Politico: Democrats Brace For Landslide In Florida

Seems important.

Ron DeSantis could win Miami-Dade County.


“DeSantis fueled his rise in part by charting his own course on Covid-19, eschewing lockdowns and vaccine mandates. He built a Trumplike connection with conservative base voters that has most political observers asking not if he will win reelection, but by how much. He might even dominate Miami-Dade County, which he lost by 20 points in 2018 to Democratic nominee Andrew Gillum.

“I think Ron DeSantis will win Miami-Dade County,” said Evan Ross, a longtime South Florida-based Democratic consultant. “Democratic voters are not at all excited or motivated by Charlie’s campaign. Right now, I think it will be close, but I think DeSantis beats Crist here.” …”

We’re keeping an eye on “Latinx” voters.

We’re going to find out shortly if all these polls about a Hispanic shift toward Republicans is real. There was a big swing toward Trump in Miami-Dade County in the 2020 election.


  1. Wherever Democrats do not experience a Republican landslide is a cause for election-meddling suspicion.

    Though I little doubt that Governors Gretchen Whitmer and Kathy Hochul, of Michigan and New York, respectively, will be reinaugurated, I do not think it will be legitimate.

    Who are these tens of millions of people who, the polls claim, are still prepared to vote for Democrats – Homosexual activists?

    Surely there are not so many of them…

    • Tudor Dixon prettier than whitmer, she also has a nicer personality, Sure seems like governor whitmer, doesn’t really like white men very much…… I still think she got played by her party, I believe they made her promises, so she followed their playbook and at the last minute, they give the job too kamala h…That’s why we are still stuck with Joe, kamala is worse than him….

      • @Terry.

        Yes, I think Governor Whitmer is a very capable sort, and, yes, pretty.

        That said, I can find little sympathy for how she governs y’all.

        I feel sorry for y’all, and, that’s saying something, because we have someone in our governor’s mansion who would like to do the same, if he were not restrained by our Rural Red legislature.

    • All the blacks still hate the republicans and block vote for the democrats who elevated them to the position they never would be able to obtain on their own. So called “community organizers” will harvest every last ballot in these ghettos and get 99% turnout at 99% democrat in these rotten precincts. This is what whites have to overcome in all these rust belt states that were overrun with blacks coming up to work at factories during WW2.

  2. The elite have reached peak Latino. They have enough to erode the white majority just given time. On the other hand, they don’t want any minority getting too strong. Hence the overwhelming fawning over blacks in media, culture and government policy. Biden’s ditching latinos for TPS protection but making exceptions for blacks from Haiti and Sudan.

    Think of it as maintaining a balance of power. The LA City Council members outed for their “racism” seemed to sense this and the reaction of the media to the scandal confirms it.

  3. South Florida is a peak into the future of Weimer America. East of US 1 you have high rise Condos, Million Dollar homes, walkable safe areas ruled over by an old Jewish and Yankee Elite. West of US 1 its a huge ghetto of run down shopping centers and homes full of mystery meat from south of the border. There really aren’t any young worker adult aged Whites left down there.

  4. Why not do some dirty tricks ?

    Bus on lots of dirty blue haired Commies in Che T shirts with loud speakers shouting

    Give up your guns

    Give us your children

    Or dress in drag yourself vote Democrat

  5. What good will it do for White people if more Latin vote republican? The just means the gop will be even more all in on immigration, illegal or otherwise.

  6. Hard to steal a landslide.
    The CPUSA probably wrote off FLA early and the lil’ steals will be used in important to the Long March to burn America down places.

  7. Reshuffling the chairs on the deck isn’t going to change anything. The two parties always share power every 2 to four years. That’s how the system is set up and that’s why nothing ever changes for the better and stays that way.

    The Republicans will take over and change a few things and than the Democrats will regain power in 2 or 4 years and undo everything the Republicans did and visa versa.

  8. One party for the niggers and another for the Latrinos, both owned and operated by the Yids. This is who we are. Bueno Bueno!!

  9. Elderly Cubans and their 40ish children in Miami-Dade are not representative of Meheecans in SoCal or anywhere else, for that matter. Free shit, head of line privileges, and bringing the entire village over will trump Trump.

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