1. When he bans the adl for stoking racial tensions, than I’ll take him serious. Until than not much will change.

    • Yes this will be an interesting litmus test of sorts to see just how far off the approved narrative Musk can go. Supposedly Kanye West is worth 4.4 billion, which is likely more than Trump is by a considerable amount as most of Cheetohead’s worth is fake because he owes at least as much to the banksteins as the book value of his assets. Supposedly West isn’t much in hock to them – though one never really knows for sure.

      • Apparently, Forbes has announced that West has been removed from the billionaire list. They listed him at $1.5 billion up until the separation with Adidas.

    • If he bans them for their speech, then it’s the same thing as any conservative being censored. The idea is for no censoring. The more the adl rants and raves, the more people see.

      • I don’t agree with censoring either but when it comes to the jews, I will make an exception. It’s called giving them a taste of their own medicine. Don’t worry, it won’t happen. The jews have too much power.

  2. The NATO asset should carry a toilet into that derp state honey pot free voluntary intel dossier build bird brain hive.
    TwitFaceGram is why Clown World is real.

  3. The kikes and communists will unperson Twitter and Elon the same way they are to Kanye West right now. The feds will also assist in destroying Elon musk’s businesses and fortune with the power of the IRS and doj.

    At least all of this stuff is opening people’s eyes, at least I hope.

  4. Prepare for Elon to be another disappointment regarding free speech on Twitter. He is a businessman, one who got his start with government subsidies for Solar City, Tesla and SpaceX. He may throw a bone to the Free Speech crowd but he will be very careful how far he goes.

    • That’s right! The jews can easily drive him out of business. Can you imagine the avalanche of complaints about Teslas that would be unleashed if Musk allowed free speech on Twitter? It’s never going to happen. Paying $44 billion for Twitter is absurd!

    • Yes that’s my suspicion. Star-Link is still being provided for Jewkraine, though it seems Russia has some kind of weapon that neutralized it at least for a time in the battle zone. It will be like Cheetohead’s retarded knock-off Troof Social – you can say whatever you like as long as Schlomo is never criticized.

      • “…Star-Link is still being provided for Jewkraine…”

        He turned it off and they put him of a “kill list” and he turned it back on. I don’t blame him. These are evil degenerates with no off switch.

    • “…He is a businessman, one who got his start with government subsidies for Solar City, Tesla and SpaceX…”

      This is not true. I hear so many lies and crap about Musk. He may be some sort of devil worshiping Jew cutout but so far he has not acted nor has he done anything to deserve any criticism at all. None.

      He got his start programming a digital Yellow page with map data. He made a lot of money on it then put that back into a digital payment system that became paypal and it too was bought out making a pile more money. With that he took an extremely risky move to bring electric power, space ships and electric cars to market.

      All of these are good things. I have yet to see anyone explain why electric cars are evil but monopolized Oligarchs selling fuel from overseas is not. Most people can do 99.9% of all their travel with an electric car being charged at home. And if they shut off the oil and you have solar you can tell them all to piss off and keep going. The criticism of him getting subsidies are worthless. All these subsidies were in place BEFORE he entered the market. The reason we have these, and I approve, is to foster energy independence. Now I know some of it is pushed by eco-nuts but I’m not one. I like energy independence.

      Same for his rockets. A bunch of scientists and science fiction writers thought the subsidies up back in Bush I administration, (the National Citizen’s Advisory Space Council), based on the subsidized pony express. It worked. People who criticize this are not serious people. They are not paying the slightest attention to the facts and are just slinging shit like monkeys. When your competitor, Russia, is the only way to get to your space station, you might want to subsidize someone, something. Boeing and Lockheed have received something like $40 billion dollars all the way back to Bush I to build us an independent rocket system to get us to the space station and beyond and have not launched one damn new thing at all. They apparently are either not capable or are so greedy that they stole all the money. Their rocket uses shuttle solids, shuttle man engines. Why the only thing they had to do was build tanks and navigation, which already exist, and they can’t even do they that.
      They are total P.O.S. who are robbing us blind.

