The Atlantic: The Impeachment of Joe Biden

I strongly support this.

Impeach Joe Biden.

Impeach Merrick Garland.

Impeach Alejandro Mayorkas.

We need our own version of the 1/6 Committee to investigate the weaponization of the DOJ and FBI against rightwingers. We need public hearings on FOX News which will expose the corruption of the FBI and the “intelligence community.” We need to defund and abolish the FBI.

The Atlantic:

“Sometime next year, after an interval of performative investigations, Republicans in the House are going to impeach Joe Biden. This may not be their present plan, but they will work themselves up to it by degrees. The pressure from the MAGA base will build. A triggering event will burst all restraints. Eventually, Republicans will leave themselves little choice.

This prediction rests, of course, on the assumption that Republicans will win control of the House next month, which appears likely: Democrats would need to win an improbable number of toss-up races to keep their majority. And an impeachment resolution requires just a simple majority to pass the House.

Nothing in the public record offers the slightest reason to believe that the Senate, even if it is under Republican control, would convict and remove Biden from office. Still, House Republicans will come to see plenty of advantages in impeaching Biden—and, possibly, several other top administration officials.

Already, there is enormous demand for impeachment. A University of Massachusetts Amherst poll in May found that 68 percent of Republican voters think the House should impeach Biden. A majority expect that it will impeach him. Thwarting those expectations would be dangerous for any House Republican. …”

Don’t whine to me about “norms.”

House Democrats impeached Trump twice.

Note: Oh, and defund Zelensky and this stupid war in Ukraine.


    • Already happening. The Littlest Chickenhawk is one of the most vile Neo-Klowns of all, a Talmudic Satanist who openly boasts of his Talmudism. Note his sudden “discovery” he was tricked by Big Pharma (all owned by his fellow Talmudics) so he can serve to gate-keep the magatards. China just closed the door tight on the plan by the Learned elders of Wye to move the Kosher-Nosetra’s main operation there.

  1. The pussy Repuglicants need to get as viciously vindictive as the shitlib scum have been from the moment Dump took office. Persecute & jail them as they’re doing to our kind; dismantle their FBI thugs.

    But don’t hold your breath. We’re talking about the cucks here.

  2. I agree with every word you say but the GOP has never followed through with anything except selling us out. Maybe this time is different.

      • Unfortunately, they’re just playing their part, which is to allow the Dems to do their agenda. The Republicans put on a resistive show of a lot of words.

  3. At the first opportunity the Republican house needs to refuse indefinitely to fund the government except its payroll, forcing it into a skeleton crew of bureaucrats sitting at home getting paid to do nothing, which I’m sure they will be happy to do.

    Call it fiscal conservatism, budget setting etc. and all the other stuff they used to talk about but never lived up to. Let the machine die. Let the states step up and take their sovereignty back.

    After that, then they can impeach whoever they like. Nothing will come from it.

    I want results that will have lasting impact. Shutting down the government by defunding it is the way this happens.

  4. Let’s see, if they impeach the retarded ventriloquist dummy, we’d end up with Willy’s heels-up Kamel-Ho as teleprompter-reader (unless they have the balls to impeach her as well), in which case we could end up with M’Cuck McCarthy on the Cherry-Blossom Throne. Getting rid of Garland, Mayorkas, Blinken and Nudelman would be more productive, throw in Raytheon Austin as well.

  5. Comrade commissar McCarthy (Uni) has already said that there will be no impeachment if the Grand Old Politburo wins back the cess ridden swamp of filth and corruption.

  6. I think that shitshow will begin inside D Party. Brats will accuse The Swamp for not being woke enough. Science has confirmed long time ago that only reason for someone to lose elections is not being enough communist.

    Also getting those old farts out of party opens new career and money for many people. At least they think so. Sometimes problems in the country are good. Soviet Union in the 1930thies was in pretty bad shape. But this gave brats arguments to accuse our swamp for running country to the ground and comrade Stalin could finally launch his purge.

  7. Yes, he needs to be impeached and many in his cabinet should be jailed but don’t count on the Republicans to do it.

  8. Hunter,

    Please do not promote same old, same old failed Conservative Sand Box things not to do:

    “Write your congressmen”

    “Impeach that gosh darn Liberal Democrat President, leader for…. having a consensual sexual affair (Hep idiot White Conservatives tried that against Bill Clinton over Monica Lewisky giving him a heterosexual BJ)

    “Run a 3rd party Constitutionalist Libertarian or run some old Constitutionalist Libertarian in the GOP presidential primaries and he wins less than 5% – that will show them. NOT!”

    We need to go state and local – who’s your country board chairman? sherif? Who runs the school board? Our enemies/traitors made the long march through our institutions – that’s how they got power, our people just watched sports, bitched and moaned or worst waved the flag and support J*w Neo Conservative wars against Israel’s neighbors or Serbian and Russian Christians/Whites.

    I have lots and lots of positive experience, expertise on how to lobby Congress – don’t “Write your congressman”, instead talk to some lower level Congressional staff members – start a dialogue.

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