosexuals doing any of the strange deviant stuff? When you do search out Lutheran trannies you know what you get, Megan Rohrer and Asher O’Callaghan. Are there any non-Irish name Megan or O’Callaghan?? I know it is evil for speaking the truth, and for seeing Gods great love and blessing the Irish people with….with tranny freaks.

          • So what is your “closet” demographic, hypocrite? I am sure we can drag some “skeletons” out — clawing and screaming all the way. You can dish it out but you sure can’t take it and just run away and hide in your closet.

            Fess Up!

          • @BannedforLife———–The devil has no reflection. I am asking you to self reflect, to look at yourself and your own kind and see what others see, and you want to attack, God have mercy on you, you are going to hell.

          • Still trying to deflect.

            Fess Up! You point the finger at the Irish — White people — which you obviously are not. You can’t take it if someone attacks your demographic, otherwise you would tell us what your race/ethnic group is. Why are you so self-loathing that you despise your own race/ethnic group?

            Fess Up!

  3. “Russia Considers Complete Ban On LGBT ‘Propaganda’; Deportation, Huge Fines Proposed (…) Nearly 400 deputies of the Russian lower house have signed the legislative package (…) completely banning ‘propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations’ (…) It will reportedly encompass mass media, books, the internet, advertisements and movies. The proposed amendments will introduce punishments for these relations as well as for ‘justifying pedophilia and disseminating information that inclines minors to change their sex’ (…) Russia passed its gay propaganda law in 2013, banning ‘the promotion of non-traditional sexual relations’ to minors. However, that law is no longer enough (…) If we consider the propaganda and approval of LGBT as a tool of hybrid warfare (and no one has any doubts about this today), then it poses a danger not only to our children but to the whole society (…) This is a law that protects future generations from the propaganda of perversions. We have entered a decisive stage in the battle for our traditional family, moral and religious values, the result of which can only be victory – we have no other options. The future of Russia is at stake,’ the statement continued. Foreigners found guilty of ‘promoting LGBT’ could be deported or fined up to $13,000 (…) Russian citizens reportedly risk fines as well. Distributing online content that promotes gender transition among minors will become punishable by a maximum fine of $65,000. Similar fines would be imposed for “LGBT propaganda” targeting adult audiences online, and the fine for distributing the same type of content among minors can reach $81,000. Meanwhile, those promoting pedophilia online could face a fine of up to $162,000″:

    Even now, before the bill is passed and enforced, Russia already ranks “176th out of 202 countries in the 2021 Gay Travel Index. The index, published yearly since 2012 by the Spartacus International Gay Guide, measures the legal situation and living conditions for members of the queer community”: Ibid.

    In Russia under Stalin’s leadership the punishment for sodomy was years of labour in Siberia, on the first offense.

    • So, though it seems like the Twilight Zone to any rational American, gay sex is the primary reason that the antiwhite US gov is working to start a World War, and believes that regime change is necessary Russia. All you really have to know is that the US gov condones and insanely promotes homosexuality, transgenderism, and drag queens in public schools, and Russia doesn’t, and in fact, disallows this behavior and it’s leader has defined it as Satanic.

      Once the antiwhite US gov allowed the act of sodomy to be legal, things just got worse and worse, and of course the gay agenda from the beginning wdirect consequence of allowing women political to abuse and indoctrinat children. For decades, Americans were assured that homosexuality was just about “what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedrooms”. From there, faggots went to “We’re just like everyone else and want to get married”, and to their present demands, “We want to chemically castrate your children and if you’re opposed, we take your children and send you to jail.” in less than a decade. Homosexuals grooming children is a direct consequence of the normalization of homosexuality.

      • “gay sex is the primary reason that the antiwhite US gov is working to start a World War, and believes that regime change is necessary in Russia. All you really have to know is that the US gov condones and insanely promotes homosexuality, transgenderism, and drag queens in public schools, and Russia doesn’t, and in fact, disallows this behavior and its leader has defined it as Satanic”:,

        No. That is only an excuse, like “defense of democracy,” that is being used to justify.

        The real reason for the endless war to destroy Russia is the Elites’ demand for control of all Russian wealth and resources (natural, monetary and human) and to extinguish every last burning ember of socialism, even the memory of socialism, that still exists in Russia – and in China, and anywhere else in the world that ethno-national socialism still exists.

      • Note that the Russian officials and legislators explicitly recognize LGBT as a weapon of the hybrid warfare that is being used against Russia. The U.S.’s LGBT psychological WEAPON is an existential threat, to the very existence of Russia, to all Russian people; and it must be stopped.

        But remember: this capitalist-imperialist war to finish destroying and dismembering whatever is left of Russia is all about MONEY. It is NOT about protecting these so-called individual rights, a mere smokescreen!

