Fetterneck’s Implosion On Debate Stage Unleashes Ableism Debate On Twitter

If you are unwilling to vote for a human vegetable, you are an ableist!


  1. Oz vs. Fetterman: Oz’s command of the English language isn’t perfect either. Do you ever wonder when talking to an immigrant or a child of immigrants if they actually understand what you are saying? This includes the educated childern of immigrants like Oz.

  2. Dr. Steve Turley is right when, in his report today, he drew an analogy between Mr. Fetterman’s sad mental state with that of the Democrat Party – and, as well, the cities they rule.

    That said, I think it is not just indicative of the Democrat Party, but, of this once great nation and it’s governing edifice – rotten out at the core from the WEF/Bilderburg Group Internationalist termites who have leecht so continually at it’s core that it is dangerously brittle at best.

  3. Translation: the commie faggots are in a rage-panic because they see the Senate slip-slidin’ away.

    Of course that hardly means we should be doing cartwheels. When has Repuglicant control of anything ever led to a good White outcome?

    Still, watching those scum twist ‘n’ shout is always satisfying.

  4. This also demonstrates how short Soros bench is. They can’t find any normal candidate anymore both in US but also in Europe.

    All people with IQ have jumped the ship.

    Soviet Union had similar problem. Our holy half dead leaders were put in charge because system was so rot that they could not trust anybody outside their small inner circle.

  5. “If you want to know who rules over you, ask who you aren’t allowed to criticize”

    Me….So I can’t criticize retards?


    Me….Everything is crystal clear now.

  6. He will likely win, and become a literal golem under the direct control of the Democrat party.

    I can’t think of a more fitting spectacle to encapsulate how totally talmudic the national parties have become.

  7. The Left is once again trying to stretch the credulity of the voters by playing word games. There’s no doubt, though. Many will fall for it exposing the incredible stupidity of the electorate. A politician uses his brains to do his job. If someone is brain impaired, they’re just not suited for a political position. Would it be a good idea to hire a blind man for a school crossing guard? Would someone deaf be a good music critic? No, these liberals are whackos.

  8. If you are in PA vote for the Turkish Muslim if you so choose, but if you are a Christian or a white person, you won’t. Vote for the ghoul or else go fishing.

  9. A bunch of blue-check shitlibs on Twitter do not give an accurate indication of what public opinion is on any given issue. And they all try to out-shitlib each other, because that is the only approved position one can take on Twitter.

  10. Looking at it from the Dem perspective, how much of a functioning brain do you need to vote the party line?

    To give just one example, Patty Murray’s being doing it for years.

  11. Czar Putin & Chairman Xi have got to be laughing their asses off at us.

    All they have to do is play the long game and watch ZOG implode.

    (Putin has pushed Draghi & Johnson out of office in just a few short months of hybrid warfare )

    • “pushed Draghi & Johnson out of office”:

      Meloni and Sunak are in their places, no better. The vaunted Populist, Meloni, as reactionary and warmongering as can be, is doubling down on austerity. Voting will not change the system.

  12. How much time did you spend digging up these tweets from the lunatic fringe?

    Behold the glorious end stage of ‘muh democracy’ — and we should worry that this is under threat from magafascists?

    linkIt was the high point of our political order. Brain damaged hobo versus weird Turkish carny. This is liberal democracy.

    This dumb spectacle should alert more people to the fact that today being a member of Congress is a position, not a job — how much work do you think someone like e.g. Nancy Pelosi does? — how much time do you think she spends investigating how to represent the people in her district? — does anyone seriously believe she represents or keeps in mind the best interest of the people in her district at all? — congressional staffs do whatever work is actually done.

    So whoever wins this election will be a figurehead, one who is expected to vote a certain way on legislation co-written by congressional staff and lobbyists — I think Fetterman probably has enough cognitive function to understand and perform this function.

    The executive branch is responsible for implementing legislation, and that is primarily composed of leftist bureaucrats (link) with almost ironclad job security, along with a relatively small number of political appointees — congressional oversight of this is nominal, ceremonial, and toothless, as anyone who watches hearings and their outcome can see.