      Any money we gave Musk was a bargain. He actually builds stuff that works and if the government would stop purposely attacking him with regulations he would already have several launches of his new mega rocket. He has built over three totally new rocket engines and four different classes of rockets for pennies on the dollar compared to Lockheed and Boeing who has launched not one damn thing for the new rocket. Ever since Biden got into office, they have blocked him.

      The same subsidies for solar houses and electric cars were around BEFORE he started making them. GM has been the greatest lobbyist for electric cars. I don’t think Musk has spent a dime on lobbying. People whine about electric cars but if you have a long commute you can not buy one or if you need to make a long trip every so often you can rent a car. But for a huge amount of all driving, electric cars are cheaper and you don’t get stuck in gas lines. For some people they may not be practical but for most they are.

      His new satellite Internet will really screw the hell out of plans to censor us all if he follows through on what he has said. The reason no one has built this before is they don’t want to lose control. It’s a huge step up. If you are nationalist, being able to side step the big Jew lobby is a huge advance.

      Everything he has done so far advances the security and prosperity of the USA.

      I am 100% for any tech that makes people more independent of government and large Oligarchical control. Ideally, you could set up a prefab house in the middle of no where and have all the power you need and communication from satellites. Every one of these ideas depends a good deal on what Musk is doing. He’s even living in a prefab house right now. A long as he keeps doing what he has been doing I will support these endeavors no matter what his motivations, personal life, whatever.

      Maybe Musk is an evil Jew tool but so far he has been nothing but an American hero in the mold of Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie.

      • Where is an electric car for $25,000 like a regular car? The problem is the batteries are ridiculously expensive and don’t last long. Furthermore they are built into the frame so you just can’t lift one out and slap a new one in. But electric motors are very simple and durable compared to how ridiculously complex and expensive internal combustion engines are. Plus electrical motors don’t need a transmission, these days due to liberal gas mileage standards they are using these ridiculously expensive CVT transmissions. No more $1000 rebuilds, they cost $5K+ to replace and they aren’t as long lasting as the geared automatics from the 90s.

        • Like most “successful” bidnessmen Elon got where he is because of Government subsidies. He ingratiated himself with BHO when he was Mr. President then did the same with Trump when he was Mr. President. This certainly didn’t hurt getting subsidies approved for his various business schemes including satellite launches instead of NASA.

          There is a big Elon cult that believes the man can do no wrong because he is filthy rich, they will not tolerate any criticism of him.

          • “…There is a big Elon cult that believes the man can do no wrong because he is filthy rich, they will not tolerate any criticism of him.”

            This is exactly the sort of criticism I’m talking about. I cover how EXACTLY the technology he is pushing creates freedom from monopolistic control, and all you have to say is that I, and others, worship the rich. What a big Jew way to argue. Forget the facts, sling monkey poo. Your whole argument is one big ass Jew argument. Where you totally lie about or avoid facts and just make shit up. Tesla is NOT receiving subsidies. They did in the beginning but there’s a cut off in the legislation for the number of cars sold. So you’re lying. Anyone can get the same subsidies as an electric car start up.

            “…including satellite launches instead of NASA. ..”

            NASA doesn’t own any launch vehicles at all. None. Until Musk made a launch platform for them we paid Russia $60 million an astronaut to send them to the US space station. I’m not sure about numbers but I think Musk cost for the whole launch is less and we no longer have to depend on Russia.

            Your whole comment is based on deception and bending of the facts, Deceit. You call his payments “subsidies” but he only got paid “after” he proved he could deliver. He got paid for delivering supplies and people to the space station and for building launch systems AFTER he proved they worked. So in fact it’s not subsidies, it’s payments for services rendered. The same with cars. He only got tax breaks “for consumers” for cars he sold and that was only for so many cars, maybe first 100K, not sure about the number, after that he got no subsidies. So in fact, while Lockheed and Boeing got upwards of $40 billion for…nothing, he got paid for actual functioning rocket craft. Your whole criticism is deceitful and dishonest.