        • Yes, I would have to agree with you on their ultimate goal, but it’s a no less defensible position, US/NATO destruction and pillage of a sovereign country than the sick promotion by the US gov of man on man sex. Every official in the US gov, elected or appointed, so called conservatives, “Christians” or not, and lunatic liberals are promoting sexual degeneracy and pedophilia, and the sheeple are too stupid to take the correct moral position.

    • Sodomy law established under Stalin was not repealed until after the Soviet Union was dissolved. I’ve read that up to 250,000 male homosexuals, and I am not sure how many lesbians, were convicted and imprisoned (put to hard labour for two to five years on the first offense) under the law, with peaks of enforcement in the 1930s under Stalin and in the 1970s under Leonid Brezhnev.

      During the early years of Bolshevism until the banishment of Trotsky and triumph of Stalin, homosexuality had been decriminalized.

    • “Russia Considers Complete Ban On LGBT ‘Propaganda’; Deportation, Huge Fines Proposed (…) Nearly 400 deputies of the Russian lower house have signed the legislative package (…) completely banning ‘propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations’ (…)

      Since Griner is a homosexual, maybe Russia might give her the “James Field” treatment and add more years to her 9 years for a mere drug charge.

      Let’s hope she becomes an example of how decadent the West really is for all to see. But I am sure the Yankee Empire will not wake up and will one day have to finally be nuked into oblivion for all the nations they have left ruined in their wake as Sherman left naked chimneys of the businesses and homes he had burned in his paths of destruction across Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina.

      Secede now!

      May God save the South!

  4. Kyle doesn’t actually make an argument here.
    He doesn’t address the fact that introducing kids to drag is introducing them to a hypersexualized, drug fueled culture.
    He doesn’t address the fact that many of these drags are scantily clad and dance provocatively in front of kids.
    That they’re wearing fetish wear.
    That they’re conditioning kids to look at and perform for adults sexually.

    He just mindlessly regurgitates leftist talking points, smears and thinks that makes him smart.
    Nothing weird about kids handing hypersexualized drags dollar bills while they dance provocatively, eh Kyle?
    It never occurs to him that while not all leftists are perverts, some of them are, and could be hiding their perversions behind a thin veneer of ‘tolerance’.
    That blatant sexual abuse of minors could be happening on the left.
    No of course not, that’s something that only happens at church and on the right, right?
    It never occurs to him because he’s not a sincere, thoughtful person, like he tries to portray himself as, just another ideologue, a dime a dozen.

    • You said it better than I could. He’s not sincere, thoughtful, or introspective. He’s completely closed his mind to his side being wrong on anything.

    • There is no way reasonable people can co-exist with any of these lunatics, no matter what color they are. They’re never going to change course of their own volition. Libs are out to destroy our society and murder anyone who disagrees with them. America has been taken over by the same jews who took over Russia in 1918. The first law the jews put into effect was capital punishment, DEATH! — for any talk against the jews.

      Jew driven liberalism is the systematic destruction of everything good that Western society has put in place. Liberals use equality, political correctness, and non-discrimination as their means to break down every institution and dissolve the identity of America. Homosexual child molestation now overlaps significantly with the so-called “tranny agenda. Jews defend and practice pedophelia and you better believe they’d promote beastiality, too, if they thought it would move their sick ideology forward.

      Jews don’t create anything. They can only destroy. Liberals are about the business of tearing down the superior Western culture. They work relentlessly to bring down our society to the level of their designated victims and call it equality. Under the guise of equality, Liberals take our ordered, structured, society, and drag down the good, to devalue our superior culture and bring all groups down to the same level. Equality at any cost, is the principle; non-discrimination is the means, and destruction of the West, is the end.

    • Now James Bell you know smoking could be hazardous to their health so no smokes before execution!

  5. Fascinating strategy or just right for Terminal Peak Stupidity?
    In need of a good laugh?
    A box wine auntie true CPUSA believer said…I’m so glad Biden has the country back on the right track.
    One guy just got up and left and we waited till she left before gut busting laughs.

  6. With their fright wigs and grotesque makeup aren’t those fags making a crude mockery of women? How is that any different from whites performing minstrel shows in blackface?

  7. If Whitey can’t or won’t stop the sexual exploitation of his own children then he richly deserves to go extinct and be replaced by Mohammedans.

    • “Whitey can’t or won’t stop the sexual exploitation of his own children”

      Whitney won’t organize, support his own kind.

      Who do you think will make it to the playoffs, I’m going with the 49ers.

  8. >Armed Protesters Target Oregon Drag Queen Storytime
    >Christian nationalists square off with Antifa in Eugene, OR

    I don’t get your spin on this; or rather, it’s contrary to my understanding of what happened.

    I think the ‘Christian nationalists’ were there to protest the show, while antifa was there to confront them, and some of the antifa were armed — you must admit, it does not make much sense for ‘Christian nationalists’ to show up armed to protest a drag show — nor does it make much that antifa would protest a drag show — ?

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