John Fetterman Bombs In Pennsylvania Senate Debate


Fetterman is worse off Joe Biden.


  1. If I were a Pennsylvania resident, I’d go register to vote just to vote for Fetterman for the lulz. I genuinely hope Fetterman gets elected. Watching the JewSA become a total farce at least gives us some chuckles as it burns.

    • The entertainment factor in politics is never properly accounted for. It’s a big dog-and-pony show anyway and they’re all on the take at the end of the day, one way or another. Might as well get as many laughs out of the fiasco as possible as the GloboHomo Pedo Shopping Mall Empire crashes.

      Fetterman looked and sounded like he had just been huffing paint before he went on stage so he did his part to be entertaining. He really looked like shit, didn’t he?

    • “Watching the JewSA become a total farce at least gives us some chuckles ”

      Remember that, when the depression comes. hope you have lots of laughs.

      • Any suggestions other than chuckling? I’m all ears. Ooooo I know! Let’s make some shields out of plywood and go fight Antifa in the park! Sorry for the sarcasm, but it’s sad and we are a prostrate people, and there just isn’t much to do but wait for this Satanic system to crumble, or at least stumble so we can rip it apart at the first sign of weakness.

  2. He’ll probably get “elected”. TPTB will rig the election just to show they can get away with it and laugh in everyone’s face. Doing stuff like that gives them a bigger ‘high’ than the lawless act itself does.

  3. He recently had a stroke. I don’t follow these career politicians, but I believe he was articulate enough before the stroke.

  4. Fetterman isn’t radical or extreme at all. He belongs to the system, or he could never have advanced to this position. He thinks or claims that the system can be reformed, but it can’t.

  5. Not an Oz fan by any stretch, but if I lived in Pennsylvania I’d vote for him. Keeping Fetterman on the ballot is highly unethical and if the Democrats had any decency they’d have him bow out of the race. Fetterman is a puppet with no mind of his own. He can’t be allowed in the Senate.

    • Certainly, a Senator Fetterman would add to the destruction of America, but certainly, there’s nothing odd about a US Senator not having a mind of his own, and being a puppet, or being an idiot They’re all idiots!. They’re all puppets and take their orders from the (((deep state))) and follow those orders implicitly. Do any of them think for themselves? Why is there not one Senator, most of them being White, who would speak up for the interests of the White majority? On the contrary, there isn’t one Senator who isn’t antiwhite, and who would not hesitate one second to speak up for jews and all other nonwhites. How is this possible if they had a mind of their own? And who in their right mind would continue to vote for sending billions to the Ukraine, a border dispute of countries 6000 miles away, when there is more than an even chance this policy could cause nuclear devastation and the death of millions in the US? Unfortunately, it really doesn’t matter who’s in there. They all do what they’re told.

  6. Goonie Sloth and a foreigner from Turkey?
    Honk that horn loud and proud and societies that are too stupid to exist get put out of misery.
    We are Penn State…in a free candy van with no windows.
    Honk! HOnk!

    • Yes, I noticed that – I was frankly very scared of his Muslim Turkish name Mehmet Oz. But he does look and sound very White European and there are many Turkish people that are this way – kind of like Lebanese Maronite Christians or Sicilian Italians. Kind of lower on the White European scale, but this often results in them trying harder to fight for the White Western Civilization scale.

      Turkish Nationalist leader Kemal Ataturk is one nationalist leader I highly respect and Ataturk was also very White, European looking and thinking.

      Kemalism is a very viable system for majority Islamic societies.

  7. O/T-Just read about a CA bay bridge that democrats mandated CCP/PRC build using a company with zero experience in bridge building with tech out of favor since the 1960’s.
    No American workers or materials were used and it was years late and $5 billion over budget.
    An architect says he will not use it and the next earthquake may cause it to collapse…you can almost hear the gut busting laughter in Beijing.

  8. The Democrats are running candidates who are way too old, sick or senile to be in office yet they are still smart enough to have almost total control of the national government. Strange times indeed.

  9. Dr Oz is an undercover democrat. He’s all for the blacks (based on many of his past comments and appearance on The Breakfast Club)

  10. You can’t Vote your way out of the System!

    Coming from a Yankee out of Penn Woods!

    Please come visit Gettysburg soon!
    Or Portland Maine sorry Oregon!

    Remember you can’t vote your way OUT!

  11. Don’t worry 97% of the blacks will vote for him lock, step, and barrel. The 3% that don’t just can’t read well enough to check the “D” on the ballot. It doesn’t matter how bad it gets, the blacks will turn up and drink the democratic cool aid to the end because they know the jewish mafia run democrats are the only reason they are propped into the position they are. Unlike emperor Maximillian of Mexico, a puppet propped up by the French Army who actually thought he could stand on his own. The blacks know the overthrow of the anglo elite by the jewish mafia in the mid 20th century is the only reason they enjoy the false status that they do today and without them they’d inevitably side back to last place…like the Detroit Lions.

  12. “(B)lacks know the overthrow of the anglo elite by the jewish mafia in the mid 20th century is the only reason they enjoy the false status that they do today and without them they’d inevitably side back to last place…like the Detroit Lions”:

    Sometimes “THEY” are NOT propping up Blacks (to use them), but pushing them down.
    Blacks in Haiti are aware that the Anglo- and Euro- Talmudic elites force them down (and the same is true in most of neo-colonised Black Africa). A high IQ is not needed to grasp basically how the system works. Open your mind and learn the truth. This is a good source for learning:

  13. Memet Oz has a very scary, Turkish Muslim name. But he looks and sounds very White European. There are a lot of Turkish people that are this way, it comes from Turkish conquest of Greek, Serbian, Armenian, Romanian European Christian peoples.

    That said, This Mehmet Oz guy looked and sounded sensible and White. Is the Federman a J Chosenite?

  14. I would not put myself through that and if he had true friends, as opposed to demonic democrat operatives, they would have set him down and talked him out of this.

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