            “…Elon cult…”

            So being able to charge a car up with solar power and not depending on the oil monopoly is a cult? Tell us how this is so? So having an alternative to Russia sending our astronauts up to the space station is a cult? Tell us how this is so? So having an Internet satellite system and likely phone system not controlled by the big comm companies is a cult? Please explain?

            I really hate these sling poo Jew arguments. I’ve heard these all my life and I’m sick of them. Where you defame people with no facts, just innuendo and bullshit. It’s disgusting, and you are disgusting for using them.

            Let’s see you defend your position that ONLY Musk can receive subsidies, when the subsidies were in place for ANYONE. Let’s see the same for rocket subsidies where Boeing and Lockheed could get the same subsidies and even receiving huge government funding could not launch a damn thing. Defend your position.

            If you want to attack subsidies, why not attack the absurd subsidies where we grow food, corn, turn it into alcohol and blend but into our fuel to make it rot and destroy our machinery. “…$5.8–7.0 billion in 2006..”

        • “… The problem is the batteries are ridiculously expensive and don’t last long….”

          More lies. Here’s a Tesla used as a sort of taxi with over 400,000 miles. They are predicting possibly a million miles for some of the new batteries. The car would be trashed before then likely. The people using this for a cab to Las Vegas from LA and other places say the cost are far less than IC engine based cars. They kept an itemized list of all cost. Most of their cost came after 200,000 miles. Most cars at 200,000 miles are heaps and can not be fixed at all.



          Why is it that people say things like this when even 20 seconds of looking around they could see different?

          You are correct that batteries are too expensive but due to the rest of the car costing less that evens out. Right now there’s research on a vast scale to lower the cost of batteries. I’ve done some calculating that if they used materials available right now and made flywheels for batteries, they could cut cost by at least a third.

  5. The nose knows the score. Banning Trump is the shibboleth of Musks submission to ZOG.


    Honestly, I couldn’t care less if it crashes and burns. I’m so damn tired of Twitter, of it being the source of all material for everything people talk about. The tacky journalism that results from the click bait formula, “You won’t believe what X supposed celebrity said on twitter today!”, that now pervades the blogosphere and all media of all sources.

    Its total caved in head decadence.

    • I think Musk bought twitter so he could cash in billions of dollars of stock options and use that as an excuse to cash them in. I think that he never thought that he would actually have to buy the company because their numbers of users were so fraudulent. He proved that, but all of a sudden found that the courts were corrupt and would not let him back out even though their numbers were a fraud. So now he’s going forward. He has said way back before this that when he sold PayPal that PayPal never really followed through with all the financial services that he had envisioned. Watch, I predict that he will turn Twitter into a big bank, slash, financial services company. He may enter the cloud interest services business because it aligns with this sort of big data he will be building. He could take a lot of hosting from the censoring Jews systems. Many people who are not Nationalist hate all this censoring, even if they don’t agree with us in anything else. He could use this to take their business. I predict this. See if I’m right.

      It’s also not totally over on the fraud front. If he can prove that they were fraudulent, he could take all gains away from the big players for fraudulently selling to him.

      It’s very risky though, and he may lose his ass. The Jews are already lining up to crush his advertising dollar revenue. I wonder if he could possibly go around them and sell some sort of low cost local advertising. Like to stores and restaurants for very low cost but lots and lots of advertisers??? This would take a big bite out their control. It appears that he has enough cash to take a hit if Twitter goes bankrupt. It remains to be seen if the “coming”: all scale attack on Tesla can be survived. Expect non-stop criticism of Musk, Tesla and SpaceX by the Jews, their agents and the stupid who parrot everything the media tells them.

  6. O/T-Just saw a Twitster out walking with headphones, clown pants, 3 inch cellphone fondle screen, blue hair with fabulous sporty manbun, and an obedience muzzle on while crossing a busy street.
    There goes the future of the KWA.
    Will comrade Musk reveal how many bots are on Twit?
    I’ll give him credit if he does but he has some bots on as well.

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