  13. Brandon promised wifey the spot.
    The faux Spirit Halloween costume shows her with his name on the label.
    Just as historic drapes czar Dr. Jill pushes Beijing Biden.



    Nick Fuentes BLAMES black failures on White southern culture.

    I’ve made it very clear I’m NOT a southerner nor am I a yankee who romanticizes the south like some northern WN’s do (I’m not a white nationalists)

    What makes theory so dumb is that at the time the South *DID* have a very robust college educated upper class. Sam Dickson knows the actual stats and did a great breakdown in southern higher education… what is true is that many southern states have adopted the anti-intellectualism stereotype that Yankees projected on them as apart of their civil war propaganda… white Americans didn’t want to kill other white Americans so there was a massive propaganda effort to convince union whites the south was nothing but illiterate “trash.”

    And unfortunately many southerners did reflexively defend the stereotype “you say I’m dumb trash- ok what if I am…” type of heel digging.

    The most literate cities are in the north now and I do think it’s good for southerners like Dickson to encourage southerners *NOT* to embrace the dumb hillbilly stereotype. You can enjoy hunting/country culture and read books/be educated, these two things are not mutually exclusive. Hunter proves this. He’s southern/country as anyone but also embraces intellectualism as well.

    I’d also say to Yankees or college grads the same thing but inverted. You can embrace intellectualism and still do country stuff or hands on stuff… just because us yankee’s embrace intellectualism to doesn’t mean we can’t learn how to do stuff with your hands. Being an effeminate man doesn’t make you an intellectual.

    BUT with all that being said and me laying my cards on the table as someone who doesn’t feel at home in the south and even having some criticisms of the south (I have my criticisms of the north as well, but I’ll always feel more at home in the Midwest than in the south) doesn’t mean I’m ok with Nicks anti-southern rant.

    And it’s just frankly ahistorical. Virginia didn’t have an intellectual class… ok dude.

    Nick is speed running to alienate himself from everyone… he got excited he was invited on No Jumper. A youtube channel that mostly does rap interviews. The interview went slightly better than he expected with a room full of nonwhites.

    He’s looking to expand a nonwhite audience and is picking the most system approved group of whites to shit on in hopes of ingratiating himself with a border nonwhite audience.

    I actually fully endorse whites talking to nonwhites and overly bigoted WN’s are self sabotaging. One of the main reasons I never claimed to be a WN.

    However I understand the WN impulse and while I’ll argue against them and/or ignore them I find it really distasteful to shit on whites- unless they’re saying something so heinous I couldn’t not respond without vitriol eg fedposting. Mass murder isn’t a political disagreement but a hard moral redline.

    With all that said Nick is truly pathetic.

    Feel free not to post this, steal any of my “takes” for your own write up. Or post it or whatever you wish. Your audience is a little older but I’m sure of your younger readers you have some nick fans, and sadly even some grown men watch nick.

    But no southerner should support nick in anyway and this clip should be highlighted to anyone who thinks he’s doing “some good.”

    He’s not. He’s a narcissistic sissy brat shit talker and nothing more.


    • Fuentes is repeating a surprisingly ignorant book from years ago penned by Thomas Sowell, blaming much TNB on the Scots-Irish, who he argued were the majority of overseers on the plantation. He argued the Scots-Irish were all about demanding respect and violently attacking anyone who disrespected them. While there were no doubt some Scots-Irish who worked as overseers, most who settled in the South were in Appalachia, where there were no large plantations and few blacks. Yes the Scots-Irish are known for their hot-tempers, like ‘Old Hickory’ Andrew Jackson. It’s a bogus argument since the whole “respect” thing is present in many close-knit tribal cultures. Sowell rarely screwed up that badly and the book was a flop as I recall. Fuentes strikes me as another one of the grift-right.

      • I had respect for Sowell until he started blaming monkey predation onto the Scots-Irish; when he did, I emailed him and told him he’d proved himself just another buck-passing nigger.

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