Sheriff Musk is already cleaning house!

The head of the Trust and Safety team has been fired and Parag Agarawal has been escorted out of the building within minutes.


  1. Perfect, and just before mid-terms. Bet the whole Biden team is on anxiety medication. Better jeep a diaper on Biden.

  2. Too bad that weren’t arrested instead of just fired..
    Although I’d prefer they be fed to an alligator or through a wood chipper if I’m being honest

    • This time will come later. Denazification will happen on time and every last from us must do as much as possible to make this happen.

  3. Please if you have the means?

    Set up a Twitter account and self identify as a Misanthropic Billionaire!

    Fight fire with Fire!


  4. If Elon Musk follows through in making Twitter a free speech platform, Trump has the 2024 election locked up.

  5. As a guy who has had every social media account Ive ever had deleted by the Thought Police, probably 15 or more accounts, it sure would be nice to have free speech.

  6. O/T-Breaking-senators reveal Hunter’s CCP bank accounts.
    Now Musk should reveal all bots and ban or limit their use, invite Trump, fire just about everyone, reinstate first amendment on the platform.

  7. I hope Musk has included physician-assisted suicide among the medical benefits in the benefits package for terminated employees.

  8. Musk is the product of a high bourgeois and cosmopolitan upbringing, and believes in the free market, and lives the American Dream of unlimited “self-made” wealth. He opposes a billionaires’ tax. He supplies aid to Khazarkraine, assisting the U.S.’s war to destroy Russia. He is the opposite of revolutionary!

    He has much blood on his hands, inevitable in the pursuit of profit. “On February 26, 2022, while Russian columns were advancing to take Ukraine’s capital Kyiv, Ukraine’s Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov asked Elon Musk on Twitter to provide assistance to Ukraine in the form of Starlinks. Musk/Starlink reacted instantly: Ukraine’s Starlink service was immediately activated (as it was not in a list of accessible countries before), while Musk/Starlink sent the first shipment to Ukraine, which arrived on February 28. Satellite internet from SpaceX had critical role in the Siege of Azovstal (April 15–May 20), where surrounded Ukrainian defenders resisted and pinned for weeks thousands Russian troops in Mariupol. On March 21, two helicopters of “Operation Air Corridor” (March 21–April 7) carried Ukrainian Special Forces fighters, weaponry and the first Starlink terminal behind enemies lines to besieged Mariupol. Thanks to those Starlink terminals, besieged troops were able to keep connection with Ukrainian armed forces command, journalists and relatives, raising awareness and world wide coverage upon the heroic and apocalyptic situation there. In early May, Russian head of Roscosmos and politician Dmitry Rogozin said Elon Musk will be accountable “as an adult” because of his providing the Armed Forces of Ukraine with Starlink satellites”:

    Do not celebrate the takeover. Do not be myopic. Musk’s Twitter business venture is still private profit motivated, and capitalism will NEVER establish democracy and free speech.

    “You shall know the fruit by its tree.” The poisonous tree of private profit CANNOT bear good fruit.

    • There is limits to what he can do. He shut off star link and they put him on a kill list. A list whee several people have already been killed. He turned it back on. He’s not going to allow total free speech I’m sure but what has happened so far is very good and a big step.

      We should do like the Jews and slowly advance step by step. There’s seems to be some glitch in Whites where if they don’t get everything they want right away then…you’re a sell out, (maybe call this the “Karen effect”). Sometimes you have to take what you can get at the time ad work from there.

    • You people slay me. You always want to “do like the Jews”. Did either of you say similar things, when the woke folks took over Twitter? I bet not. You’re just jealous of Elon Musk, because he does what you can’t do.

  9. I am not celebrating. Billionaires, including the philanthropist billionaires, do not really make the world better. China must do more than control or “harness” its hundreds of billionaires and thousands of millionaires. If it does not eliminate the capitalist class, instead of controlling it, the momentum of the people’s revolution will someday grind to a halt, and China will fall. If China has managed to become the world’s largest economy while being hobbled by controlled capitalists ever since Deng’s reform, imagine how much greater China would be now if it had remained consistently socialist!

  10. The Establishment is losing a lot of battles – from CNN & Twitter falling out of their grip – to Facebook in decline; along with many new independent news venues, some mildly cuckt, others not.

    Break the mold candidates, such as like Kari Lake and Ron De Santis, J.D. Vance, Doug Mastriani, along with the growing secession movements for form ‘Great Idaho’.

    Even the battles The Establishment won, like the colour Revolution of 2020 – to evict President Trump from the office – attended by all the fear, intimidation, lockdowns, burnings of city centres, and vaccine and mask mandates, the greater control they hoped to derive therefrom slipped like a wet fish from their hands.

    Now the war in The East – victory not only eluding them at every turn, but, a fearsome toll being wreakt on their once solid alliances and coalitions.

    Yep, if you think about it – you know they are not through, but, as Dr. Janos Drabik, of Hungary, says, ‘You feel them slipping.’

    • Russia is advancing right now in the East, but as usual when things not go the msm way they are dead silent

      Two prime Ukrainian brigades have been completely decimated the 28th and the 58th and the video of the demise is allover telegram oddly enough from both sides
      Only the missplaced bravery of the AFU is holding this shitcastle together right now but it is also crumbling

      The yankees have moved it´s airmobile light infantry closer to the western border in what could be a insane bid for majority Russian Transnistria and Tiraspol where they will be locked deep in a partisan war
      If the US move there they move into a new Afghanistan that since history is a consumate trickster that was exactly what they wanted for the Russians in Ukraine

      Wait for November then the Eastern ice storm will come and 1.5 Million Russian and allied troops will look West!

