Waukesha Murderer Darrell Brooks Found Guilty On All Counts



    • When will WHITES ever learn that temperament and rational thinking are racial attributes ? So long as WHITES are so stupid as to remain in racial denial we will have an endless string of such killings.

    • How about the media people, who do everything possible to stoke black resentment, whith their endless lies abt WHITE people ?

    • NYpost

      “Brooks was out on $1,000 cash bail at the time of Sunday’s tragedy after allegedly punching his ex-girlfriend and purposefully running her “over with his vehicle” in a Milwaukee gas station parking lot on Nov. 2, according to court documents.
      He has a lengthy rap sheet and has been charged with crimes 16 times since 1999, according to authorities and records.”

      It’s WHITE liberal toleration that facilitates such crimes.

    • He will get life in prison, absolutely zero, no chance of parole, ever.

      He will be quietly released from prison in about 12 – 15 years. That’s the way it works.

      If he is unlucky he will have to do 20 years.

      Hopefully, he will get shanked on the prison yard the first week he is in.

    • All negro killers have endless appeals under the Talmudic jewdicial system in Murika. Just look at the Wichita massacre killers (Carr brothers), still appealing 22 years after the deed. When one party have literally limitless amounts of fake money to toss at shysters, they will grind down the system in the end.

  1. He”ll probably get life in prison instead of death but even if he gets death he will sit on death row for 15-20 years before they humanly put him to sleep. A strong limb and a hemp rope would be cheaper, easier quicker.

  2. “black supremacist”

    Black ???
    That guy is a mulatto, of some degree.

    Some of us believe that race mixing creates a hybrid more dangerous than a pure black, more psychologically unstable.

    • If you’ve ever read the book about the Zebra killings in the SF bay area of CA in the 1970s, the very worst and most ruthless of the several killers involved was a ‘high-yellow’. There is quite a bit of evidence that your point is true.

    • I saw an interview with his mother. She was definitely a blackie. Light skinned but a nigra nonetheless. I assume his father is also a lighter skinned negroid.

  3. I’m surprised Brooks was found mentally competent to stand trial because these days blacks who deliberately target white victims are frequently allowed to get away with their crimes.

  4. >black supremacist

    It’s so cringe when Whites adopt the terminology of their enemies — Whites will never win a rhetorical contest about who are the worst ‘supremacists’, Whites or Blacks — just reject that bullshit outright.

    (And by the way, wouldn’t you prefer that Whites remain ‘supreme’ in America? — meaning the controlling demographic majority — what is undesirable about that? — what is wrong with that? — I guarantee you that e.g. the Japanese intend to remain ‘supreme’ in Japan, and they are unapologetic about it.)

    I feel the same about the NJP (still) pushing for ‘hate crime’ charges against Brooks — Whites will always be the main targets of ‘hate crime’ prosecutions — in fact, those statutes were introduced specifically for that purpose: to intimidate Whites as their country is demographically stolen from them.

    • I feel the same about the NJP (still) pushing for ‘hate crime’ charges against Brooks — Whites will always be the main targets of ‘hate crime’ prosecutions — in fact, those statutes were introduced specifically for that purpose: to intimidate Whites as their country is demographically stolen from them.

      It doesn’t matter why they were originally introduced; they can be repurposed. I would favor making all instances of interracial crime ‘hate’ crimes, with the justification that nothing hurts race relations like interracial crime. (A justification that happens to be true, even though I, personally, don’t care in the slightest about enjoying ‘good’ relations with blacks. I just want blacks as completely out of my life as possible, such that it won’t matter whether relations are ‘good’ or ‘bad.’)

  5. Justice isn’t served until he gets hate crime charges.

    *please don’t say terrorism though. Currently there are no domestic terrorism charges. It’s simply a phrase like “hate speech” they’re trying to meme into law.

    There are no hate speech laws or domestic terrorism laws.

    I by enlarge am *NOT* in favor of expanding police powers in america and with our current elites neither should you BUT hate crime charges are already on the books.

    So demanding he be charged with hate crime charges wouldn’t be an expansion of federal power but merely equal enforcement.


    He can be charged and reconvicted on both. It’s not considered double jeopardy because they’re distinct charges and regardless of whether you think that’s BS or not that’s already how hate crime charges can be applied.

    Why is it important? He’s going to jail for life anyways right?


    But narrative matters.

    We can say this was an antiwhite attack but the official narrative will be a “tragic incident” by a “deranged individual.”

    Instead of what it is, one of the most brazen and brutal antiwhite attacks- and that’s saying something.

    Unlike others are suggesting in the comments they aren’t going to let him out on appeal or reduce his sentence.

    They’re going to lock him up and throw away the key because they don’t want anymore attention to this story.

    Our elites think big picture and they are far more concerned with narrative control than they care about Darrell Brooks as an individual.

    They want whites to think justice was served and move on.

    But the narrative is extremely important and we can be satisfied with him simply dying in prison.

    The official narrative must reflect that this was an antiwhite hate crime.

  6. Most black Americans are at least 8% white.
    This guy looks about 50% white.
    In Australia, the pure blood Aborigines just roam about the outback, too stupid to have an opinion about anything or be an activist. It’s the mixed race ones who are the real nuisance. Ironically, without white settlers, they wouldn’t have been born, yet the irony seems lost on them.

  7. Arrian= ” How about the media people who do everything they can to stoke black resentment with their endless lies about white people?” What about the academicians promoting critical Race Theory= I bet Brooks grew up receiving a heaping helping of it every day in school as a youngster.

    • Blacks, go to school ?
      Blacks , pay attention to subjects taught ?
      School is just for fighting, dealing drugs , harassing WHITE kids.
      MTV – BET is their education.

      • @Arrian – They can get plenty of Whitey-hate on BET. As for MTV, too rancid of a cesspit for political messaging, perhaps.

  8. Darrell Brooks made the judge look weak, if that had been a white man up before that judge, with the same charges as demon adams, she would have had hog tied, bound and gagged before she had him hung, right their in the court room, The whole thing is a pathetic joke…


    • You’re right. She let him threaten, disrupt and make a mockery of her at every chance and did nothing but warn him over and over once removed him to another room for the day.

      At the verdict, some family member of the victims I presume yelled out “burn in hell you POS” and she tossed him from the ct room. No warning, just get out.

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