      The empire is falling and it´s picking up speed but as it dies we will see shit not even the jews in Hollywood could make up

  11. Despite the extra trouble and time, it is advisable to read the fine print:

    Musk hasn’t yet laid out a clear vision for Twitter. … He reportedly told some investors that he’d cut 75% of Twitter’s headcount once the deal closes, but he more recently told employees otherwise. …Musk said he wants Twitter to prioritize free speech, but has said he would adhere to the local laws of any country Twitter operates in … He also tweeted a message to advertisers, acknowledging that the platform “cannot become a free-for-all hellscape.”

    Let’s put all this together:

    Musk used other people’s money money to buy all TWTR stock (‘investors’) — it’s not clear whether these ‘investors’ are more like bond holders, or have an equity share — if the former, the debt must be serviced — if the latter, they will expect to have a say in how TWTR is run, and doubtless would like to take TWTR public again after a restructuring.

    TWTR will still censor at the request of e.g. the German and French governments — generally this affects only timeline viewers in the country requesting content be censored, but employees are needed to handle these censorship requests.

    It is likely ‘advertisers’ will be an important source of revenue for TWTR in the future, and Musk signaled he would try to appease ‘advertisers’.

    §230 is a relevant ‘local law’ in the US, and this allows a platform provider some discretion in content moderation (clearly abused by social media companies) — it’s not clear how ‘advertisers’ will react if TWTR starts allowing e.g. ‘anti-Semitism’ (an ‘eye of the beholder’ issue), or more generally what’s called in other countries ‘incitement to racial hatred’, which is also an ‘eye of the beholder’ issue (and encompasses more than just use of words like nigger), etc etc — perhaps looking at what’s happening to Kanye West provides a clue.

    Recall apparently Musk was unable to unilaterally stop Starlink service to Ukraine, although Starlink is a project of SpaceX, a private company nominally owned/controlled by Musk.

    Personally, I will wait and see.

      • It would be too expensive to fire them.

        You can bet Twitter’s CEO Parag Agarawal, Twitter’s CFO Ned Segal, and Twitter’s Chief Content Moderator Vijaya Gadde got ginormous contract termination buyouts. They walked away with their loot after practically bankrupting Twitters with their Woke antics.

        The idea is to save the company money by making the 75 percent quit. So, I think Elon Musk will stop allowing any that work at home to do that and make them come to work. All the perks, like the free gourmet coffee, tea, wine, and meals prepared by chefs will be removed.

        They’ll have to buy their own lunches out of pocket, they’ll be on the clock, closely monitored, just like the rest of the grunts out there.

        The corporate charter will be changed with more stringent rules and codes of behavior; that’s normally done so there will be a basis to fire them with cause which, in many states, particularly Right to Work states means that they cannot draw unemployment.

        Musk is counting on many Twitter employees to be so spoiled that they will quit in a huff. Many of them are green card workers from India, I think that they will simply move back there and live like kings off of any savings they netted from free food at Twitter alone.

    • “apparently Musk was unable to unilaterally stop Starlink service to Ukraine”:

      No. He went out of his way to provide it, putting Khazarkraine first in line for communications equipment and training. He just threatened to stop to demand money.

      Musk can only be reactionary, not revolutionary. You’ll see. If what you want is populism, conservatism and reaction, then you maybe will be pleased.

  12. linkBiden Administration will arm moderate Twitter rebels to overthrow Musk regime

    Or substitute ‘investors’, ‘advertisers’, etc for ‘Biden Administration’ — you get the idea.

    Hey OD, some time ago you made a big deal (Enough) about comments and moderation — since then, how many comments have you decided not to publish, for whatever reason?

  13. More WEF kabuki from the Derp State central casting Tony Stark?
    The story has grown stale and tiresome.
    Society is swirling down the drain due to three inch fondle screens and existing in some mediocre hive of three second attention span bytes.

  14. Ya know, if musk allows open dialogue and free expression with expanded services, he could swamp you tube, faceberg, patreon and many other social platforms.

    A potential for massive growth.

    (Of course, the rats at the ADL and grand sanhedrin are working overtime to find ways to silence twitter, boycotts, bank blocking etc.)

  15. Watch for the ratz to pull something dirty, like a bear raid on Tesla stock to wreck Musk’s equity. Much like they did to wreck

  16. I signed up for Twitter, but doubt I will use it. Increasingly, I have mixed feelings about Musk “freeing the bird.”

    Our cause netted greater traction after the recent departures at Twitter banned any and every conservative — no matter how bland and mild the poster was.our

    My big fear is that our people will think this is a big victory and go back to sleep, while the Leftists pull every dirty trick in the book to stay in or acquire more power. Being banned from social media siphoned off a lot of energy squabbling with them and redirected it toward actual activism.
    In the meantime, there is nothing in place at Musk’s Twitter to keep the Usual Suspects from doxxing people and getting them fired.

    I hope those on the right understand that Musk’s twitter will be more about style over substance, just like the suspiciously timed overturning of Roe v. Wade and Affirmative Action statutes. Don’t expect much to change unless we stay focused on doing more than sitting on our collective behinds “pwning the libs” on social media.

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